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Filmtracks On Cue

On Cue for May, 2008:

5/27/08An Update on the Editor's Eyesight
Doctors revealed this morning that my eye surgery last Thursday has proven unsuccessful. The procedure carried an 80% chance of success, but unfortunately my retina is continuing to leak and thus lead to vision loss, albeit at a temporarily slower pace.

I am scheduled for a more invasive procedure (a full vitrectomy) this next Thursday (the 29th) that carries a greater chance of success. Resumption of activities after this surgery will be slower given its more extensive duration. The doctors are confident, however, that almost all of my current vision in the eye can be saved for several more years. Read more...

5/21/08A Health Note from the Editor
As veterans of Filmtracks may remember, I was diagnosed in the late 1990's with a rare, hereditary form of lattice degeneration in my eyes. Combined with my nearsightedness, this condition led to rhegmatogenous retinal detachment in both eyes over a two-year period from 1997 to 1999.

To avert immediate blindness at the time, doctors used nearly every available treatment, ranging from basic laser welding of the retinas to full blown scleral buckling (the physical placement of an encircling plastic band around the eyes). Luckily, the damage caused by the posterior vitreous separation was concentrated on the sides of the retina, avoiding the macula and therefore primarily threatening my peripheral vision. Because of my relative youth, my eyes have proven resilient enough to allow me a normal lifestyle.

On Monday of this week, the condition struck again. Read more...

5/19/08Sphere: (Elliot Goldenthal) - Expanded Review
Buy it... if you would be interested in a compilation of Elliot Goldenthal's unconventional techniques from previous action and horror scores of the 1990's.
Avoid it... if you expect to hear anything radically new from Goldenthal for this throwaway film, or if you expect a well-rounded album presentation of the music he wrote for the occasion.
Rating:**   Read the entire review

5/17/08Snake Eyes: (Ryuichi Sakamoto) - All New Filmtracks Review, Replacing a Donated Review
Buy it... only if you noticed the score in the film itself and appreciated Ryuichi Sakamoto's strikingly classical methodology in contrast to the film's visual style.
Avoid it... if you expect the score to engage you on album with the same expansive flair that the film had.
Rating:**   Read the entire review

5/15/08Scream/Scream 2: (Marco Beltrami) - Expanded Review
Buy it... if you want just a small taste of the best cues from the first two scores in the Scream franchise.
Avoid it... if you seek any of the Danny Elfman or Hans Zimmer music heard in Scream 2, or if you expect a well-rounded presentation of either score.
Rating:**   Read the entire review

5/12/08Mulan: (Jerry Goldsmith) - Expanded Review
Buy it... on the commercial albums if you seek an essentially competent collection of songs and score from the film.
Avoid it... on the commercial albums and seek the promos or bootlegs if you want the finer individual moments of choral beauty and electronic experimentation in Jerry Goldsmith's score.
Rating:****   Read the entire review

5/10/08Moby Dick (TV): (Christopher Gordon) - Expanded Review
Buy it... if you enjoy adventurous scores rich with ambitious brass and percussion performances that hail back to the glory days of Golden Age high seas epics.
Avoid it... if the traditional sense of grand, swashbuckling style is an outdated sound for your 21st Century ears.
Rating:****   Read the entire review

5/6/08In Too Deep: (Christopher Young) - Expanded Review, with Additional New Album
Buy it... on the rare 2008 promotional album if you originally enjoyed the R&B and noir elements of the score and are open to hearing Christopher Young's own rearrangement of the material to better reflect them.
Avoid it... on the same promo album if you seek a true representation of the music actually used in the film (including the orchestral portions), which the 1999 Varese Sarabande product more accurately reflects.
Rating:***   Read the entire review

5/4/08Mercury Rising: (John Barry) - Expanded Review
Buy it... only if you are well aware of John Barry's tendency to write stagnant, romantically pleasant music for nearly all of his 90's scores, regardless of its inappropriateness for the individual films.
Avoid it... if you expect either suspense music as varied as that heard in Barry's The Specialist, or any of Carter Burwell's replacement action music.
Rating:***   Read the entire review

5/2/08The Man in the Iron Mask: (Nick Glennie-Smith) - Expanded Review
Buy it... if you listen regularly to The Rock and seek a compilation of the best parts of that score slightly restructured into a more listenable package.
Avoid it... if the Hans Zimmer style of powerful masculinity, simple harmonies, and synthetic constructs doesn't fit your notion of a period film score.
Rating:***   Read the entire review

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