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Comments about the soundtrack for Tears of the Sun (Hans Zimmer)

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Re: A Message for "Adam P", "Nobody" and other maniacal Zimmer fanatics
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• Posted by: Amuro
• Date: Friday, June 6, 2003, at 7:32 p.m.
• IP Address:
• In Response to: Re: A Message for "Adam P", "Nobody" and other... (ugly joe)

> Hi, Spartacus

> You say "but I have to agree with him that we soundtrack fans like it
> or not Hans Zimmer is a very mediocre composer compared to other great
> talents and composers of earlier generations or his one, too"
Let's see. Really, it gets on my nerves when I read such comments.
> Let's see. On what grounds do you say that Zimmer is mediocre? Ok, that's
> YOUR opinion, dude. From the moment in which you try to make that
> subjective opinion of yours a sort of objective Ultimate Truth, something
> that no one should dare contradict, then what you say is crap, because you
> are sort of obliging us to admit something that subjective as that. What's
> your point, man? Zimmer is mediocre? Please, tell me... who are your
> favourite composers then? Who are not mediocre in your opinion? I'd like
> to be as wise as you are, I'd love to have the ideas as crystal clear as
> you seem to have them, I'd like to see the light of Truth. My god... don't
> you realize that you can't say these things in a forum? Can't you admit
> that music is a subjective matter and that everyone has his/her own
> musical preferences and that all of them are right? Can't you understand
> that what's good for you can be for me? Can't you accept that? This
> does not mean that your kind of music is per se . This does only mean
> that for me it is, because music is that subjective. I can't stand
> comments such as the one given above. Listen, Zimmer is not mediocre. The
> only problem is that many people out there can't accept the fact that
> someone has a style that personal and unique. Many people can't accept
> scores which are not based on your kind of large orchestra. Many people
> can't accept that someone is always taking risks and doing new things.
Just for you to know, whether you like it or not, cinema owes Zimmer
> as much as Williams or Rozsa. Steiner, Waxman... they started the whole
> thing, right. But film music now should not be understood as in the 50s.
> Cinema has changed. And so has music. And no other musician has helped
> explore new ways to film scoring as Hans Zimmer. Right, his explorations
> have not always resulted in good scores. I admit that. But this does not
> mean that he is mediocre. This means that, as opposed to Williams, who
> sounds very much the same as he sounded in his first scores, and as
> opposed to other people who keep making the same music, Zimmer's style is
> always innovative. It's always providing us with new things. What's wrong
> with that, man? D'ya think that Hannibal is really a mediocre score? And
> Gladiator? Now I'll tell ya what my idea of mediocre music is: Artificial
> Intelligence, Minority Report, Catch Me If You Can, The Attack of the
> Clones... THAT is my idea of mediocre music. The only difference is that I
> do not take for granted that this music is crap. I just say that for me
> this music is mediocre, but I do not say: you must admit it, guys,
> Williams is a second-rate, mediocre composer. Even if I think so, I would
> never dare say that this way. So please,spare us crap comments are those
> of yours. You can think this is true, and that's good for yourself, but
> not for everybody.
You also say that Zimmer does not make good solos
> and that when he does he is recycling old themes. Well, I don't know how
> many scores you've listened to, but I can tell you that, if this is true
> with Zimmer's music, so is it with Jown William's or James Horner's, etc,
> etc. Why do you always criticize Zimmer's music on such biased grounds and
> try to make these comments some sort of Ultimate Truth???????? I'm really
> pissed off. If you can't admit that there is quite much of your recycling
> in the music of many composers, then your ideas should not be taken so
> much seriously. You just see what you wanna see.
Listen, dude, The
> Peacemaker is not a recycling of anything. It's an improvement of a kind
> of action music Zimmer's been doing for years. And I've listened to no
> other piece of action music that good.
And the composer of Gladiator
> is HANS ZIMMER, man, do you understand what I'm saying? Gerrard is no
> co-composer. She's written just ONE track in the entire album, that is,
> The Wheat. She also co-wrote Sorrow, Reunion and Elysium with Klaus
> Badelt, and Now We Are Free together with Zimmer. In total, 5 tracks out
> of 17. If you listen to the score carefully, you realize that these tracks
> are quite short, and that they serve the purpose of transition music. If
> you listen to Gladiator carefully, you realize that the great pieces of
> music from Gladiator, that is, The Battle, Earth, Patricide, The Might of
> Rome, Strength and Honor, Barbarian Horde, Am I Not Merciful? and Honor
> Him... are all made by HANS ZIMMER only! No other collaborator there. Just
> Zimmer. So.. what's the point of what you say? How can we take those
> comments of yours seriously? You have no idea of what you're talking
> about.
So you don't like Tears of the Sun score. That's great, I
> respect it. So please, respect people who do like it, and please, spare us
> comments like "Zimmer is mediocre; Zimmer is second-rate..." and
> all that.

Do you know what the word "Hypocricy" means? I think one could insert that word when describing this comment easily. But anyway, I don't think that Hans Zimmer is as good as you seem to think he is and I do think it is a fact that his scores are getting worse. I recently watched "Nine Months" with a Zimmer score that music was so cheerful and wonderfully charming and then I listened to the audio clips of "Tears of the Sun" when I listen to "Gladiator" I can tell that they are the same person but "Tears of the Sun" is unacceptably terrible! I mean this as opinion despite my use of the word fact, but I think that Horner and Williams are far greater composers. How could you possibly dare to call "Attack Of The Clones" mediocre? The Love theme is in my OPINION the greatest concert suite ever written for film! And "Catch Me if You Can" that is just plain phenominal. William's use of swashbuckling themes is forgotten in that score for light playful jazz. Minority Report is just so dark and phenominal that I don't see how anyone could hate it.

"Listen, Zimmer is not mediocre. The
only problem is that many people out there can't accept the fact that
someone has a style that personal and unique. Many people can't accept
scores which are not based on your kind of large orchestra. Many people
can't accept that someone is always taking risks and doing new things."

Great example of a hypocricy!

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