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Imagery and Music in Lord of the Rings
• Posted by: Bola Onayemi   <Send E-Mail>
• Date: Saturday, November 29, 2003, at 9:21 p.m.
• IP Address:

The music from the films certainly help create an amazingly visual atmosphere when reading the books, but the films themselves are so incredibly visual. I have certain scenes from the last two movies that have lingered on in my mind for a long time, yet remain because of how permanent the score made them feel. For example:

- From the first film [the Fellowship of the Ring], the scenes at Saruman's tower Orthanc are utterly breathtaking, especially with Shore's musical accompaniment. For instance when the camera zooms in on Saruman manipulating Sauron's orcs to make his Uruk-hai, and then pans above a the desolation that Orthanc has become. The music is so bombastic and ominous, as jolting as the images of intelligent evil planning destruction, but then everything fades out... as a moth hovers into the screen, and a boy soprano [Ben del Maestro?] joins its flight with his with his haunting voice. It's almost as if this cry from nature is carrying the moth higher and higher, until it floats into Gandalf's palm to hear the message for aid. When you see it the first time [at least, for me], you're not sure what you're dropping you jaw at first, the scene, or the singing!

- Just kidding! It's not THAT deep!...........................................or is it?

Anyway, I just wanted to ask everyone what their most memorable visual/musical scenes have been from the first two films. My top 10 most memorable are:
01. Frodo and Sam trekking the countryside of the shire as their quest begins. A theme plays there that really feels like an anthem for real adventure. It slows down as Sam gets cold feet in the cornfield, but even then is real emotion in the cue. This cue opens 'the Treason of Isengard' in the 'Fellowship' soundtrack.

02. eagle [Gwaihir?] carrying Gandalf over the mountains against the rising sun. the cue Howard Shore uses is epic.

03. the fellowship on Caradhras, nearing its snowy peaks, just before Frodo trips and falls. Howard Shore's cue is just so grandiose.

04. the fellowship beholds the great halls of moria. it's ALL 'score' in that scene. It's in the 'Journey in the Dark' track.

05. the fellowship leaving Lothlorien [theatrical version of movie]. the boys choir and violins are beautiful there. It's the opening cue in 'The Great River'.

06. Boromir's heroic death defending Merry and Pippin. the choirs in that scene ['Amon Hen' on the soundtrack] really stir emotion from its listener. I think that's also the first time we really see the heroic side of Peregrin and Meriadoc. The scene really shows that they have the hero's spirit within them. But, then again, the way Boromir fought to defend them could give anyone watching some true courage.

07. the shot of Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli running into the woods: 'Let's hunt some orc' were the last words in that scene, before the music really ascends, and stirs the listener's heart to the beat of real adventure coupled with bravery against the unknown, for the sake of true friends. Also Frodo and Sam's first physical sight of Mordor- as they stand over the hill, there's a cue there that really pulls the heart strings.

08. and then the Two Towers begins. We see the sun rising, and the opening cue immediately sucks you back into Howard Shore', Peter, Tolkien's world. It is the first cue you hear in the film [and on the Two Towers soundtrack]. The strings of music are amazing soaring over the windy mountains.

09. Frodo and Sam in Emyn Muil [theatrical version]. the theme that plays when 'The Two Towers' shows up on the's really good. Also, when Frodo and Sam are walking in the mist [just as Sam smells Gollum for the first time]. good theme there....hard to believe none of it is available on soundtrack....yet.

10. Evenstar. Elrond let's Arwen have it in the vision of Aragorn's death. 'But dau-ghter...', and we see the near silhouette of Arwen, her head drooping as she stands against the wind...pure magic. This is cheating [I am writing more than ten], but I will never forget the music that plays as Arwen leaves Rivendell with the elves. A melancholic shadow of the Rivendell choir theme. The most beautiful piece of music Howard has created yet.... or is it?

Sorry, I have way more than ten in my head now. I'm already thinking of more, but I'll let OTHERs post.... ;D

let there be light, beauty, sound, and music. but real living begins in truth.

Saruman and Gwaihir

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  •   Imagery and Music in Lord of the Rings  (1505 views)    We're Here
       Bola Onayemi - Saturday, November 29, 2003, at 9:21 p.m.

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