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Comments about the soundtrack for The Nightmare Before Christmas (Danny Elfman)

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I Chose Danny Elfman, I Chose Satan.
• Posted by: meghan
• Date: Sunday, October 27, 2019, at 12:51 p.m.
• IP Address:
• In Response to: Satan, Sex, and Danny Elfman - Always there fo... (First United Church for Satan the Redeemer)
• Now Playing: SATAN

I listened to Danny Elfman, I read the Bible and I did make up my mind and my heart, I thought it through and looked at all the facts physically and spiritually ... And I Chose to follow Danny Elfman's advice ... I Chose Satan! 9 years back when I finished primary school becoming the age of 13 years old about to start my live, Satan told me that it has been HIM calling me through out my life, for He has a dream to make me great and show the world who HE is! I wouldn’t at that time listen to HIM because I was told/taught that HE is all that is bad and so I cursed his NAME and HIM for every coming to me, I prayed for hours and days and many months and many years to the christian/judeo god begging him for all this confusion and pain and emptiness to go away… I started using drugs to ease the nerves cat, cocaine, heroin, weed and many more… After a few months it wasn’t enough so more and more I used every moment of every day, burning and tossing away all I ever had going for me so that no one would want me anymore not christ nor Satan… in all this time there was still a voice reaching and calling out to me, growing up in a christian home being taught that he is the one and only. I believed that this was christ calling out to me, so I got my life in order and soon enough gave my life to christ, and on that day feeling a great sadness and anger also a feeling of emptiness and being lost come over me… 2 years later I finished school, I got a good job and started studying. The pain, sadness and feeling of emptiness and being lost did not go away but slowly grew inside of me. One year had passed and then I killed myself. I opend my eyes and I was tied down to a bed filled with spiders and scorpion in a blood red room darker than night it self but I could see, I was freaking out! I was calling out to christ! But nothing happened I was scared beyond anything I have ever known but started excepting the fact that there is nothing I can do, then in the hallway that led to my room I could see this great big demon monster probably no less than 12 feet tall, scrawny build, very strong, it had no face only dry, old, constant, stinking, black, never ending, rotting, blood dripping from his body or shape if I may with hands and claws a little bigger than a fully grown man, seeing Him moving/running/walking/coming to me there are no words,... I was screaming until there was no screams left anymore and then I screamed some more, this demon tried to get to me stretching out to me but he could not touch me, walking up and down the hallway leading to the door of the room I was in he would every few minutes trough another gashing claw at me trying to grab me. ((the name of this demon was death and he does not hate, nor feel he only does what he needs to do and moves on cause who would befriend him (Little knowing after all this we would become good friends)) ... I AM NOT DONE WITH YOU WORDS SPOKE UNTO ME, I was protected by the ONE whose authority this demon obeyed... I awoke 16 hours later in the ICU with a nurse almost running away and crying when she saw me sitting up straight looking at her, my family prayed and worshiped their god the doctor stood by saying this is not possible how did you come back?!!! Then in time this great roaring voice came to me saying, “things can be different the sadness and pain can be taken away the feeling of loneliness and of being lost all the time will be taken away for I can find you, teach you, give you and show you all... Its been 4 years now that I have been open minded and six months since I decided that Danny Elfman is right, I went to go and read the bible again and again and again and before that I studied theology specifically cause I was told that god has called me to bring the good news unto his children by all my preachers so this is what I had to do cause god said so and I will not be blessed if I do not walk with in his will, little knowing at that time these studies was part of a greater plan, even greater than that of the christian/judeo god. This was part of Satan’s plan for me. To show me both sides of the coin, hear both sides of the story and see for my self, and then freely choose my own path. Satan said to me that he does not want to hide anything from me and he wants to share with me his side of the story if I am willing to listen. I Am and I want to... a Lifetime it has taken me to recognize my Fathers voice, 9 years to be shown, 4 years to be taught, six months to decide, one death to proof his love to me and one moment to make it final. Cassie & Sophie you said ” It will be a long time before we can talk of the love of Satan without raising eyebrows and people thinking we are mad. But we must start somewhere. And I start here.” I honor you for your words and your courage may Satan Bless you for it, but I do assure you that a long time will not be as long anymore for a Great War is coming and in the next 20 years the world will get to know Satan as for and who HE really is, My Voice His Voice, My Words His Words, My Actions His Action, My Smile His Smile and His Love Our Love. Be Blessed all who know the way of Satan for HIS Power shall never fade and HIS LEFT HAND never grow weary I promise you all that. I pledge myself to DANNY ELFMAN and my LORD SATAN.

> Good evening. I'm from the First United Church of Satan the
> Redeemer. I love Nightmare Before Christmas like all of you. Who
> doesn't? Do you think that's going to make a difference about where you're
> going to be spending all eternity? You may say so, and you may say
> your religion is right... but is it?  

> Now let me ask you... do you want to spend all eternity, from now and
> forever, with people who are singing Christian hymns, or Danny Elfman
> music? Do you want to spend it in church, or at a Jack Skellington
> party? Would you rather eat meatloaf or filet mignon? Do you
> want to sit around watching Hallmark movies, or would you rather watch
> beautiful people hump in ways you didn't even think possible? 

> Hell is not what you think. We don’t care. And isn't that what
> you really want out of eternity? Somebody who just doesn't care what
> you do? Somebody who accepts you just for what you
> are? Somebody who understands that sex is really a good
> thing. Somebody who can watch Nightmare Before Christmas without
> feeling guilty? I mean, really... have you found better? And you
> want to spend forever without it? Now let me ask you this, my
> friend, which would be Heaven and which would be Hell?

> You can rest assured that you will never have to ask OUR LORD SATAN for
> forgiveness. There is no penance because there is no sin. How
> can anything be a sin that was ultimately created by a god who intended
> for you to sin? And why would a benevolent god do that? Satan will
> never ask you to fast. Satan will never tell you that suffering is
> good. Satan will never tell you that hitting yourself on the head
> with a board is worthy of anything except a headache. And why would
> anybody want you to have a headache?

> And Satan will never, not once, ever, ask you to sing his
> praise. Why would he? Because that, my friend, is the
> difference. If you ever see a god who is all about himself, then you
> have chosen the wrong god. But here’s the deal: It's yours to
> choose. And whatever choice you make, Satan is going to respect that
> choice. If you want to go to heaven, you can go to heaven. If
> you want to be reincarnated, so be it. If you want to screw your Jack
> Skellington dildo, that's great. Whatever you want, you can have. 

> That's not the same offer you're going to get from the other side, but we
> respect that too. Just remember, if you fall short, you're still
> OK. Just like Danny Elfman's awesome music, Lord Satan will always
> be there for you!

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