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Comments about the soundtrack for The Matrix Revolutions (Don Davis)

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• Posted by: OM Shanti   <Send E-Mail>
• Date: Tuesday, November 18, 2003, at 2:06 p.m.
• IP Address:
• In Response to: Re: I understand, but... (Frodo)

I see parallels between God's (Krishna's) statements in the Bhagavad-Gita and the Matrix dialogs. Especially the ones dealing with "choice". I also notice some ISKON influence in your writing. Some questions:

If we are all angels and if we cant go wrong, why do scriptures talk about Hell? Then who goes to Hell?

Are you here to help humans (and others) get out of this suffering? (You said who have come down to our low-energy frequency level to help us.)

Why do some Hindu Scriptures mention 14 worlds, and sometimes 3 worlds? Do you visit any of them? Is this planet the lowest, the most suffering?

Why did God advice humans against worshipping other high-energy beings, when they are here only to help humans? Why does He say He is a "jealous" God? Isn't jealousy a sin?

All that aisde, the fundamental question I have is: Why anything at all should "exist" in the first place?

I can go on. But... sigh.. Who controls Time?

Thank you for your time. I really appreciate you sharing your views.


> All spiritual paths lead to bhakti-yoga as God Himself (Krishna) clearly
> stated in the Bhagavad-Gita (the Indian bible).

> It is fully correct that billions of living beings - incl. animals,
> plants, stones, ETs too - were killed throughout the ages under the
> pretext of religious believes; however this has nothing to do with
> religion at all.

> Religion means (latin=religiare) connection to God, not more than that.
> How to connect to God? Just becoming ourselves, childly-living,
> open-hearted, well-wishers, humil, emathetic vs. others etc.

> Those angel-qualities all of us - and especially you, dear soul, have it
> inherent and want to be as fast as possible come out to the surface of our
> daily conscious so we can be really happy and exchange our experiences,
> joy, talents with others so they also can dock-in to the happiness.

> Being able to feel and see other invisible beings as elbes, dwarfs,
> mountain/plant beings (sanscrit called devas or upa-devas meaning angel)
> and speaking to the animals, plants, stones as well to see other
> dimensional realms on other stars etc. is a deep wish of all of us,
> especailyl it is the wish of God Himself and of all the angels.

> Unfortunately most living beings in human form on this planet, currently
> have deep suffering/wounds in their heart, cause by various personal
> experienced shocks in child-hood or from previous incarnations. Those
> shocks, block the energetic channels to feel and see dimensional realms
> not accessible with the normal physical senses.

> Krishna (God-Father) and Radharani (God-Mother), all angels/ETs from other
> stars as well the animals, plants and stones on our planet feel deep
> suffering seeing many humans suffering in their conditions and hardly
> being able to communicate with them, due to their very deep energetic
> blockages letting it very difficult for them to let them manifest to us
> directly.

> The original reason for the suffering of many many living beings in this
> universe (also on other stars) is NOT due to karmic/sinful activities of
> them (we are eternally good angels; therefore we do NOT have any bad
> karma; an angel can never do anything wrong as he is always in the divine
> channel) but is due rather to a deep consciously loving decision we have
> taken billions of years ago, from our eternal pure unconditional love, in
> front of God, to temporarily leave our eternal paradise realm and come
> down to this universe with the ONLY PURPOSE to stretch out our heart/hands
> to the few brother and sisters that left the paradise residence on their
> free will; referring to the fallen angels.

> Sacrificing ourselves with the purpose of energetically docking to the
> low-energy frequency of the fallen angels is the ONLY realson why many
> good living beings on planet earth are still suffering. Meanwhile, most of
> the fallen angels have, throughout millions of years, converted their
> heart towards love, thanks to our help/sacrifice, and the time of
> happiness and healing is currently returing, smoothly but it is, back on
> our wonderful Gaia-planet!

> The confusion and suffering you feel, dear soul, is dissolving fastly in
> you, I can sense this, and I feel too that you, as well more and more
> people on this planet, will more and more be able to have personal
> experiences with the angels and experiencing that their respective
> para-normal abilities (healing powers, 3rd eye activation etc.) will come
> out to the surface faster than in previous times as the time qualitiy
> currently on planet earth is allowing this.

> All honour, respect, love, strength to you and to all the readers on thie
> forum! :-)


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