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Comments about the soundtrack for The Nightmare Before Christmas (Danny Elfman)

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Satan and Skellington, the love of true free will!
• Posted by: Cassie
• Date: Saturday, October 19, 2019, at 7:56 p.m.
• IP Address:

Jack Skellington is Satan. That was always the intent of Tim Burton for Nightmare Before Christmas. The voice of Danny Elfman is the voice of Satan. To understand Jack, we have to understand Satan.

There are many kinds of love; romantic love, sexual love, parental love, maternal love, and the list goes on… In my experience Satan has demonstrated all of these and no doubt further aspects of love that I don’t have the words to explain. This is true in whatever way one envisages him to be; whether that be as a living entity, energy source, or archetype. Many Christians would have you believe that their God has the monopoly on love and that Satan represents all that is unlovely. Naturally I think this is a gross perversion of the truth. And I want to set the record straight.

Satan’s love is deep and profound; it is part of his power and presence in the lives of all of us who honour and respect him. He has manifest his love to me in all the ways mentioned above but his is also in many ways the truest, most unselfish love there is. It is the love of a parent for his children; a parent who wants the best for his kin, a parent willing to give his children the tools and ability to equal and even surpass his own achievements. Aren’t these the kind of parents we respect the most? Parents who will try to get the best education for their children whatever the personal cost to themselves? Parents who will guide their children wisely to independence; who will equip their children to eventually leave the nest and build successful lives of their own?

Compare Jack Skellington and Satan to Yahweh, who wants his children to remain forever as mindless slaves... Who teaches his children that they can never equal him let alone surpass him and that it is evil and heretical even to consider the possibility… Who teaches his children that their own works are useless and that their only hope of a happy future is to give up their will and critical thinking and blindly do what the church says is Jesus’s will. A god who says that you are all born with an illness called sin and the only cure depends on the grace and favour of God?

Indeed everything in the Abrahamic faiths is completely dis-empowering and seems only designed to ensure that nobody can ever equal God or question the organs of the church.

Would we respect a parent who kept his children uneducated, closeted and secluded? A parent who tried to make his children feel guilty about any step towards independence? A parent who told his children they could never match his achievements and to aspire to such a thing would be evil? A parent who said this is right and that is wrong and you must never question me or try and work things out for yourselves?

And yet even I must admit the Christian church and others have been very successful in turning logic on it’s head and convincing large numbers of people that their god is good and Satan is the bad guy.

I am sure this must hurt Satan. Sometimes I sense his pain and my heart goes out to him. How sad must it be to see your children being lead to wastefulness and slavery? I imagine it must be like watching your children being lead into heroine addiction.

Christians talk about free will a lot, but their talk is often cheap and empty. Satan offers true free will. He offers us the possibility to question and disagree with him. He offers the power to strengthen your will in order to do and achieve more things. But he does not force us. We must come to him as and when we choose. He will wait patiently. Or perhaps not so patiently…

I thank him for all the prompts he sent me. I am sorry for all the times I rejected the logic which was always in my mind. I accept Jack Skellington the same way.

Since becoming a Satanist I have met many people whose lives were turned around by Satan. People who overcame drug problems, depression and illness… People who learned how to have the success and satisfaction in life they had always wanted but never known how to achieve… People who overcame poverty… These kind of stories are commonly spoken of in Christianity and other religions but they often teach that it is wrong to associate anything positive with Satan. I think it is time to acknowledge the great and good things that Satan does. It is still not politically correct. It will be a long time before we can talk of the love of Satan without raising eyebrows and people thinking we are mad. But we must start somewhere. And I start here.

Jack Skellington's love is amazing, thoughtful, unselfish, liberating, mature and wise. So is Satan's. I count it as a huge blessing in my life.

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