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Comments about the soundtrack for The Mists of Avalon (Lee Holdridge)

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One of the best television scores I have ever heard
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• Posted by: Sheridan   <Send E-Mail>
• Date: Friday, June 16, 2006, at 3:42 a.m.
• IP Address:

It is because the fact that soundtrack is well-composed,outstanding in sound quality,and highly enjoyable.The Mystic' s Dream by Loreena McKennitt started by a woman voice,this is followed by the choir of monks (to illustrate Christian influence in Britain),then the duduks and drums with organ undercurrent join to illustrate the influence of paganism (particularly the influence of the religion of the goddess of Avalon),and at the end you can hear the Christian choir and the pagan motif at the same time (this illustrates that the the two religions fight with each other to became dominant).Morgaine' s Journey starts rather quietly,but then a magnificient battle choir and brasses join (a track that might be even Basil Poledoris' jealous of),then once more quiet and relaxing music reigns for a long time,and at the end a wonderful epic orchestra moment illustrates the arrival of the Lady Of The Lake (heavenly strings with brasses and cymbal crashes).Igraine Meets Uther is a thought - provoking track with a quiet choir and strings,this is followed by Arthur Is Born,another epic orchestra moment which starts with lilly flutes,then drums and heavenly strings and cymbal crashes join,and even brasses.The Children Leave is based on the same orchestral solutions as Arthur Is Born (without the lilly flutes).Vivienne' s World represents the unique and realistic voice of Aeone,and illustrates the mists Of Avalon and the women character' s grief.Morgaine Grows Up has the unity of Aeone' s voice and epic orchestra moments (both with Celtic music and symphonic music,and at the end you can even hear the Christian choir).Running Up The Hill is full of energy - an uptempo scherzo with bagpipes,brasses and drums.Guinevere represents one of the main themes - a sad theme :heavenly strings with lilly flutes,and pan flutes (I' m not sure in case of pan flutes).The Cave Ceremony starts with a choir to illustrate the pagan ceremony,then become a suspenseful and haunting track,and ends up with Aeone' s otherwordly voice.Finding Excalibur is one of my favourite track:starts with brasses and strings and the Christian choir,then a string section follow,then at the end strings join up with brasses and cymbal crashes and choir,then a magnificient brass and choir section closes the track.Night courtyard is a track starts and ends up with Aeone' s vocals,and the middle section contains a string and trumphet section.This track is an alternate verison of the track Guinevere.Night Of Love starts with a sad tune:string and brass section,but by the end became a celebrity of love and human life:strings with short brass intervenes,and with a drum undercurrent,ends quite abruptly.
No Baby is a soft string track,while Castle Dance contains pure folk music:bagpipes with lilly flutes.Merlin' s Wisdom - Merlin' s Death is an epic track:starts with a soft piano and string section,and then ends up with a magnificent choir with strings and brasses and even some cymbal crashes.Morgaine' s Despair has a wonderful unity of strings,brasses and women choir.Vivienne' s Death is another epic track : a unity of brasses and choir and strings and cymbal crashes - here you can also find the Christian choir and Aeone' s vocals - which is the main reason why it is one of the most enjoyable tracks on the album.Lancelot And Guinevere Say Farewell is an alternate version of the track Guinevere : strings with flutes - one of the most sad tracks on the album.Morded Confronts Arthur has the unity of strings,brasses,cymbal crashes and choir work,ends up with a string section which souns very sad.The Finale contains all the main themes.I Will Remember You still is a wonderful track with the otherwordly and heavenly vocals of Aeone,soft strings and piano,and even sounds of nature:sounds of the wind and a waterfall.
To put it in a nutshell,this soundtrack proves that it is not impossible to write enjoyable music to a highly thought-provoking movie which is about theoretical questions such as pagainsm,morality,Christianity,loyality and myth and magic and mythic history.Highly recommended for anyone who has an affinity for Celtic,symphonic and movie music,and about the things that has mentioned in the previous sentence.

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