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Comments about the soundtrack for The Matrix Revolutions (Don Davis)

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The Matrix Trilogy Scores Now Available
• Posted by: Trent   <Send E-Mail>
• Date: Sunday, August 1, 2004, at 8:40 a.m.
• IP Address:

Okay I've got all 3 Complete Matrix scores for anyone who wants them....I will only say this once.. E-MAIL ME FIRST and put in the subject "The Matrix Scores" so I do not delete the e-mail, since all e-mail address that are NOT in my contacts go directly to my junk mail folder. DO NOT add me to your MSN buddy list I will NOT accept the notification, that is why I said e-mail me first. If you have broadband we can try to transfer it over MSN Messenger or AIM. IF you do not have broadband we'll figure out another way to get these scores to you. Okay I will post a little bit about the scores so bare with me...

First up The Matrix. This score was ripped from the Region 1 DVD Isolated score BY ME and edited to be ONLY Don Davis's music. Basically there is no Night Club music, second half of The Dojo Fight, The Lobby Fight music, please do NOT ask me to make another version to include this music I will not do it. Also the sound for this score is in perfect stereo quality unlike some versions out there..and includes the Follow Instructions track aka Knock Knock, Neo. Also for the Follow Instructions track with Davis's voice being all over the track when I did a vocal cut it left some sort of weird noise in it's wake. Not really noticeable unless you turn your volume up. But it's still good to listen to and I did NOT want to leave ANY of Davis's music ouf of this score.

Next up is The Matrix Reloaded. There is another version of this score that is not complete by any means necessary...well true this is still Don Davis's version and lacks the film version mix for Double Trouble and Free Flight. Also for the other versions lacks the full Bane Transformation track, the missing Bane Voyage cue and the FILM VERSION for Mona Lisa Overdrive which DOES differ from the album version and which is with the other version of the complete score. As well a good portion of the second half of Disc 2 for the other version is MAJORLY OUT OF FILM ORDER. I paid attention to the film and listened to the music at the same time about 3-5 months ago and that's how I knew it was out of film order. So I went ahead and put them in film order and re-labeled them properly. Lastley you might have noticed I releabled some tracks because I wanted them to fit better with the film...and some cues might appear a bit shorter than from the other version of the score, because I edited out uncessarly silence from the cue that didn't need to belong there. Oh yes one more thing I left out the alternates and unused cues because I thought they distrupted the score and didn't want them in there. And did a film version mix for Furious Angels since I can't stand the long version and I did an excellent mix for it.

Last but not least..the Matrix Revolutions. I know there's versions out there that have Navras and some that don't. Well I've got that Navras track, and my Matrix Revolutions is in full stereo quality and not some VBR=Variable Bit Rate version like a lot of others out there are. And I also divided up the score evenly so Disc 2 started with "Niobe's Run" as you can see which is the starting point for the War and the Battle Of Zion.

But anyways if any of you want these scores and I will only say this once E-MAIL ME FIRST!!!! that is a NOT add me to your MSN buddy lists cause if you do I will NOT accept the adding thing. And for the subject line put "The Matrix Scores" so I don't delete the e-mail. IF you have broadband modem and after you E-MAIL ME FIRST we can try to transfer it on MSN Messenger however IF you do NOT have broadband modem we can figure something out. But again if anyone wants these scores feel free to drop me an e-mail.

The Matrix
Complete Motion Picture Score
Music Composed And Conducted By Don Davis

Disc 1
01- Main Title - Trinity Infinity (6:35)
02- Follow Instructions (0:27)
03- The White Rabbit (0:10)
04- Sneak Rue Eve (4:01)
05- Unable To Speak (1:10)
06- The Road To Truthville (3:11)
07- The Lafayette Mirror (3:27)
08- The Power Plant (2:37)
09- Welcome To The Real World (2:21)
10- Aboard The Nebuchadnezzar (1:35)
11- The Truth (3:55)
12- No Return (1:24)
13- The Dojo Fight (2:27)
14- Switch Or Break Show (0:58)
15- The Jump Program (1:21)
16- Mentoring Morpheus (0:28)

