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Comments about the soundtrack for Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith (John Williams)

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Re: The Unofficial Rules of Filmtracks Posting Conduct (adapt. 2005 by The Wongİ
• Posted by: Mike J
• Date: Sunday, May 17, 2009, at 8:57 p.m.
• IP Address:
• In Response to: The Unofficial Rules of Filmtracks Posting Con... (Todd Wong)
• Now Playing: Angels & Demons (Hans Zimmer)

What the hell happened to this thread? I came back to it for amusement and all of its entertaining responses from the last few years are gone!

> I am The Wongİ, friend of The Clemİ.

> Those official rules you read on the site = total garbage.

> For the Truth: It's time to pull out Clem's (Christian's - webmaster of
> this deviant place) old lists from 2000. It used to be "15 Things
> That Will Get Your Post Deleted" and "15 Things That You Can Get
> Away With in Your Post" but because I've been here since the start
> (circa 1995), and since Clem has unfairly neglected these almighty lists,
> I have expanded them to 35 in each to include the necessary events in the
> newer history of The Filmtracks Wild Kingdom of UnGodliness.

> Submitted for your pleasure and reference...


> 35 Things That Will Get Your Post Deleted by Clem:
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------

> 1. Using a non-English language
> 2. Saying something extremely racist, sexist, or homophobic (he's a
> die-hard liberal)
> 4. Ending your question or exclamation with "?????" or
> "!!!!!"
> 5. Making fraudelent claims in the name of Varese Sarabande
> 6. Having the record labels complain about your post and threaten promo
> supply
> 7. Falsifying another's identity (but only if Clem is a friend of the
> victim)
> 8. Hacking nude photographs of Ford A. Thaxton into the post
> 9. Revealing the real home address of Clem and his wife
> 10. Revealing the real home phone number for Clem and his wife
> 11. Revealing banking or credit card numbers for Clem and his wife
> 12. Revealing private information about (some) other film music webmasters
> 13. Advertising links for pyramid schemes or penis pills
> 14. Perpetuating Nigerian money transfer scams (but only if they're not
> funny)
> 15. Piggybacking links at Filmtracks to increase your site's Google
> ranking
> 16. Correcting information in a Filmtracks review that was already correct
> 17. talkin teenie jive like "i luv yu!' and 'yu so kewl!'
> 18. Breaking one of Filmtracks' passwords and posting it in public
> 19. Denouncing the sacred feminine and true Holy Grail (Jesus' wife, in
> Clem's view)
> 20. Mentioning the name "Ariel"
> 21. Denying the San Francisco Giants the right to win the World Series
> 22. Being the 10,000th person to complain about white text on black
> backgrounds
> 23. Asking how to get in touch with Clem's parents (they seem to be
> popular)
> 24. Giving a detailed description of how you cut off your finger the other
> day
> 25. Rallying support for the brutal killing of Clem's child
> 26. Repeating the same exact post over and over and over again
> 27. Claiming to review a score and then just saying one or two words in
> the post
> 28. Blabbering about a score unrelated to the one on that review page
> 29. Impersonating Clem or trying to post in variations of his name
> 30. Insisting (falsely) that Clem is your long lost brother or best buddy
> 31. Worshipping Clem in Idol fashion and showering him with false praise
> 32. Conversing about Egyptian [bleep!] styles
> 33. Speaking ill word of Karl Tylre Chevrolet (Clem's day work)
> 34. Insulting the 1989 Ford station wagon that Clem has driven since...
> forever
> 35. Responding to a post that violates one of these other rules

> 35 Things That You Can Get Away With in Your Post:
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------

> 1. Publishing anything that Clem finds amusing to his twisted sense of
> humor
> 2. Expressing your enthusiasm for "taking the seed" of your
> favorite composer
> 3. Revealing the perceived complete and total stupidity of Clem and his
> writing
> 4. Telling everyone that a (Hans Zimmer) score makes your penis
> "strong and hard"
> 5. Posting links promising illegal MP3s that lead to religious propaganda
> sites
> 6. Mentioning the name "Dark Lord Satan" more than 8 times in
> one post
> 7. Telling Clem that he's ugly, but that you'd like to have sex with his
> wife
> 8. Requesting advice about convincing your girlfriend that you're not a
> pervert
> 9. Reprinting stories involving a California man caught screwing a Marxist
> oboe
> 10. Claiming to report Filmtracks for indecency violations to the Federal
> Government
> 11. Blasting the lawyers of Twentieth Century Fox
> 12. Sharing your youthful, undying love for the Pigeon Lady (a hot babe!)
> 13. Arguing that Harry Potter is subversive, perverted, and [not of God]
> 14. Speculating about Clem's waning levels of sanity in recent years
> 15. Ranting endlessly about the horrors of Ford A. Thaxton
> 16. Warning the Filmtracks readership that you plan on killing yourself
> shortly
> 17. Preaching the word of Christianity with extreme zeal and born-again
> philosophy
> 18. Being the 10,000th person to demand that somebody new write all the
> reviews
> 19. Criticizing the writing in the reviews even though your own English is
> awful
> 20. Embellishing a dumb opinion that will yield Clem's "official
> fanboy definition"
> 21. Debating about the falsified identity (theft) of one fanboy by another
> fanboy
> 22. Asking for nude photographs of Clem and, much more popularly, Clem's
> wife
> 23. Blabbering like a completely hopeless, uninformed fool for others'
> entertainment
> 24. Exposing Filmtracks' business plan as an elaborate money-making scheme
> of fraud
> 25. Hacking funny photos into a post if the claimed identity is obviously
> false
> 26. Referring to another participant as a "Gomer" (even in
> different languages)
> 27. Labeling Clem and his wife as horrible, Godless people who should be
> killed
> 28. Going orgasmic for some cute actor that every 15-year-old girl wants
> to mount
> 29. Slipping profane words past the decency filter if you're creative with
> symbols
> 30. Saying that you're off to Seattle to kick Clem's ass even though he's
> now in Montana
> 31. Listing all the extraordinary methods you plan to use to hasten Clem's
> death
> 32. Beginning any statement with the phrase: "If Jesus were
> alive..."
> 33. Substituting colorful language for describing the act of sexual
> intercourse
> 34. Ridiculing competing sites' webmasters that openly attack Clem and
> Filmtracks
> 35. Breaking the rules, but hilariously exposing the poster's stupidity in
> doing so

> All of the above actually exist on the site. There are probably dozens
> more, but I hope this helps you bring sense to this usually nonsensical
> site of ill repute!

> The fact that Clem makes so goddamn much money off of it is amazing.
> That's another list for another day...

> The Wongİ

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