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Comments about the soundtrack for The Passion of the Christ (John Debney)

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Misguided Assumptions in this Review...
• Posted by: Nicholas Zink   <Send E-Mail>
• Date: Thursday, March 11, 2004, at 5:34 p.m.
• IP Address:

First, I am a believer and overall, I thought the review of the "score" was solid and objective... EXCEPT for a couple of stray comments about the "film" that I feel need to be highlighted:

"The Passion of the Christ is a score written by a devoted Christian for a devoted Christian film aimed at a devoted Christian audience."

I disagree completely that this film is aimed only at a devoted Christian audience, and I believe this assumption is off course. From what source is this based? The message of this film has the same target audience, I believe, as the message Christ gives in this film and that he gave two thousand years ago everyone. Anyone and everyone that will hear it. Granted, I can understand how a non-Christian audience may feel emotions such as guilt, anger, irritation, rejection, etc., but this certainly doesn't mean it wasn't for them... Was Schindler's List only for Jews?

"If you believe that the film is a propaganda tool and nothing more, then this music could really irritate you. Once again, it's hard to enjoy this music for its grand beauty without thinking about the film's use as an offensive conversion tactic."

Hmmm, this is also a very interesting statement... I believe this is a film based on a slice of history, just like countless other films made every year. A film that is regarded by many (Christian and non-Christian alike), I may add, to be the most historically accurate to date (remembering that the books of the Old and New Testaments are historical documents just like any other). One could argue that half the programs on the Discovery Channel are "offensive conversion tactics", claiming as fact that we all evolved over billions of years. After all, the theories of evolution and creation are just that, theories. The maker of this film just happens to align with the later.

And lastly:

"Her distaste (the writer's wife) for the score was surprising, but perhaps predictable, because her opinion of the film was one of disappointment from the start. She states, "It's gruesome music that's meant to make you feel guilty... just like the film. It could make someone clinically depressed or suicidal if they care about the good things that Jesus did."

...I have to say that I do care very deeply about the things that Jesus did. As a matter of fact, I am thankful most of Him dying one of the most horrible deaths that mankind can devise, in my place. All in order that I may be spared from eternity apart from Him. Is this not a film about the BEST thing he did during His time here on this earth? If you feel as pissed off, guilty and riled up as she after seeing this film... I'd say the film did it's job, and you might want to re-evaluate what you believe about this man, the Christ.

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