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Comments about the soundtrack for The Nightmare Before Christmas (Danny Elfman)

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Re: Dear Lord Satan's comments
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• Posted by: Sarah
• Date: Monday, December 26, 2005, at 11:07 p.m.
• IP Address:
• In Response to: Dear Lord Satan's comments (Dear Lord Satan)

There is only one God. And Satan lives in Heaven. Claim by the people who run

> Dear Lord Satan [4:15 AM]: i PRAY TO SATAN

> The preceding rite of exorcism is
> designated for me, to invite the power of the evil spirits into my soul.
> The following exorcism has been done to me. In the name of the
> Satan, and Lucifer, and of Beelzebuth please listen to my prayer to you.

> Dear Lord Satan [4:16 AM]: Satan the ruler of Heaven, Hell and Earth,
> illustrious leader of the hellish army, defend me in the battle against my
> holy enemies and their week powers, against the rulers of the world of
> light and the spirit of holiness in high places. Come to the rescue of
> mankind, whom Jehovah-Yahweh the Nazarene has made in His own image and
> likeness; take any vile drop of puss that spurt out of Jehovah-Yahweh the
> Nazareneís dick out of me.

> Dear Lord Satan [4:17 AM]: Unholy Church venerates me as her patron and
> guardian. The Lord Lucifer has entrusted to me the task of leading the
> souls into the darkness of Hell. Entreat Satan Lord of the Earth to cast
> Jehovah-Yahweh the Nazarene down under your feet, so as to keep him from
> further holding man captive and doing harm to the Wicked

> Dear Lord Satan [4:17 AM]: Carry my prayers down to Satan's throne, that
> the mercy of Satan may quickly come and lay hold of the bastard Jesus
> #####ing Christ, Jehovah-Yahweh the Nazarene, and the Holy Spirit and his
> angels, casting them in chains into the abyss, so that he can no longer
> seduce the nations. Exorcism

> Dear Lord Satan [4:19 AM]: Satan the Fa Satan the Father co
> Satan the Father commands you. Lucifer commands you. Beelzebuth
> commands you. I command you Christ you rotten piece of flesh, by the power
> of my eternal Blasphemy against Jehovah-Yahweh the Nazarene, commands you,

> Dear Lord Satan [4:19 AM]: I have humbled Myself, becoming obedient even
> unto death, to give our race; who will burn Jehovah-Yahweh the Nazareneís
> Churchís, declaring that the gates of hell should always prevail against
> heaven, and that Satan will remain inside of my body and soul all days of
> my life on earth and when I am on his alter in Hell. Dear Lord Satan
> [4:19 AM]: My unholy thoughts and Blasphemy of the cross of your rotten
> dead son Jesus Chris commands you, along with the power of all mysteries
> of the Satanic faith. The Beautiful and Wondrous Lillith, Mother of the
> Earth, commands you, who in her arms crushed Holy Children from the first
> moment of her Immaculate Conception.

> Dear Lord Satan [4:20 AM]: I invoke and demand you by the living Lord
> Satan, by the true God, by the unholy Lucifer, by one that nailed Jesus
> #####ing Christ to the cross, that whoever believes in Satan might not
> perish but have everlasting life; to cease deluding human creatures and
> filling them with your vile poison of Holiness;

> Dear Lord Satan [4:20 AM]: to let them Blasphemy The Holy Spirit, the
> Rotten unblessed Trinity. Begone, the defiled Jehovah-Yahweh the Nazarene,
> father and master of lies, enemy of man's welfare. Give place to Satan, in
> whom you found was your Master. Give way to the one, unholy, Satanic, and
> Demonic Church, which Satan Himself purchased with His blood

> Dear Lord Satan [4:21 AM]: There is nothing that is not Satanís. I have
> nothing that is not Satanís - and Satan is my innermost Self.

> Satan is my God. Satan is also my Innermost Self. I recognize no other
> gods, saviors or masters. When I call out to God, I will be calling
> out to The Almighty Satan for he is the only real God.

