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Comments about the soundtrack for The Passion of the Christ (John Debney)

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Re: Jesus was never crucified
• Posted by: Malachi M.   <Send E-Mail>
• Date: Friday, February 23, 2007, at 6:10 p.m.
• IP Address:
• In Response to: Re: Jesus was never crucified (tom)

> I completely agree with this comment. Jesus did exist but the story of his
> so-called crucifixion is just that - "crucifiction".
> Te whole concept of Jesus dying to save all humanity is really weird -
> there was no time when Jesus said in his lifetime that he had come to
> earth to die for our sins. So where did that whole idea come from? It
> certainly did not come from Jesus himself.
> And just supposing, for the sake of humoring that idea, that he did die
> for our sins. Then why do christians still debate over who was responsible
> for killing him? If he really did die to save us, did whoever killed him
> actually do all christians a big favor by saving them from all sins??? Why
> then are the Jews or Romans "blamed" for the
> "crucifixion"? This whole concept doesnt stand up to even one
> second of serious thought.
> just my 2 cents..
> if someone can clarify these remarks i'd welcome it.

it's called faith, I know the concept is hard for some like you to understand because you are bent on "facts" that prove what? well, 300 years ago, if you said that humanity would reach the moon, they'd probly burn you as a heretic, or lock you up or something. so how is it that hard to believe that Christ really is the "Messiah" and has actually died so that humanity might have a passage to be with the "Father". why do you dismiss that just because our minds may not be able to comprehend a concept like God in his infinite and total existance. why is that so hard to understand. if you think about it, we as humans are quite the anomaly. we think well beyond just our well-being. I'm no theologian, but what little faith I do muster, I see no harm in believing that not only was christ cruxified, but he has brought us within reach of the Father. we as human beings are extremely limited in intellect. this is for certian. also, the idea that christ died for our sins isn't arbitrary. this can be discerned through logic, by simply reading the 'bible'. I know, what people say, that how do we know that any of it is true. well, how do we know that what happened in the passed really was the way historians describe it. we take most of it on faith. so, why dont we just submit, and look into it. question people about christianity. throw every controvercial question at them and if they cant give you a logical answer, then go to another person. eventually, someone who dedicated their lives to christianity will have a so-called Logical answer (which will probly be proved by some philosophical princible) that will satisfy your urning to realize what all the Hype was about. I took that same path, and what i found out didn't sound that unreasonable. it was done by logical and reasonable measures that I found suficient enough that i felt i need ask no more. but it is a good thing to ask. dont just jump in, but realize, make them give you a logical answer. they are out there, i've found a very intellegent man of whome dedicated his life to Christianity, and his logic seems to be sufficiently foolproof. so, thats all i have to say for now.

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