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Comments about the soundtrack for The Last Samurai (Hans Zimmer)

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Re: The entire Last Samurai score is available in free, high-quality mp3's
• Posted by: Jérémy Defrère   <Send E-Mail>
• Date: Thursday, November 20, 2003, at 3:14 p.m.
• IP Address:
• In Response to: The entire Last Samurai score is available in ... (Arizona Scorehound)

I ignore why Christians always feel compelled to make us read their non-sense about religion. At least, respect people and their choices, and for they do not want to read that kind of crap, especially on a page devoted to film music. As you do not hesitate to provide us with your opinions, I will also let you know mine own (so be prepared for my full story, let me warn that you are not going to like it, though), I will even take myself as an example: I am no believer ; this, you must have had the privilege of noticing it, okay, all I think is that, some time ago, a group of fanatics - with too much time on their hands - or nutters (pick one option) decided to create, rather "invent" some sacred religion, just for fun, see how far their ramblings are going to go, see if it might work. So they started to write "holy" texts regarding what people should believe in, their "beliefs", implementing all kinds of stuff (terms, metaphors, New Testament, ...) with lots of instances. After that, another generation of fanatics succeeded this newborn tradition, adding brand new sh!t to the already existing sh!t, to have what you believers call "religion" look more interesting, more "believable", so they went on writing those texts, sometimes enhancing them, the tradition was thus carried on, and somehow perpetuated. And here we are, 2003 AD, we have all sorts of religions (and which, at the same time, that requires a bunch of jerks believing all that as well), that is, a load of rubbish trying to have us humans live by an amount of rules, so that humankind lives in peace, a form of salvation, so that we can be "forgiven", you claim. And if we dare disobey those rules, too bad, crikey, our soul goes to hell, unfortunately. Now, you listen to me. Give me one single and lousy reason why I should believe this useless talk of yours. Only one. Because it is worth it to believe in something??? Please! No, you stay, our discussion is not over yet, now is your turn to listen to what I have to say. If you ask me what, I will tell you that religions are sects, of which you are a prisoner, with boundaries and walls. And that is the difference between you and me, I do not want to be locked up in a room, I do wish to be a free man, who has the constant opportunity of making his own decisions and choices, who has the right to believe what his heart wants to tell him. Because I am a free man, so is my mind. Hell yeah I believe, indeed. But not in what you people desperately coerce me into believing. I believe in certain things, obviously. I believe in the depth of the human soul, the search of myself, looking for my own responses and inner peace. I believe in nature, which is our mother, I listen to her words. I believe humankind is capable of great things. I believe in many other things. What is my religion, in the end? My own quest for my own responses, responses which happen to be true FOR MYSELF, but it does not mean they must be functional for the others around me. And do I have to make people believe my ideas? No. Three simple words I want you to memorize : Freedom Of Thought. As long as religions keep on existing, we will not live happily.

Moreover, let me remind you, who are responsible for this post, that this is a soundtrack Website, not "Forgive me, my God 2.0". I hope Christian Clemmensen will delete your post, or will point out its pathetic stupidity.

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