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Filmtracks On Cue

On Cue for February, 2008:

2/29/08Heaven & Earth: (Kitaro) - All New Filmtracks Review, Replacing a Donated Review
Buy it... if you enjoy the few truly beautiful and successful merging of Western orchestral power and Eastern instrumental and vocal authenticity.
Avoid it... if an Oriental variant on the basic dramatic structures of the likes of John Barry, in conjunction with Kitaro's synthetic experimentation, override the appeal of simplistic harmony.
Rating:*****   Read the entire review

2/27/08Patriot Games: (James Horner) - Expanded Review
Buy it... only if you are an established fan of James Horner's more introverted, synthetic scores for light rhythms and specialty instruments.
Avoid it... if the lack of a theme or other true identity for the Clancy/Ryan film franchise is only the beginning of your problems with Horner's seemingly underplayed approach to it.
Rating:**   Read the entire review

2/24/08Dario Marianelli has won the Academy Award...
...for "Best Score" at the 2008 Oscar ceremonies for Atonement. This is Marianelli's second nomination and first win. Also nominated for 2007 were Alberto Iglesias for The Kite Runner, James Newton Howard for Michael Clayton, Michael Giacchino for Ratatouille, and Marco Beltrami for 3:10 to Yuma. Composer Bill Conti served as the orchestra pit conductor. In an upset, Alan Menken failed to win another Oscar in the "Best Song" category. Music from Randy Edelman's Dragonheart was used during the tribute to the first 79 winners for "Best Picture." Share your thoughts on Marianelli's Oscar win at the ScoreBoard Forum...

2/20/08JFK: (John Williams) - Expanded Review
Buy it... only if the beautiful title theme heard over the prologue of the film is worth the price of an album littered with questionable source music and highly synthetic, turbulent suspense cues.
Avoid it... if you expect any consistency in the listening experience, free of intentional, synthetic dissonance at the conclusion of the majority of thematic performances.
Rating:**   Read the entire review

2/14/08Filmtracks 2007 Awards Announced
For its "Best of 2007" awards, Filmtracks is proud to announce the most diverse set of nominees in its history. In ranked order, Filmtracks' choices are:

      Angel (Philippe Rombi) (winner)
      Nomad: The Warrior (Carlo Siliotto)
      Island of Lost Souls (Jane Antonia Cornish)
      Partition (Brian Tyler)
      3:10 to Yuma (Marco Beltrami)

In recent years, Filmtracks has chosen a runner-up, occasionally as a sixth nominee, and the honorable mention in 2007 goes to Alexandre Desplat's The Golden Compass. The five top scores this year represent productions from France, Kazakhstan, Denmark, India, and America, and most of them come from the talents of European composers. These nominations are the first at Filmtracks for all of the nominees and the runner-up. While 2007 did not provide a typical set of unquestionable five-star scores, it did offer a plethora of strong four-star ones, many of which are serving as the more popular nominees by other film music reviewers and awards groups. Filmtracks' nomination of 3:10 to Yuma marks the first time since Howard Shore's The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King that a Filmtracks nomination has overlapped with an AMPAS Oscar nomination. Last year's Filmtracks winner was James Newton Howard's Lady in the Water. You can view archives of Filmtracks' awards through the last two decades. Tell us what you think of the choices at the Filmtracks Scoreboard!

2/10/08Island of Lost Souls: (Jane Antonia Cornish) - All New Review
Buy it... if you love the great adventure scores of John Williams and David Arnold in the 1980's and 1990's and seek an intelligent, challenging extension of that sound for a large-scale Danish fantasy production.
Avoid it... if fantasy/horror scores featuring unrelentingly powerful and monumental orchestral and choral performances are simply too overwhelming for your tastes.
Rating:*****   Read the entire review

2/7/08Partition: (Brian Tyler) - All New Review
Buy it... if you are easily entranced by the intelligent balancing of flowing romanticism from an orchestra with the exotic flavor of authentic specialty instruments from the various corners of the world.
Avoid it... if you balk at the prospect of hearing John Barry's thematic structures resurrected or, more prevalently, a reprise of ideas from Brian Tyler's own Children of Dune.
Rating:****   Read the entire review

2/4/08Nomad: The Warrior: (Carlo Siliotto) - All New Review
Buy it... if you want your epic scores to be huge, diverse, refined, and heavily melodic.
Avoid it... if the romantic lyricism inherent in Carlo Siliotto's thematic writing is too incongruous when combined with the variety of localized specialty instruments representing Kazakhstan.
Rating:*****   Read the entire review

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