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     1. Free Guy
    2. The Suicide Squad
   3. The Green Knight
  4. Jungle Cruise
 5. Black Widow
6. Boss Baby: Family Business
         1. Alice in Wonderland
        2. Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker
       3. LOTR: Fellowship of the Ring
      4. Solo: A Star Wars Story
     5. Justice League
    6. Gladiator
   7. Harry Potter: Sorcerer's Stone
  8. Spider-Man
 9. How to Train Your Dragon
10. Alice Through the Looking Glass
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In these indices, you will find comprehensive and comparative information about each review at Filmtracks. Categorized by age and type, the listings are automatically updated upon the addition of new content to Filmtracks or, in the case of the statistics for each review, every night. The "Classic" category includes reviews of scores from the Golden and Silver Ages of Hollywood, while the "Modern" category includes those from the Bronze and Digital Ages. Due to the complexity of the index format, a legend is provided on each page to explain the abbreviations and codes used.

All of the reviews at Filmtracks are written by the site's editor (learn more about him and the site in general); as of 2009, all reviews donated by visitors over the first ten years of the site's existence were replaced with editorial content. Each review is rated on a five-star scale (full stars only), with the almighty FRISBEE rating reserved for the most insufferable soundtracks in existence. Accompanying the reviews is a range of auxiliary information that is standard for every review at the site, including track listings, cover art, credits, and, with the exception of some compilations, audio samples hand selected to support arguments made in the review.

The organization of the reviews is by film. This means that each review page is dedicated to a film or a television show rather than a score. By utilizing this format, Filmtracks can feature information about multiple scores (and usually rejected ones) for the same production in a single review. The application of the opinion in those reviews, however, focuses on the merits of the music as it is heard on album. Since it is impossible for Filmtracks to view every film for which it reviews a score, and because the albums are the commercial products under consideration by readers for purchase, this is the only logical method (despite its downsides) of covering the music.

For mainstream readers, it's important to remember that Filmtracks covers original scores, and not song compilations inspired by movies. To be eligible for a review at this site, an album must contain original score material in at least 50% of its tracks or at a minimum of twenty minutes in length. Reviews of concerts and other music related on the periphery to film scores are occasionally provided as well.

As always, errors in coverage do occur. If you encounter an error in any of Filmtracks' reviews (or supporting content), please contact the site with a correction (and follow the instructions there to make sure the editor receives the correction immediately). Such corrections are always warmly appreciated, no matter how dumb or funny the mistake may be. Making fun of the errors in the comment areas, on the other hand, is an immediate ticket to an exclusion ban of the posting IP address. Feedback about the opinions, in either case, is always encouraged.
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