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Comments about the soundtrack for The Nightmare Before Christmas (Danny Elfman)

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James Barnes
• Posted by: Erica Shelton   <Send E-Mail>
• Date: Wednesday, April 12, 2006, at 4:02 p.m.
• IP Address:
• In Response to: Re: About age (Amuro)

I'm sorry, but you don't know what you're talking about on this

> I too am 16...

> In my CD player there is usually Grainger blaring, or Mozart, Beethoven,
> Gershwin, Dvorak... any of the great classical composers. You know thats
> awesome that you do all that stuff with Trombone, and yeah, my score
> collection is extensive as well.

> But seriously, most kids our age... DON'T CARE... in the old days, men
> like Gershwin and Grainger were hailed as Gods... heck, some people even
> thought Mozart was the second coming of Christ! But look at it now, how
> many composers are household names? Eric Whitacre is a VERY talented man
> as he exhibits in pieces like "October"... but how many
> teenagers are gonna know his name? How about Robert W. Smith an INCREDIBLE
> composer for Wind Band, his "Dante's Devine Comedy" is a
> stunning work, particularly "The Inferno." In fact, regarding
> that, i'm so taken by it that I own the score for wind band... how many
> kids would buy it so that they could dissect it and see all the parts? How
> many kids will sit down and listen to Beethoven's Symphony No. 3
> "Eroica" and take the time to realize that its about Napoleon,
> or appreciate its glorious fanfares of Horn?! NOT MANY!

> I walked around my school one day, and I asked a lot of people if they had
> heard of Percy Aldridge Grainger, and they all said "no". Odd
> since less than one hundred years ago this man was the most famous concert
> pianist alive. Or Leonard Bernstein whom practically no one has heard of,
> despite the fact that he may have been the greatest conductor to ever
> live! It's sad really, but I get made fun of when I bring out the ol'
> manuscript paper and pencil.

> Another composer who really gets the shaft... James Barnes, have you ever
> heard his 3rd Symphony for Wind Band? Its amazing. In fact, I can't quite
> express my feelings for how much that touched me... do you know how many
> kids who would listen to that would say its boring because it has no
> words? Kids our age listen to punk rock and rap, and in both of those
> genre's most of the groups only know 4 chords or less... I had an entire
> lesson on how rock bands only know 4 chords... and why its those four
> chords. Yeah, less interesting I'd say... a lot less interesting, but it
> has words... so its more popular.

> The generation we belong is lazy and stupid. I hate it, I despise
> it in fact. Kids like you and me, and Brittanny up there are a rare breed
> anymore. And maybe its kids like us who can make the difference. I dunno,
> but it looks pretty hopeless from my vantage point. For every
> band/orchestra/choir nerd you have, you've got a thousand punk rockers
> waiting to take all of their glory.

> You know, I agree with you about "Nightmare", its a grand work
> of art, that exhibits all of the emotions we expect from a composer like
> Elfman. And I too hope to major in music, and hopefully gain a kind of
> fame that Grainger or Leonard Bernstein possessed, and if i'm truly lucky,
> I'll get to score films.

> Good Luck with your musical endevours, keep working hard!

Appalachian State University's Wind Ensemble is playing James Barnes, "Third Symphony" next week. The bass clarinet solo is kicking my butt! I also played his clarinet piece called "Autumn Soliloquy" last semester for my studio. I love his work!

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