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Review status: first half of 2014
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• Posted by: Christian Clemmensen   <Send E-Mail>
• Date: Sunday, July 13, 2014, at 7:33 a.m.
• IP Address:

Longtime readers of Filmtracks know that every few years this site hibernates for a period of time while I sort through the curveballs thrown at me in real life, and the summer of 2014 has proven to yield yet another setback in the coverage timeline. There is little point in comparing the output on this site at the moment to the goals set forth for it in January, though there will be time later in the year for me to work through some of the backlog.

A number of reasons for this slowdown in coverage in 2014 exist, many of them similar in nature to the endless work on a new home that readers will recall stunting the site's growth in the summer of 2005. Tumultuous living conditions since moving to Rock Springs, Wyoming in early 2013 are finally easing, though not without significant improvements and repairs necessary on the home my family I purchased here. Fortunately, those renovation projects are approaching completion.

There are a few important ways 2014 is different from 2005, not the least of which being our location in Wyoming away from family and most metropolitan amenities, including confidence-inspiring medical care. Surviving in this sparse desert climate with two young children and an educationally-challenged learning environment has exacted a deep emotional toll. I have taken a nearly constant instructing load at the college for which I work, additional night duties teaching courses partly for my own enjoyment (and sanity), but also to fortify my career and earn the extra dollars to cover our home's repairs.

Finally, and most importantly, those of you I consider close friends already know that I have been involved as a plaintiff in a legal action back in Montana that has now lasted for two years, cost me thousands of dollars, and it is hopefully now approaching a resolution. I have to walk a tightrope in regards to what I can say about the case, though any intrepid individual here can certainly investigate it due to its public filings. While not in any way involved in the substance of the case, Filmtracks eventually did get dragged into the equation as exhibits of evidence. The time it has taken me to coordinate evidence and prepare materials for my counsel since 2012 has directly replaced time once spent writing reviews. I hope to someday be able to explain this case further, but that may not be possible.

If this update reads like a list of excuses, consider it a list of explanations instead. Whether or not you choose to continue visiting the place over the remainder of the summer and beyond is your choice, and from traffic numbers, it looks like a large number of people have already given up on the site. Fair enough. I am not selling Filmtracks (it is relatively worthless monetarily at this point), however, and I will do everything possible to ensure that there will be a renaissance at the site at some point in the future. There are better times ahead.


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