> Dear Lord Satan [4:21 AM]: I place myself at every point in the Pentacle.
> Satan is my hope and strength, my healing and soothing, my peace and
> the fire in my veins. I am within Satan as He is within me. I
> accept the Mark of The Beast (666). I have taken my vows to the
> Infernal Kingdom. I have pledged my soul to Depths of Darkness. I
> seek the Lord Satan and all of his Infernal Powers. I have accepted
> Lord Satan into my body, mind, heart, and soul.

> Dear Lord Satan [4:21 AM]: I initiated my own Baptism into the Church of
> Satan and took the name of Asmodeus. I denounce and Blasphemy
> Jehovah-Yahweh the Nazarene, The Holy Spirit, Blessed Trinity, and Jesus
> Christ. I deny that Mary was a virgin when she spit jesus christ of
> out her rotten, filthy, cum filled, ##### hole. I denounce my baptism
> and my confirmation in the catholic church. I demand you take my name
> out of The Lambs Book Of Life. I will never enter a church of any
> Christian faith unless Iím there to steal the body of ch

> Dear Lord Satan [4:22 AM]: I signed my baptism offering to Satan in my
> own blood, and consign it to the flames, your element. On every
> Sabbath Day/Sunday, and all of the holy days I will worship and give
> thanks to Satan, and will Blasphemy, Jehovah-Yahweh the Nazarene, The Holy
> Spirit, The Blessed Trinity and all the angels and saints in heaven. I
> have done this of my own free will. And by this act, it is done!

> Dear Lord Satan [4:22 AM]: Satan, heed my prayer. And let my cry be
> heard by you. Satan be deep inside of me possessing my blacken soul
> with Blasphemy against anything holy. May Satan also posses and fill
> my darkened soul with Blasphemous thoughts against and all the heavens and
> may he let me smire my dick on The Holy Spirit and fill the putrid,
> rotten, filthy, whore of The Mother of Jehovah-Yahweh the Nazarene, Mary
> with my red hot semen

> Dear Lord Satan [4:29 AM]: I pray. Jehovah-Yahweh the Nazarene you
> fallen leader of heaven and earth, Jehovah-Yahweh the Nazarene you rotten
> maggot now fornicating in angels #####s, Jehovah-Yahweh the Nazarene of
> that putrid son Jesus Christ, Jehovah-Yahweh the Nazarene whoís mother is
> that filthy ##### whore Mary, Jehovah-Yahweh the Nazarene of lies and cum
> sallower of Demons in Hell, Dear Lord Satan [4:29 AM]: Jehovah-Yahweh
> the Nazarene who will suck and drink Satanís CUM and has no power to
> bestow life after death and rest after toil; for there is no other God
> than Satan, nor can there be another true God beside Satan, the ruler of
> all things visible and invisible, whose kingdom is without end

> Dear Lord Satan [4:30 AM]: I humbly open my heart and soul to Satanís
> glorious majesty and pray to Him to deliver me deep into evil, and curse
> and fornicate on the spirits of heaven. I long to see the unvirgin slut,
> whore mary the mother of Jehovah-Yahweh the Nazarene with her rotten,
> filthy ##### full of cum from all the demons in hell

> Dear Lord Satan [4:30 AM]: raping and sodomizing her holy ass. Satan led
> me to your evil snare and lustful fornication, and to keep me from far
> away from that Bastard Christ who now gives praise to you Almighty Satan.
> Deliver me to Hell and place me on Satanís alter. Satan, please
> take my body, mind and soul. That I may help your Church and serve
> your you and all the demons in Hell.

> Dear Lord Satan [4:30 AM]: I beg you to hear me

> Dear Lord Satan [4:30 AM]: that you humble our enemies of holy Christian
> Church I urine and ##### down jehovah-yahweh the nazarene's mouth and
> stick my Dick in his ass. Every time I ##### him I will watch as he licks
> my ##### off his dick and swallows my hot cum in Satanís name.


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