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Comments about the soundtrack for Zootopia (Michael Giacchino)
Does every review have to include the 2016 presidential race?

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  Responses to this Comment:
Does every review have to include the 2016 presidential race?   Wednesday, April 13, 2016 (12:48 p.m.) 

This is the third review I've read here in recent months that mentions the 2016 presidential race. There may be more, but I haven't read them. HOW IS ANY OF IT RELEVANT TO FILM MUSIC?!? I know Clemmenson is a die-hard liberal, and I think it's silly that he thinks anyone should care when Filmtracks (a website dedicated to musical scores) endorses political candidates, but I largely don't care. Based on his own statements, I disagree with him on many issues, but have always enjoyed reading his reviews, regardless. Now he can't seem to shut up about the 2016 race. For the record, I probably think Donald Trump is as big a mess (or worse) than Clemmenson does, but I listen to film scores for entertainment! I go to the movies to escape reality, not get bogged down by it! I don't need to be reminded how grim the executive prospects are while reading a review of the latest Michael Giacchino score. CNN does a fine job of reminding me of that 24/7. While Zootopia may be forgotten in cinema history (I've neither seen the movie or heard the score), Star Wars isn't going away anytime soon. How petty will Clemmenson look as people read his review for "The Force Awakens" five years from now, and find themselves subject to a mini rant about Donald Trump? His comments are especially annoying in TFA review, because what recent movie offers a better escape from reality that Star Wars? Clemmenson keeps trying to make these connections that don't exist. It's not even his politics that bother me - it's just his inability to shut up about it. I'd be just as frustrated if Clemmenson agreed with my politics (as he does, at least on the subject of Trump). If I wanted a political discussion, I'd watch any one of a thousand shows that exist entirely for that purpose. I don't need a film score reviewer ranting about it repeatedly in reference to movies that have absolutely zero connection to politics.

Clemmenson, please get a hold of yourself. You usually write great reviews, but nobody wants to hear your opinions on politics - they want to hear your opinions on music.

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  In Response to:
Re: Does every review have to include the 2016 presidential race?   Wednesday, April 13, 2016 (5:56 p.m.) 

I'll be honest, I do roll my eyes over the comments, but I simply move on. The man can say what he wants, and will be lambasted or criticized as the community sees fit. Such is the nature of criticism and opinion. As long as he doesn't overload his reviews with this content, it's easy to skip over and move on.

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