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Comments about the soundtrack for The Last Samurai (Hans Zimmer)

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Re: The entire Last Samurai score is available in free, high-quality mp3's
• Posted by: Tom Knight
• Date: Thursday, November 20, 2003, at 4:33 p.m.
• IP Address:
• In Response to: The entire Last Samurai score is available in ... (Arizona Scorehound)

Before I get to the rest, just so that everyone else can click the back arrow before listening to some more religious talk, the score is great. It's the most fulfilling Zimmer score to come out in quite some time, and the utilization of instruments in such a full cacophonic manner is very impressive and sounds fantastic when hooked up to a full stereo.

Ok....escape now while you can....

There are of things to consider in both the initial posting and the responses. First-off, the manner in which you have chosen to profess Christianity is inappropriate. This approach is no better than people who stand at street corners and throw pamphlets into cars about various religions. If we are to bring people to any religion, we need to be intelligent about it. We need to appeal to them, not frighten them into believing anything. There is always an opportunity to profess one's faith; to evangelize is not a negative thing. Your method was lacking however. It was also deceitful, and you also lied. (As a Christian, I recognize these to be against the Bible (or didn't you read that part?)) So I ask you to consider these things before doing something like that again.

I am a Christian and pround of it. But many out there have a really negative viewpoint of Christians as fanatics going around the world trying to force everyone to believe that unless they believe in a locked down and particular way, they will go to hell. Many have that viewpoint, and many rightfully SHOULD have that viewpoint if the only experience that they have of Christians and Christianity is of the example described above. Christians are to be welcoming, loving, and listening people--willing to listen to all viewpoints. You cannot bring someone to Christianity unless you know where they are coming from. There a so many people of so many religions that come to this website. Respect them. If someone is interested in learning more about true Christians, there are respectable avenues out there, and I garauntee that they will not try to convert you site-unseen.

So therefore, do not choose deceit as a method to look at your viewpoints. (Have you considered that that is a sin according to the Christian and Jewish texts?)

As for the responses?...I say that even if what was on that page offended you, or went against your beliefs, it is equally unnecessary to attack Christians as weak-minded. It does not exist to control other people who are "weak minded." And to the person who attacked religion in general? Maybe you should do some more research to really determine the history, before creating one at the top of your head. It's an interesting hypothesis though....but unfounded. If you have negative feelings on the matter, or on Christianity (and with some of the idiot psycho-Christians out there, I understand why you would), just try and discern the true Christians from the fanatics and the immature ones who would utilize such a manner as deceit to try and convert and evangelize. We are all free to believe whatever we like...that is free will. Plain and simple, it is inappropriate for a Christian to tell a non-Christian that that person is way off, an idiot, and going to hell. And it is just as inappropriate for a non-Christian or atheist to tell the same thing to a Christian (minus the hell part). So have patience...mind your tongue. Say what is most important in this was inappropriate.

(By the way, I'm a teacher, so I couldn't help but utilize this space to educate a little bit. What can I say...I'm enthusiastic about what I do!)

Peace "the Last Samurai" and go see Master and Commander.

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