Disc 2
01- What A Mind Job (3:51)
02- Cypher Conspicuous (1:33)
03- Departure And Arrival (3:01)
04- Spoon Boy Sermon (1:03)
05- Oracle Honesty (1:13)
06- Hotel Ambush - Exit Mr. Hat (8:32)
07- Cypher Punk (4:41)
08- Think Tank (5:59)
09- A Virus (3:35)
10- There Is No Elevator (0:59)
11- Bullet Time (1:07)
12- Trinity Ability (0:40)
13- Ontological Shock (4:13)
14- The Subway Fight (5:15)
15- Neo On The Run (4:01)
16- Anything's Possible (6:47)

The Matrix Reloaded
Complete Motion Picture Score
Music Composed And Conducted By Don Davis

Disc 1
01- Main Title (1:30)
02- Trinity Dream (1:55)
03- Enter The Nebuchadnezzar (1:08)
04- Smith At The Door (4:13)
05- Furious Angels (Film Version Mix) (1:21)
06- Smith Vs. Smith (0:36)
07- Free Flight (3:08)
07- Wonder Of Zion (1:20)
08- The Lascivious Lift (1:10)
09- Link And Zee (2:12)
10- Morpheus On The Mount (0:52)
11- Goodnight, Zion (1:05)
12- The Bane Transformation (1:45)
13- The Bane Voyage (2:53)
14- First, I Must Apologize (1:06)
15- Teahouse (1:04)
16- Back Doors (1:13)
17- Oracle Oratory (2:04)
18- Purpose That Created Us (3:04)
19- Burly Brawl (5:55)

Disc 2
01- The Council Meeting (2:04)
02- Meeting Merovingian (1:45)
03- Choice Is An Illusion (2:37)
04- Sample This (3:50)
05- Meet The Keymaker (0:51)
06- Some Skill (0:42)
07- Chateau (3:22)
08- Double Trouble (2:18)
09- Mona Lisa Overdrive (10:10)
10- Truck Vs. Truck (4:24)
11- The Plan (4:15)
12- Final Flight Of The Vigilant (3:01)
13- Window Switch (2:58)
14- Kill The Keymaker (3:10)
15- The Problem Is Choice (0:46)
16- Doddering Old Fool (4:06)
17- Neo Miraculous (3:35)
18- No More Nebuchadnezzar (4:00)
19- Contusion Conclusion (1:19)

The Matrix Revolutions
Complete Motion Picture Score
Music Composed And Conducted By Don Davis

Disc 1
01- Logos - Main Title (1:19)
02- Nothing But Blue Pills (0:36)
03- Ak, Colt And Mauser (1:17)
04- Our Lit Ovens (0:37)
05- Oracle Debacle (1:35)
06- The Trainman Cometh (2:42)
07- The Trainman Goeth (1:48)
08- Sin, Toil, Extra Vermouth (3:20)
09- The Road To Hell (3:21)
10- Time's Up (1:04)
11- The Road To Sourceville (1:22)
12- He Is You (1:34)
13- The First Goodbye (2:30)
14- The All-Knowing Oracle (3:06)
15- The Logos Location (4:08)
16- It's Crazy Zee (1:04)
17- Das Banegold (4:14)
18- The Bane Revelation (4:04)
19- The Smith Within Us (6:01)
20- Men In Metal (2:20)

Disc 2
01- Niobe's Run (2:12)
02- The Breach (1:56)
03- Boom Hilda (2:50)
04- Die Brünett Walküre (2:14)
05- Mjolner Mastication (1:11)
06- Charra Broiled (1:29)
07- Woman Can Drive (2:39)
08- Moribund Mifune (3:50)
09- Kidfried (4:49)
10- To Our Snivel (1:26)
11- Neovision (3:17)
12- Saw Bitch Workhorse (4:01)
13- Trinity Definitely (4:12)
14- Deus Ex Machina (5:02)
15- Neodämmerung
16- Why, Mr. Anderson? (3:27)
17- Spirit Of The Universe (3:46)
18- Bridge Of Immortality (2:23)
19- For Neo (2:52)
20- Navras (9:07)

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       Trent - Sunday, August 1, 2004, at 8:40 a.m.

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