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Comments about the soundtrack for The Phantom of the Opera (Andrew Lloyd Webber)

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The Real Peter Karrie
• Posted by: neko
• Date: Friday, March 24, 2006, at 9:43 p.m.
• IP Address:
• In Response to: Re: Anyone else but Peter karrie (Christine)

Concerning the Statement:

Despite the lies posted by his webmistress about my mother and I, in a libelous statement, we never received any papers from any lawyers of Peter, which is the only way the statement on his site could have been legal, as a professional lawyer told me last year. Statuary signature or not, without paper's, it is just another attempt on Daae's part to increase her popularity in the drama society. Not to mention, no legal statement has tiny wording at the bottom of the page, with different things about me, like liking cosplay and such, in a font almost white so you can barely see it, unless you try hard. That's completely childish, and unprofessional. It's only there to add more key words, so I can't have a life at all, without the statement there to discourage people. Though it never does, because once they look at it, they just shake their heads and ask if she was seeking professional help for her current state of mind.

Concerning the Webmistress:

Peter's webmistress Daae, claimed she never sunk as low as to post harassing things about my mother and I at message boards, but recently she was revealed to be another user called Gingersnapping, who joined in the LJ Drama attacks as well, but tried to hide her real self, in hopes of seeming like she did nothing wrong.

We also found an old email from Daae recently, in which she said very distasteful things about my grandmother, that was truly upsetting to our mourning family at the time, which she failed to post along with the rest of her emails on her site.

Concerning Young Women and Peter Karrie:

Peter always surrounds himself around young girls, from 8-18 usually, and though his fans claim it was planned, he even attempted to grab 19 year old Sarena Paton's butt during a Christmas Concert in a Holy Church in 2003. Fine if it's a woman around his age, and fine if it's not in a Chruch, but honestly ... Peter has even had a young woman as his stage partner, who likes to bare it all for money. Need I say more? No taste, totally vulgar and very disrespectful.

I am sad to say I am not the only victim of Peter. In a similar way, Peter attempted the same thing on Charlotte Church, to which a reviewer (with reliable sources) of the Peter Karrie and Friends Swansea Concert stated (according to his sources) that Church's parents had no idea that Peter was treating their daughter so friendly, and was trying to be a part of her family.

That review can be found on Charlotte's old Forum.

Daddy Tom:

"Just a note on the Peter and Charlotte chat. Based on inside info I received later, this was not a planned part of the show and Charlotte was taken completely by surprise when Peter gave her a big fatherly hug and started asking questions. She fielded them with a lot of sometime, maybe, in the future, etc. type answers. She did talk a little about things she was trying in between songs as she normally does.

My source indicated that Peter's undieing fatherly love comments at the concert and in the Western Mail aricle were contrived by Peter without the Church family knowledge. They were not aware of that "close" relationship."

That is how Peter treated me, though I was only a 15 year old fan. On the phone in private he treated me like I was more then a fan and spoke kind words to me, that startled me, because I had no idea he seemed to feel that way. Said he always thought about me and worried if I was alright. He wanted to be part of the family. He never told my family though.

Peter's concert was also a setup for perverted and rich old men it seems, so they used the young and beautiful teenager Charlotte as eye candy:

Daddy Tom:

"One more quick note. The picture of Charlotte in the concert program is a poor representation of Charlotte as a person, I felt. I tossed it. It was strickly chosen as a device to lure rich old men to the concert (it may have worked) and really was of poor qualilty. The descriptive inforamtion with it was the standard list of her life story."

The most questionable though, is the famous video clip of him and Charlotte Church doing a duet of Phantom, and Peter looks as if he is trying to seduce a 12 year old girl.

Some of the fans who watched the video stated:

"That's much better... I prefer Distorted! Karrie to Pedophile! Karrie. (I just think he got into the role too much before, to tell you the truth.)"

"oh dear. I like CHarlotte church...but goodness, maybe she could do it better now cause shes matured. Thouhg i like his voice but the way he looks at her is just disturbing. O.o She looks just as terrified as i was."

"Haha....yeah. Either he's a really good actor, or.....ick."

"kinda makes me wonder if hes the other side of Micheal Jackson O.O wow....did ijust say that...sorry to all those who like micheal."

"hahah, it looked like that guy was having an orgasm at the end. gross."

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and if a video clip can cause that reaction with that many fans of both, who were 'creeped out' as they say, then one should wonder why and how. I've seen many shows where an older man and a young girl have performed together, but none were as distasteful as seeing a man nearing 60 trying to seduce a child on a talk show.

The obsessed webmistress Daae also says, in an attempt to insult Charlotte, out of jealously and anger, for she obviously wished to be in Charlotte's shoes that night:

"I HATE THAT CLIP!!! It's a damn tragedy that the only video clip of Peter singing Phantom is with a bloody 12 year old on a chat show. It comes across really weird and creepy, she's crap in it, and he needs to be seen in costume and on stage... or at least in concert, where his transformation into the character even without costume or mask is amazing."

How can we forget that insulting her precious Peter can result in her not finding funny, what she usually would find funny, when mocking and trashing anyone else.

"How about sorry to the one who isn't an alleged pedophile??

Some things aren't very funny."

Poor Daae can't take it, but loves to dish it out.

I rest my case on that matter, and do hope that they both seek professional help.

This is not a statement, nor an attempt to harass these people. These are cold hard facts from fans alike, as well as I, and what I went through because of this performer and his obsessed webmistress, who harassed me and encouraged her friends and fans alike to harass me and try and invade my personal life. I have not and will not post anything personal, nor private as I respect everyone's IRL privacy.


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