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Comments about the soundtrack for The Mummy Returns (Alan Silvestri)

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FORD THAXTON was accused of FRAUD by Babylon 5 creator
• Posted by: Ranger Lennier
• Date: Friday, May 18, 2001, at 10:15 p.m.
• IP Address:
• In Response to: Who is this FORD A. THAXTON? (MandyC)

I read the following on the message board at Filmtracks:

I am sure we are all well aware of Ford Thaxton's typically bullyish behavior, and that wasn't the original intent of my interest in researching Babylon 5.

For a few years I have been a fan of Babylon 5. I did an internet search for B5 today and stumbled upon something fascinating. It would seem that Babylon 5 creator J. Michael Straczynski posted regularly to the Usenet group back in 1994-1995. This surprised me, because the man must have been horribly busy at the time, and for any creator/writer of a large cult-like show to converse with the masses is extraordinary. To read his comments with fans about the show, its actor controversy, and the likes, is very interesting.

But then, all of a sudden, Straczynski starts tearing into Ford Thaxton, saying things like:

"Assuming anyone really cares anymore...frankly, I'm getting pretty
f-cking tired and disgusted with the whole discussion. Ford is an idiot,
pure and simple."

"*sigh*...I was up writing all night long, I meant to say that the
Tribune Syndicate and TV Guide got the story more accurately than USA
Today in that one respect (though the rest of the article seemed fine);
unlike Ford, I have a life, and sometimes it gets tiring."

"As with much of what comes out of your and Ford Thaxton's mouth,
this is a lie and a fabrication, I never made that statement."

"You (and now, our latest homunculus, Ford Thaxton) deliberately distort
and misrepresent and simply lie about matters injurious to my (and in
the latter case, Michael O'Hare's) career."

I was astounded! Over the past decade, Thaxton has been denounced by respected magazine publishers, webmasters, label producers/owners, and even composers. Heck, even my friend Jeff Anderson, who is the most unflappable person in the world, became infuriated by Ford. And now, J. Michael Straczynski joins the anti-Thaxton movement? What's going on here? When I first visited the internet, I owned some of Thaxton's albums, and thought highly of him. Then, everyone else I respect began attacking him. And then Thaxton even went after me. But I guess I didn't take any of this seriously until I just saw Babylon 5 writer/creator J. Michael Straczynski attack Thaxton too. This confirms that Ford A. Thaxton must be the most mean and disliked person I have ever known.

The reason I am writing this is because of the following statement that Straczynski made. It startled me, and I want to know more of what happened:

"Well, well... I've been getting some very interesting information on our friend Ford A. Thaxton, who is involved with a little enterprise called Silva Screen Records. Perhaps Mr. Thaxton wouldn't mind discussing some of *his* personal business, like how why he has been using Christopher Franke's music in his released (remixed) without paying Chris any royalties...? Apparently he has some real business problems with Chris, and I would think he has considerable motivation to smear anything that Chris is involved with. Didn't mention that li'l old conflict of interest in your quest for the "truth," did old Ford.

And some of the things recently conveyed to me by some who've worked with, and for Ford, in HIS business practices, are quite illuminating, to say the least. But I suppose he would think that was a private matter, not to be discussed on a network.

Maybe I should go and contact Edgar Froese in Germany, and ask about some of *his* recent dealings with Ford, so that I can post them here.

Nice little place Ford has, out there in Olympia, Washington....

My, but Ford's had such an *interesting* least, so say the many people who've dropped me messages in the last few days, who have worked with him."


Anyways, you can read more of this stuff at

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