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Comments about the soundtrack for The Passion of the Christ (John Debney)

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Re: Jesus was never crucified
• Posted by: tom   <Send E-Mail>
• Date: Tuesday, November 8, 2005, at 7:55 p.m.
• IP Address:
• In Response to: Jesus was never crucified (Acehit)

I completely agree with this comment. Jesus did exist but the story of his so-called crucifixion is just that - "crucifiction".
Te whole concept of Jesus dying to save all humanity is really weird - there was no time when Jesus said in his lifetime that he had come to earth to die for our sins. So where did that whole idea come from? It certainly did not come from Jesus himself.
And just supposing, for the sake of humoring that idea, that he did die for our sins. Then why do christians still debate over who was responsible for killing him? If he really did die to save us, did whoever killed him actually do all christians a big favor by saving them from all sins??? Why then are the Jews or Romans "blamed" for the "crucifixion"? This whole concept doesnt stand up to even one second of serious thought.
just my 2 cents..
if someone can clarify these remarks i'd welcome it.

> its amazing every time u post a comment that challenges official history,
> how many ridiculous replies u get that dont even make sense.

> In reply 2 my last comment, someone said scholars have now determined that
> jesus did exist, and went through the torture that he did and yet there is
> no evidence to suggest that jesus even existed!

> More open minded scholars today are questioning the existence of jesus and
> have more evidence to prove he didnt exist, than that he did exist or even
> the fact that he existed but was never crucified which is my own opinion.

> One thing is for sure, jesus was not a son of God, that part has been
> manufactured by people who re-wrote the bible over and over again and now
> contains thousands of errors. yup, the bible was a true book of religion
> at one point, but since the arrrival of st james bible, there is hugely
> compelling evidence that the bible has been doctored by a cult known as
> freemasons. As a result most of the popes in the us and europe are
> masonic, and secretly practise ritual without the outside world knowing.

> Another thing is time. the calender isnt what it used to be, its been
> changed because there used to be a 13th month before the great cataclysms
> that struck the earth some time ago. if jesus did exist, its impossible he
> was born 2000 years ago, its just a manufactured date that those beurucats
> in suites want u 2 believe.

> How can anyone today be sure of his existence, we werent there to see him
> and have no record of him, so how do we know anything.

> In my own view, im certain jesus did exist but i doubt he was crucified.
> The story of crucifixion of jesus has been so drilled into people, that
> they accept it without question and it makes a great story, but that
> shouldnt be the basis for truth.

> Thank You.

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