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Comments about the soundtrack for Tears of the Sun (Hans Zimmer)

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Re: A Message for "Adam P", "Nobody" and other maniacal Zimmer fanatics
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• Posted by: Amuro
• Date: Friday, June 6, 2003, at 7:15 p.m.
• IP Address:
• In Response to: Re: A Message for "Adam P", "Nobody" and other... (ugly joe)

> Hi, The Kong
I'm sorry, but you must understand, we are so ignorant
> that we need wise people like you to enlighten us with the light of your
> infinite wisdom and musical excellence. Please, pity us poor barbarians
> who dare listen and enjoy someone that vulgar as Hans Zimmer. Forgive
> us!!!!!!!!
Please, teach us what we should listen to. Help us
> differentiate the great gods of music as Rozsa, Steiner, Waxman, Hermann
> and Korngold from those second-rate composers wanna-be like Hans Zimmer.
> With your guidance, we will see the light of the Ultimate Truth you only
> hold.
We know we have sinned. We have dared think that someone who has
> been making music from the second half of the eighties can be compared to
> those great gods of yours who started many, many decades ago, when cinema
> was enjoying its golden age. Sure you are one of those dudes who think
> that that was the best music and that no modern score or composer can
> equal that degree of excellence, am I wrong? Please, teach us. So Zimmer
> is only slightly-better-than-average. Hum, I see. It's true, he's so
> vulgar. His music is so tasteless, with all those instrumentations, and
> that ethnic flavour, and all those synths... nothing to do with your kind
> of film music à la Steiner, am I wrong? Ok, so that's good music. I'm
> taking notes, teacher. I hope I'll learn the lesson. I hope that I will
> never listen to this crap again, and that if I listen to something that
> dares be different, that dares deviate from the sacred path followed by
> Steiner, Waxman... etc etc... then I will avoid it, don't worry, teacher.
> Thanks for showing us the right way of doing music. I just hope that
> someone as ignorant as Hans Zimmer will read your comments and will learn
> from you as well, great master of all time. Your wisdom should enlighten
> all of us.

> Now if you have believed even for a second that I've been talking
> seriously, then you must be more stupid than what I now think you are. I
> don't see the point of posting your stupid comments. No one here gives a
> ing sod about what you say, dude. My only suggestion is that you go
> back to the "old good times", where your great idols did still
> make music, and keep listening and idolizing them. Sure they will be
> satisfied with someone as idiot as you are saying such senseless things
> about film music.

> In the meantime, if you feel like posting your criticisms over and over
> again, insulting and humiliating people who have just given their own
> opinions and ideas (is that a crime, oh master?) just do it. No one here
> gives a damn about what you say, fortunately. Listen, your opinions are
> not welcome here. This is not an asylum. You're in the wrong place.
Zimmer is incapable of producing or arranging anything good solo on
> his own talents? Really? Must I remind you that he is one of the very few
> composers who has in fact made good solos, without the help of a large
> orchestra? Spirit provides us with some interesting stuff, in fact. So...
> what the hell are you talking about, man????????? Has John Williams
> produced or arranged anything good solo on his own talents recently? Or
> Goldsmith? Or Horner?
My suggestion: Please, spare us your
> suggestions. We are not interested at all in what you think.
ugly joe

What about "A Beautiful Mind" and "Star Wars Episode II" have you forgotten "Star Trek Nemesis"? Zimmer hasn't produced anything EXTREMELY GOOD on his own in quite some time!

Learn about film music and maybe you will realize how stupid your being your way worse than "The Kong"!

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