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Comments about the soundtrack for The Last Samurai (Hans Zimmer)

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EVERYBODY STOP and read THIS before continuing your fights!
• Posted by: byro
• Date: Sunday, November 23, 2003, at 2:05 p.m.
• IP Address:
• In Response to: The entire Last Samurai score is available in ... (Arizona Scorehound)

The guy at the top of this page is lying about free downloads to get us to visit a fundamentalist evangelical Christian site.

1) He's probably not even Christian and just wants to stir up trouble, namely, causing exactly what's happening here. He's turned a soundtrcak forum into a battleground between people's beliefs, knowing that the annoyances he's caused will turn into a war between Christisns and non-Christians. This is absurd and stupid, but it's happening already so don't let him win his pathetic game. Stop now and read something else.

2) If he is Christian, he is going about it in totally the wrong fashion, like people have said, being a complete hypocrit.

Don't let that idiot allow you to stereotype "all Christians" though. The whole point about free will (and I'm saying this generally, not in a "and God gave people free will..." way) is that people are free to say what they want and do what they want. Unfortunately, that includes abusing texts and doing exactly the kind of twisted thing he's just done. It's still pathetic scandalisation which amounts to no more than telling lies behind somebody's back or tabloid exaggeration. Just his own stupidity.

In other words, don't start fighting between different "groups", but rather recognise this is one individual who has chosen to use Christianity in a totally inappropriate way. Yes there are many more people like him and they are absolutely infuriating. However, there are also a great many people who are totally unlike that and some of the most pleasant helpful people you might encounter. Don't bash the religion. It's not religion that causes wars and fueds, but people themselves. Attacking religion itself is like ignoring a knife-murderer and saying "ban all knives" or arguing that racism should be solved by painting everyone pink.

Yes there are loads of people on TV and in the media who are shouting about all sorts of disgusting holy wars or shallow preaching, but spare a thought for the sensible silent-type too, before exploding. It's like people who go on the Rikki Lake Show or Jerry Springer, they want to shout and get the attention for themselves in a thoughtless manner rather than deal with it properly. Let's all just be mature, acknowledge the fact that this guy has done something very annoying (though I'm personally glad that mp3s of this score aren't available as far as I know - I'd hate Zimmer to lose out) but let's not start slagging each other in the blanket scape-goat fashion we are currently witnessing.

I am Christian myself, but I do not for a moment believe that life is any simpler because of it. I go through all sorts of doubts and anxiety and I'm trying to grow up and the one thing I don't do is sit back and abuse Christianity as a forumla for a perfect easy, irresponsible life, because folks, it ain't like that.

And lastly, the reason why you don't hear me preaching junk like the guy who started this whole thing is that I simply don't have the right. Yes I am Christian, I belive in God, Christ etc, but I am still aware that is only a belief and something on a personal level, and I have no right to shove it down people's throats.

To sum it up, if Christianity is ultimately worth anything, it should not be taught, but caught. (Ie. don't preach your mouths off but go out there and actually do some good for people!)

Good day everybody and please please please, let this thread die out now.

I'll start by offering some re-direction to this forum. Isn't it great to see Zimmer doing some solo composing like he used to? I enjoyed a lot of his collaboartive efforts (like Hannibal, Black Hawk Down and Tears of The Sun) but I did notice a lack of strong theme and a lot of repeated motifs. I really want to hear a nice melodic theme this time. How about you?

Chateau B*Y*R*O

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