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On Cue for July-September, 2002:

8/11/02 - She said yes! A note from the Filmtracks webmaster: On July 26th, I asked my long time best friend/girl friend/better half (a.k.a. Stella) to marry me, and, to my great relief, she agreed to face the world together. Now, with suggestions from every far reaching corner of the planet, we are planning a life of kids, roller coasters, passion, and, yes, film music. While she may not love my other passion in life (baseball!), she does love movies and is supportive in every way of a long lasting future for That is, if we can ever finish moving in together, appease the new in-laws, and figure out how we can avoid paying as many taxes as possible. Thus, updates at Filmtracks will be sparse for the time being. Check back in a short while, however, and you'll find a number of new features and projects that I was working on before the engagement, including a whole new look to the site, a huge update to the Faux Pas page (the bizarre mail just keeps coming!), and an eBay-like auction section. Thanks to all who have sent their best wishes to Stella and me during this awesome and exciting time! And yes, we'll have all sorts of (decent) pictures on our Wedding Site sometime soon as well. --Christian

7/8/02 - The Scorpion King: (John Debney) "Inspired by the legendary Egyptian warrior introduced in the film The Mummy Returns, the third installment of The Mummy series concentrates on The Scorpion King and his 16th Century battle against an evil visionary and ruler of the famed city of Gomorrah. Wrestling star Dwayne Johnson (otherwise known for some reason as "The Rock") stars as the Scorpion King, bulging with 21st Century nutritional supplements, but nevertheless battling evil henchmen to the sound of John Debney's action packed score. John Debney, whose action music often needs no supplements, follows Jerry Goldsmith and Alan Silvestri as the composers of the films in the series. His music eclectic in style and his career spanning nearly every possible genre, Debney is a master at both orchestral themes and synthetic rhythms. Of all the composers producing large orchestral works in Hollywood, Debney is the most talented at also creating satisfying rock and roll music as well. These talents have landed him some less than desirable scoring assignments and until now, his mastery of the orchestral and synthetic had not yet merged on a grand scale...." **** Read the entire review.

7/6/02 - Ice Age: (David Newman) "A talented composer in many genres, David Newman has the knack for providing energetic scores for films that normally wouldn't be known best for those scores. An example of such a project is Ice Age, which did moderately well in theatres before fading from mind. It hasn't experienced the same longevity of Shrek or Monsters, Inc., and the score has thus fallen by the wayside as a result. The album release of Newman's music for Ice Age was also delayed until much of the hype surrounding the film had fizzled, furthering the obscurity of Newman's lighthearted score. Die hard fans of animated films, however, took note of several heightened score cues and song uses that put an album for the film in demand. David Newman, more than most other composers, has suffered from a very successful career without enjoying much album success. As mentioned previously, much of his best work has been produced for films that don't receive consideration for an album release..." *** Read the entire review.

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