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. 1. Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker
2. Men in Black: International
3. Dark Phoenix
4. The Secret Life of Pets 2
5. Godzilla: King of the Monsters
. . 1. Gladiator
2. Batman
3. Nightmare Before Christmas
4. Titanic
5. Justice League
6. Star Wars: The Last Jedi
7. Harry Potter: Sorcerer's Stone
8. Maleficent
9. Star Wars: The Force Awakens
10. Edward Scissorhands
. . 1. LOTR: Fellowship/Ring (2018)
2. Beauty and the Beast (Legacy)
3. Predator
4. Solo: A Star Wars Story
5. LOTR: The Two Towers (2018)
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On Cue for September, 2012:

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9/27/12 Three Newly Expanded Reviews Debut
Recently revised versions of the following reviews are now available:

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9/23/12 Battlestar Galactica (1978)  (Stu Phillips) - Updated Review, With Additional Album
Buy it... on the 1999 re-recording released by Varèse Sarabande if you only casually seek the highlights of the 1978 pilot episode, conducted by the composer himself and featuring vibrant sound quality.
Avoid it... on the 2011/2012 Intrada series or 1996 4-CD promotional set unless you truly consider yourself a devoted fan of the original show and its music, because these presentations can be both redundant and overwhelming when considered in sum.

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9/16/12 For Greater Glory (Cristiada)  (James Horner) - All New Review
Buy it... if you seek to supplement your James Horner collection with more of his predictable historical drama mode, this time highlighted by distinctive female vocal solos of gorgeous lament.
Avoid it... if the last thing you need is yet another chapter in a continuing nightmare of Horner self-referencing that is worthy of ridicule for its fundamental stagnation of substance.

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9/12/12 Star Trek: The Motion Picture  (Jerry Goldsmith) - Updated Review, With Additional Album
Buy it... if you are unfamiliar with the feature Star Trek scores and seek Jerry Goldsmith's original classic of romance, adventure, and suspense that influenced most of the subsequent music in the franchise.
Avoid it... on any album prior to the 2012 3-CD set from La-La Land Records, the definitively comprehensive presentation of the score (and its early, rejected alternative by Goldsmith) in the best sound quality available.

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9/8/12 Hook  (John Williams) - Updated Review, With Additional Album
Buy it... if you want to hear John Williams at his best, for Hook is one of the most thematically diverse, robust, and beautiful orchestral scores of the 1990's.
Avoid it... on the late-1990's bootlegs or the 2012 La-La Land Records set if you demand a comprehensive presentation of the whole score in chronological order and flawless sound, a fantasy dashed by lingering issues with the otherwise impressive 2012 product.

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9/4/12 Body Heat  (John Barry) - Updated Review, With Additional Album
Buy it... if you seek John Barry's highly acclaimed, seductively jazzy tribute to film noir history while also hearing him pivot towards his romantic tendencies of the 1980's.
Avoid it... if the predictable instrumental techniques and underlying structures of Barry's music, no matter how effectively matched with the particular film, cannot be outweighed by the score's obvious sex appeal.

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