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Comments about the soundtrack for The Passion of the Christ (John Debney)

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Re: Jesus was never crucified
• Posted by: Matt   <Send E-Mail>
• Date: Friday, April 16, 2004, at 1:55 p.m.
• IP Address:
• In Response to: Re: Jesus was never crucified (Scorehound)

>I dont think any of us are trying to say that Jesus never existed. He probably did. Yes they have evidence of his existence, and we know that and recognize that. The arguement is whether he was the son of god and did what the bible says he did. There is no proof of his doings. There is no way to prove he was/is the son of god and did the things he supposely did. The only proof of his doings are so mentioned in the bible, and when people argue about what he did, people use the bible, but you cant use the bible because you dont know whether the bible is true or false. Just a thought. Another thing, question for everyone, if Jesus did the things he supposely did, wouldn't he be considered Wiccan since he used magick to help others?

First thing, as I mentioned before, the 1st century Jewish historian
> Josephus wrote that there was a man named Jesus who was called "The
> Christ" who performed wonderful works and that he was crucified by
> want proof of this? The books of Josephus have been preserved
> in Greek and Latin, and have been dated back to the mid to late 70's
> a bit on it. These books haven't been altered by the
> "freemasons..."

> In addition to that, because these events took place 2,000 years ago you
> have to go by the writings and evidence dug up by archaeologists and
> historians:

> 1. A stone box was found awhile ago that had the inscription "James,
> the brother of Jesus". The Bible says that Jesus had a brother James,
> and even Josephus writes that James, the brother of Jesus was stoned to
> death in 66 AD...

> 2. Stone inscriptions were even found for Caiaphas, the High Priest, as
> well as Pontius Pilate.

> 3. There is physical evidence, including the lost Dead Sea Scrolls that
> include many passages of Christ and even the Gospel of Thomas, a potential
> book containing the cryptic sayings of Christ, which follow along the
> parabels that Jesus told.

> So between Josephus and stone boxes and inscritions that give more
> evidence to the validity of the Gospels, I also find your statements hard
> to believe considering that I just read a bunch of articles written by
> scholars and historians and not one of them doubts whether Jesus existed
> or was crucified. You cannot prove or disprove it physically. All you have
> is the writings.

> Hey, William Wallace lived in the 13th century. There are no pictures of
> him, only writings and stories, yet nobody doubts his existance and he is
> a hero in scotland. Because they didn't have cameras or such back in the
> good old days doesn't mean these people never existed or their stories
> aren't true.

> Try reading books that are not written by pagans or skeptical
> scholars...try reading a wide variety of books written by all sorts of
> religious scholars and get an all around opinion forst before just coming
> on a SOUNDTRACK SITE talking about Jesus' validity as God's son...that is
> faith. Jesus once said "Blessed are those who believe but do not see,
> for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven."

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