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Comments about the soundtrack for Tears of the Sun (Hans Zimmer)

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Re: A Message for "Adam P", "Nobody" and other maniacal Zimmer fanatics
• Posted by: ugly joe   <Send E-Mail>
• Date: Wednesday, June 11, 2003, at 9:41 a.m.
• IP Address:
• In Response to: Re: A Message for "Adam P", "Nobody" and other... (Amuro)

> Now THIS is hilarious, you should try being a comedian!

I tried, I promise, and I tried hard, but those people from Saturday Night Live said that you got better results in the test, that's why it is you that was chosen!

> "A Beautiful Mind" is indeed a spectacular score, your just
> being too biased to enjoy something of this calibur. But I'm sorry I'm
> sure your far too manly to listen to something that doesn't have powerful
> percussion, a driving brass theme and someguy singing in a way that makes
> me want to shoot myself. No one should ever listen to it because its
> incredible piano rythmes aren't powerful enough to accompanie Bruce
> Willis, I'm sorry your right it does suck! (sarcasm)

You say I'm biased? I suppose you're right, that's why I like Schindler's List, The Piano, Rudy, Hook, Road to Perdition, Willow, Jacob's Ladder, Carrie, and so many scores like those. You see? You know no about me, dude.
It is precisely because I've listened to many scores that I have the right (please, forgive my daring, I promise I'll say 200 prayers tomorrow evening so that I can be forgiven) to think, and say, that A Beautiful Mind is nothing outstading, and that Horner, as much as Williams, is burned out, as they seem to be unable to offer anything valuable and original which does not remind us of earlier scores.
I do also think that people in this forum are by now aware of the illiteracy of someone who thinks that Zimmer stands for "powerful percussion, driving brass themes and someguy singing in a way that makes people want to shoot themselves" Someone with such a simplistic opinion should not be taken too seriously.
By the way, I've always thought that you can't be sarcastic unless you have a minimum degree of intelligence. Now I see I was wrong (I'm being sarcastic )

> "Attack of the Clones" is also a very powerful score. The love
> theme is a great piece, I apologize for going against the opinion of a
> score guru such as yourself, oh great Ugly Joe! But, I love this score, it
> is just the sort of music which can accompany a movie as silly and obsurd
> as episode II! It would have been even better if the acting would have
> been a little good, but no one in that film could act save Christoper Lee
> and Samuel L. But never the less the score is excellent and the love theme
> is great. Yes it is (in my opinion) the GREATEST CONCERT SUITE EVER

Score guru, you say? I'd never dare steal that title from you, dude!!!!!
(A further instance of sarcasm, just for you to know)

> Your use of words such as "crap" and "man" make you so
> reliable a source I think I should ask you before I buy any score at all,
> I'm getting one tomorrow I was thinking about "Glory" but
> apparently you wouldn't say its good because it doesn't have a powerful
> brass theme so what would you suggest? (sarcasm again)

Thanks for asking, but I think my advice would not be helpful, as I would recommend you to buy one of those "powerful percussion, driving brass themes and someguy singing in a way that makes you want to shoot yourself" scores, instead of great concert suites with piano rhymes. You know, nobody is perfect, dude. Anyway, and (again), just for you to know, I do own James Horner's Glory.

> The "Korg"? isn't it The "Kong"?


> In conclusion you are being stupid and from what i've read
> here you are worse than the kong. And I do listen to some
> Zimmer scores, Nine Months and Gladiator are my favorites but Spirit isn't
> bad too.

I prefer being a stupid dude rather than being an illiterate asshole who thinks he holds the ultimate truth. You know what they say, there's no accounting for tastes, if you can't accept that go to Williamsland or Hornerland, sure your exquisite taste will be better appreciated there.

> That is what I (and many many others) would call a "hypocricy"

Then how would I (and many many others) call what you've been writing so far?
ugly joe

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