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Re: No, he does NOT deserve a break. He must have inadequacy issues. *sigh*
• Posted by: CS^TBL
• Date: Thursday, May 27, 2004, at 1:44 p.m.
• IP Address:
• In Response to: No, he does NOT deserve a break. He must have ... (R Saylor)

> The reviewer tries to disgrace John Williams' music when we all know that
> Williams will eventually die and we won't be able to hear any more new
> music from him.

> Clemmenson is like other people who try to degrade something that's really
> good and popular. He does it BECAUSE HE HAS A TINY PENIS and is trying to
> compensate for his SMALL COCK by shouting offensive opinions loudly to
> annoy others.

children children children.. calm down please!

Consider the following:
* if you go to a restaurant, and the food doesn't taste you well you go away and never come back, rather than forever argueing with the manager or other guests!
* if you think an album deserves more or less stars, then you obviously already have/heard the soundtrack, so you don't need the review for yourself.
* your taste is not my taste is not Clem's taste is not anyone's taste.. taste is personal, so is a review..
* Perhaps Clem's listening to slightly different elements of the music than other ppl, since he prolly heard more than any of us. So, what he considers 'good' or 'bad' might differ from the average John Smith, for reasons unknown to John Smith. And on the other hand Clem prolly doesn't understand why many people like -for example- the Alien 3 score.. not much you can do about all that..

But no matter what issue, talking about cocks is the wrong road. Just stay with facts regarding the soundtrack using the soundtrack idiom, and simply avoid childish language. I might look like the average parent now talking blahblahyoushouldnotdothisblahblahandthatneitherblahblah, but I'm not. Just try to discusss with some 'class', and the digital world is a way better place to be.

To make things slightly more difficult: I can't be bothered to listen to any LOTR soundtrack. Not because I don't like grand-scale scores -Ben Hur (Rozsa) running while I write this- but simply because I don't really like LOTR. I listened to -for example- 'Always' and 'Alien 3' way more .. both got either 1 or 2 stars here, dunno exactly. And yes, usually I put Williams into the cd-player, the typical composers are in my collection (Williams/Goldsmith/Horner/Zimmer/J.N.Howard/Silvestri etc.) so I guess that makes me 'normal'

So, is this blasphemy? No, it's an opinion. Now imagine me making a score-review site somewhere where I give Alien 3 5 stars out of five .. do you really believe that Clem starts argueing ME for giving A3 5 stars ?

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