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         1. Gladiator
        2. Batman
       3. Nightmare Before Christmas
      4. Titanic
     5. Justice League
    6. Star Wars: The Last Jedi
   7. Harry Potter: Sorcerer's Stone
  8. Maleficent
 9. Star Wars: The Force Awakens
10. Edward Scissorhands
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Occupation Telecomuncation Designer - Location: QLD Australia.

Fav composers - Williams, Horner, Zimmer. All time Fav scores - Schindlers List, Edward Scissorhands, Beyond Rangoon, Braveheart, Return to Paradise, Empire Strikes Back, Last of the Mohicans - Jones/Edleman.

Scores Owned:

1492: Conquest of Paradise 1992
A.I -Artificial Intelligence 2001
Abyss, The 1989
Aliens James Horner 1986
American Beauty Thomas Newman 2000
American History X Anne Dudley 1998
Amistad John Williams 1997
Angela's Ashes John Williams 2000
Anna and the King George Fenton 1999
Apollo 13 James Horner 1995
Back to the Furture III Alan Silvestri 1990
Back to the Future II Alan Silvestri 1989
Back to Titanic James Horner 1997
Backdraft -Zimmer
Batman Danny Elfman 1989 B
Batman Returns Danny Elfman 1992
Beautiful Mind, A - Horner, James 2001
Best Laid Plans Craig Armstrong 1998
Beyond Rangoon Hans Zimmer 1995
Bicentenial Man - Horner
Black Hawk Down - Zimmer 2001
Born on the Fourth of July John Williams 1989
Braveheart James Horner 1995
Broken Arrow Hans Zimmer 1996
Close Encounters of the Third Kind John Williams 1977
Conan the Barbarian Basil Poledouris 1981
Congo Jerry Goldsmith 1995
Crimson Tide Hans Zimmer 1995
Crow, The Graeme Revell 1994
Crow, The - City of Angels - Graeme Revell
Dangerous Beauty George Fenton 1998
Deep Rising Jerry Goldsmith 1998
Devil's Own, The James Horner 1997
Dinosaur James Newton Howard 2000
Dragon Heart Randy Edleman 1996
Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story Randy Edleman 1993
E.T: The Extra Terrestial John Williams 1982
Edward Scissorhands Danny Elfman 1990
Empire Strikes Back, The John Williams 1980
Enemy at the Gates James Horner 2001
English Patient, The Gabriel Yared 1996
Event Horizon Michael Kamen & Orbital 1997
Face/Off John Powell 1997
Film Works John Williams 1995
Gattaca Michael Nyman 1994
Gettysburg Randy Edleman 1993
Ghost & the Darkness - Jerry Goldsmtih
Gladiator Hans Zimmer 2000
Glory James Horner 1989
Hannibal Hans Zimmer 2000
Heat Elliot Goldenthal 1995
Holy Smoke! Angelo Badalamenti 1999
Hunt for Red October, The Basil Poledouris 1989
In Love & War George Fenton 1997
Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade John Williams 1989
Interview with the Vampire Elliot Goldenthal 1994
Joan of Arc Eric Serra 1999
Jurassic Park John Williams 1993
Kundun - Phillip Glass 1997
Last of the Mohicans, The Trevor Jones & Randy Edleman 1992
Legend of 1900, The Ennio Morricone 1999
Legends of the Fall James Horner 1995
Lion King, The Hans Zimmer 1994
Living Daylights, The John Barry 1987
Lost Word, The - Jurassic Park John Williams 1997
Mexican, The Alan Silvestri 2001
Mission Impossible 2 Hans Zimmer 2000
Much Ado About Nothing Parick Doyle
Mummy Returns, The Alan Silvestri 2001
Mummy, The Jerry Goldsmith 1999
Ninth Gate, The Wojciech Kilar 2000
Oliver Stone Collection Various Artists 1998
Omen, The Jerry Goldsmith 1975
PeaceMaker, The Hans Zimmer 1997
Pearl Harbour Hans Zimmer 2001
Perfect Storm, The James Horner 2000
Piano, The Michael Nyman 1993
Planet of the Apes, The Danny Elfman 2001
Playing by Heart John Barry 1999
Plunkett & Macleane Craig Armstrong 1999
Point of No Return Hans Zimmer 1993
Portrait of a Lady, The Wojciech Kilar 1996
Power of One, The Hans Zimmer 1992
Raiders of the Lost Ark John Williams 1981
Rainmaker, The Elmer Bernstein 1997
Ravenous Michael Myman & Dalmon Albarn 2000
Red Planet Graeme Revell 2000
Red Violin, The John Corigliano 1998
Restoration James Howard Newon 1995
Return to Paradise Mark Mancina 1998
Ride with the Devil Mychael Danna 1999
Romeo & Juliet - volume 2 Craig Armstrong 1996
Ronin Elia Cmiral 1998
Rudy - Jerry Goldsmith
Russia House, The John Barry 1990
Saving Private Ryan John Williams 1998
Scarlet Letter, The John Barry 1995
Schindler's List John Williams 1993
Sense & Sensibility Patrick Doyle 1995
Seven Years in Tibet John Williams 1997
Sleepy Hollow Danny Elfman 1999
Snow Falling on Cedars James Newton Howard 1999
Sommersby Danny Elfman 1995
Star Trek II: The Wraith of Khan James Horner 1982
Star Wars: A New Hope John Williams 1977
Star Wars: Episode 1 John Willams 1999
Stargate David Arnold 1994
Starship Troopers Basil Poledouris 1997
Straight Story, The Angelo Badalamenti 2000
Superman: The Movie John Williams 1978
The Insider Lisa Gerrad & Pieter Bourke 1999
The Patriot John Williams 2000
The Rock Hans Zimmer et al 1996
Thin Red Line, The Hans Zimmer 1998
Thomas Crown Affair, The Bill Conti 1999
Titanic James Horner 1997
Titus Elliot Goldenthal 2000
Truman Show, The Burkard Dallwitz, Phillip Glass 1998
Unbreakable James Newton Howard 2000
Willow James Horner 1988
X-Files Movie, The Mark Snow 1998
Minority Report - John Willams -2003
The Fountain Clint Mansell & Kronos Quartet 2006
Requiem for A Dream Clint Mansell & Kronos Quartet,
The Hours - Phillip Glass, House of the Spirits - Hans Zimmer,
State of Grace - Ennio Morricone,
The Village - James Newton Howard,
Millers Crossing - George Fenton,
Whale Rider- Lisa Gerrad.
The Departed-Howard Shore
Lord of the Rings:Fellowship of the Rings-Howard Shore
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon - Tan Dun
House of the Flying Daggers

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