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On Cue for November, 2012:

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11/30/12 The Witches of Eastwick  (John Williams) - Updated Review, With Additional Album
Buy it... if you're tired of hearing John Williams' melodramatic and bombastic music and desire an intelligently enthusiastic, whimsical score of faux romance and perky spirit.
Avoid it... if you find Williams' musical sense of humor to be tedious, for The Witches of Eastwick is so flighty in parts that it does tend to become obnoxious outside of context.

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11/26/12 Die Hard 2: Die Harder  (Michael Kamen) - Updated Review, With Additional Album
Buy it... if you seek an extended and/or more affordable album presentation of the same basic suspense and action identity expressed in Michael Kamen's score for Die Hard, minus the classical and holiday song interpolations.
Avoid it... if a faithfully simple continuation of most of the instrumentation and themes from the previous work, as well as an ineffective new villains' motif, deter you from a score overshadowed once again by the use of a prominent, previously existing piece of music.

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11/22/12 Battlestar Galactica  (Stu Phillips) - Updated Review, With Additional Album
Buy it... on the 1999 re-recording released by Varese Sarabande if you only casually seek the highlights of the 1978 pilot episode, conducted by the composer himself and featuring vibrant sound quality.
Avoid it... on the 2011/2012 Intrada series or 1996 4-CD promotional set unless you truly consider yourself a devoted fan of the original show and its music, because these presentations can be both redundant and overwhelming when considered in sum.

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11/18/12 The Sword and the Sorcerer  (David Whitaker) - Updated Review, With Additional Album
Buy it... if you're an enthusiast of the style of Erich Wolfgang Korngold's Golden Age swashbuckler music, which should be a surprising recommendation given the genre of this film.
Avoid it... if you expect this score to exhibit many of the same superior qualities as its sword and sorcery genre contemporaries of the early 1980's.

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11/14/12 Final Four Newly Expanded Reviews Debut
Recently revised versions of the following reviews are now available:

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11/10/12 Parenthood  (Randy Newman) - All New Review
Buy it... if you fondly recall the pleasantly optimistic demeanor of the music in the highly respected film, including Randy Newman's likeable song and parody highlights in his typically pretty score.
Avoid it... if only 22 minutes of largely mundane score material and two performances of the Oscar-nominated Newman song can't justify the product for you.

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11/4/12 Filmtracks Endorses Barack Obama for President
One of the most amusing aspects of American elections is the fear often expressed by middle-class citizens about the negative effects of any given president's leadership on their personal lives. Living in Montana, I was warned by acquaintances and co-workers in 2008 that a vote for a "Muslim," an "un-American," a "non-citizen," or even a "negro" for president would lead to unparalleled oppression and the elimination of all our constitutional rights. For the staunchly anti-government, libertarian-leaning population of largely undereducated white men in Montana, this concern was palpable. Beyond all the jokes about black helicopters, these citizens truly thought Barack Obama was a serious threat to America.

Four years later, their uneducated insults of President Obama continue, but when challenged about what specific policies of Obama's administration have adversely affected their personal lives, they struggle to justify their disdain. Their arsenals of weapons are untouched, their jobs have not been stolen by illegal immigrants, Islamic law has not infiltrated their churches, and, most importantly to them, their taxes have not increased a single penny. A young, Mormon-raised co-worker of mine who joined the military was deeply offended by the possibility of serving with openly homosexual personnel in his unit, but if that's the worst punishment Obama can inflict upon a close-minded individual, then the price is appropriate.

Conversely, American presidents do not often have a tremendously positive personal impact upon most constituents outside of emotional and ideological appeal, either. For military families and some government employees, this general rule is exempted, of course. But no president has the power to fundamentally alter an American's daily life, as this slow economic recovery in 2012 proves. In the case of Obama, however, his decision to provide government funding to the auto-makers and push for extensions to the Emergency Unemployment Insurance program, among other policy decisions, actually had a profound, personal impact on me and my family. This administration represents the first time that any president's actions have saved my own livelihood so thoroughly.

Filmtracks has endorsed a candidate in each American presidential election since 1996, when the site urged voters to support Bill Clinton over Bob Dole. In the political landscape of 2012, a moderate conservative like Dole would have no place in a Republican Party that continues to be statistically dominated by undereducated white men, most of them uninterested in compromise. Mitt Romney, once a moderate himself, has pandered to these angry voters without shame. Against him are the plurality of women, minorities, homosexuals, urbanites, college educated, multi-lingual, youthfully hopeful, and religiously moderate (or non-religious) people who, by their very nature, seek common ground with their adversaries. It is with these constituencies that I continue to stand, and Filmtracks thus endorses Barack Obama for president once again. Remember to vote, Americans!

-- Christian Clemmensen, Filmtracks owner and editor

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