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Comments about the soundtrack for Star Wars: The Phantom Menace (John Williams)

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This is how The Phantom Menace complete score should have been
• Posted by: Pudge
• Date: Tuesday, February 3, 2009, at 4:46 a.m.
• IP Address:

Well thanks to Battlefront 1 and 2, The Force Unleashed and a couple of other scores that have recently come out in the last several year we now have all of the complete score for Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. This includes all the great unused music from "Droid Fight" to Podrace music to even the correct sequence for "The Battle Of Naboo", which it too features unused music.

This is the version that Sony and Lucasfilm should have released from the beginning and not the hacked up isolated score from the film. That's why many were put off by it and disappointed by the Sony release once they got it in their hands, as it was essentially a hacked up isolated score with all kinds of loops, clunky edits etc. The only thing good that came out from that set was a good portion of the unreleased material in good quality.

For my set I've done a complete assembly as what I think would have been the intended edition. I do have tracks that run into each other like from the Ultimate Edition so hence having many cues (NOT SONGS!). I also removed the source music, as source music always drove me up the wall. The source music done for this film was also done for John Williams' son and not by John himself so another reason why I left it off. The game material featured a lot of pieces with out the Sith chant and I replaced those pieces from the Ultimate (Crap) Edition with those as I hated hearing the Sith chant every time Maul was on the screen.

I'm very proud of this accomplishment as this took me two to maybe three years to fully finish. I hope Lucasfilm gets off their ass some day and release the proper intended edition for not only The Phantom Menace but for Attack Of The Clones and Revenge Of The Sith as well.

If any would like a copy just post me your email address so I can email you and we'll work something out.

01. 20th Century Fox Fanfare (0:23)
02. Star Wars Main Title (1:25)
03. The Arrival (2:31)
04. Gas Leak (1:19)*
05. Droid Fight (1:42)*
06. Queen Amidala (2:27)*
07. The Droid Invasion (1:24)*
08. Introducing Jar Jar (2:15)*
09. Bubble World (3:01)
10. Gone Fishing (1:35)
11. Darth Sidious (1:22)*
12. Tentacles (1:21)*
13. Theed Palace Arrival (2:10)*
14. You're Under Arrest (1:45)*
15. Escape From Naboo (2:07)
16. Intro Darth Maul (1:01)
17. Arrival At Tatooine (1:55)
18. Padmé Meets Anakin (1:18)
19. Run-In With Sebulba (1:21)
20. Introducing Threepio (2:41)
21. Running Out Of Time (1:12)
22. Talk Of Podracing (2:59)
23. Watto's Deal (2:24)
24. Kids At Play (1:39)
25. Anakin's Midi-Chlorian Count (1:24)
26. The Sith Spacecraft (1:05)
27. Roll Of The Die (1:38)*
28. The Flag Parade (2:02)*
29. Jabba Introduction (1:48)*
30. The Race Begins (1:33)*
31. Anakin Defeats Sebulba (1:46)*
32. Anakin's Great Victory (1:11)

01. Anakin Is Free (5:04)
02. Darth and Qui-Gon (1:43)
03. Corucant Arrival (4:00)
04. The Queen and Palpatine (0:41)
05. High Council Meeting (2:37)
06. The Senate (1:20)*
07. Anakin's Test (3:37)
08. He Is The Chosen One (3:50)
09. Conferring With Darth Sidious (0:26)
10. Moving Forward (2:23)
11. The Gungans (2:23)
12. War Plans (2:28)
13. The Armies Face Off (1:57)*
14. Courtyard Crossfire (0:42)*
15. Laser Fight March (0:33)*
16. Take To Your Ships (1:31)*
17. The Big Army (1:43)
18. The Droid Battle (2:12)*
19. Up The Wire (0:24)
20. The Great Duel (1:34)
21. Crash Landing (0:24)
22. Qui-Gon's Noble End (2:18)
23. Battleship Destroyed (1:31)
24. The Death Of Darth Maul (1:35)
25. Confronting Nute and Rune (1:49)
26. Qui-Gon's Funeral (1:18)
27. Augie's Great Municipal Band (1:25)
28. End Credits (Part I) (0:46)
29. End Credits (Part II) (2:35)*
30. Duel Of The Fates (4:14)
31. Anakin's Theme (3:09)
32. The Armies Face Off (Alt. Excerpt) (0:37)
33. Anakin's Test (Alt. Excerpt) (0:12)
34. High Council Meeting (Alt. Opening) (0:30)


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