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            Most Recent Post: Sunday, March 26, 2006, at 5:33 p.m.

I was a life-long music industry professional (now temporarily retired with a muscular/neurological malfunction), and I really dig this site (and have for many years).
I think Christian is just about always spot-on; even when I disagree with him in terms of quality or merit of a given selection- his points, critiques, and analysis are always valid. I also highly value the opinions and counter-points of the site's participants.

I never make a purchase without checking this site,and most of my "collection" is directly attributable to a good review here.
I can't stress this enough, since I rarely even see the films that I end up buying the scores from!

My favorites are the usual suspects, with Korngold, Prokofiev, Herman, Rosza, Williams, Goldsmith, Morricone, Elfman, Newton-Howard, and Silvestri being the ones I'm most likely to automatically trust for greatness. My newer faves are Shearmur, Marianelli, Giacchino, Powell, Shirley Walker,and especially Trevor Jones. And those newer faves are directly attributable to the savvy guys here at the "scoreboard" and Erick Woods' fantastic radio program.

After almost 25 years in the "pop" entertainment world, I slowly began to listen to orchestral music almost exclusively, for inspiration and also as a sort of refuge or sanity check- and that just naturally led me back to film scores (my childhood favorite music was Williams' Star Wars and Superman, and Disney's The Jungle Book, so I guess I've just come full circle in my musical passions- I wouldn't be typing this if not for Balou The Bear, Luke Skywalker, and Kal-El!).

One of my "Birthday Resolutions 2012" was to start participating in my favorite groups (mainly this site, the public library, and a few charities/organizations); because over the years (when it comes to these things) I've just kind of been a spectator.
So, when you see a completely lame post by me (and you will)- I'm not an interweb-poster-type, I'll never be as savvy as the rest of you, but I would still like to participate from time to time.

I currently reside in Florida, USA.

I love the correlation between the words "Muse" and "Music".

I hope this site, somehow, someway, will make Mr. C. and his wife very wealthy.

Keep up the good work and good times everybody,
and many blessings to you and yours!
(Not intended as an endorsement of any religious group...)

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