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     1. Shang-Chi: Legend/Ten Rings
    2. Free Guy
   3. The Suicide Squad
  4. The Green Knight
 5. Jungle Cruise
6. Black Widow
         1. Alice in Wonderland
        2. Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker
       3. LOTR: Fellowship of the Ring
      4. Solo: A Star Wars Story
     5. Justice League
    6. Gladiator
   7. Harry Potter: Sorcerer's Stone
  8. Spider-Man
 9. How to Train Your Dragon
10. Alice Through the Looking Glass
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 TitleYear Composer(s)FRVR VTCTRD  TRDates Notes
The A-Team2010Alan Silvestri***2.883081||1,34506/10
The Abyss1989Alan Silvestri****3.852,12413|||17908/97 - 02/14all albums
The Accidental Tourist1988John Williams**3.123128|70006/98 - 02/10all albums
The Accountant2016Mark Isham**2.29990||1,73912/16
Adaptation2002Carter Burwell*1.7654510|47202/03 - 03/09
The Addams Family2019Mychael Danna, Jeff Danna***3.00950||1,97808/20
Addicted to Love1997Rachel Portman****3.932,0863||21907/97 - 03/08
The Adjustment Bureau2011Thomas Newman**2.541611||1,63804/11
The Adventures of Pinocchio1996Rachel Portman, Lee Holdridge, Stevie Wonder, Brian May***2.961670|1,04706/03 - 03/09
The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle2000Mark Mothersbaugh***2.424201||89102/01 - 11/08promotional
The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3-D2005Robert Rodriguez, Graeme Revell, John Debney**2.582143||92312/05
The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn2011John Williams*****4.011,48810||||44111/11
Aeon Flux2005Graeme Revell**2.513297|1,07412/05
The Affair of the Necklace2001David Newman****3.801,0264||73401/02 - 02/09
After Earth2013James Newton Howard***3.238072|||1,06806/13
Agora2009Dario Marianelli*****4.0036417|||1,16301/10
A.I. Artificial Intelligence2001John Williams****3.725,013214||||10307/01 - 11/15multiple albums
Air Force One1997Jerry Goldsmith, Joel McNeely, Randy Newman****3.644,11821||||6207/97 - 02/21all albums
Airplane!1980Elmer BernsteinVaried3.652584||56710/97 - 07/09multiple albums
Aladdin1992Alan Menken****3.958,87327||||5509/96 - 05/21
Aladdin2019Alan Menken***2.821715||||1,86810/19
The Alamo2004Carter Burwell***2.9337815||47904/04 - 10/11
Alexander2004Vangelis*****3.643,236192|||15610/04 - 09/11
Alice in Wonderland2010Danny Elfman*****4.192,84611||||30303/10 - 06/11all albums
Alice Through the Looking Glass2016Danny Elfman*****3.968784|||93106/16
Alien1979Jerry Goldsmith***3.9666511|||65207/09all albums
Alien 31992Elliot Goldenthal**2.811,84237|||21707/98 - 11/19multiple albums
Alien Nation1988Jerry Goldsmith, Curt Sobel**2.511170|||1,56707/09 - 05/18multiple albums
Alien Resurrection1997John Frizzell***3.171989|||1,56211/10all albums
Alien vs. Predator2004Harald Kloser***3.1274816||23008/04 - 09/11
Alien: Covenant2017Jed Kurzel**2.641404|||1,57306/17
Aliens1986James Horner***3.461,52049|||17605/01 - 10/08all albums
Aliens in the Attic2009John Debney***2.971751||1,61609/09
Aliens vs. Predator - Requiem2007Brian Tyler****3.282026||1,50910/10
All the King's Men2006James Horner***3.1570713||78210/06
All the Pretty Horses2000Marty Stuart, Kristin Wilkinson, Larry Paxton****3.531,51923|||30501/01 - 01/09
Along Came a Spider2001Jerry Goldsmith**2.633,18120||68404/01 - 01/09
Alvin and the Chipmunks2007Christopher Lennertz***2.62810||1,85210/10all albums
Always1990John Williams**3.083676|73806/98 - 08/06
Amélie2001Yann Tiersen***3.126985||1,59412/09multiple albums
Amanda1996Basil Poledouris***2.931752|1,28011/00 - 11/07limited
The Amazing Spider-Man2012James Horner****3.891,05620||||33607/12
The Amazing Spider-Man 22014Hans Zimmer, Various*2.261,40458|||54505/14all albums
Amazon (IMAX)1997Alan Williams****3.332312|1,13908/98 - 02/08
American Beauty1999Thomas Newman***2.8213,773200||2801/00 - 06/08
American Gangster2007Marc Streitenfeld****3.08960||1,83604/11
American History X1998Anne Dudley****3.211123||1,74007/10
American Outlaws2001Trevor Rabin**2.231,58670||40708/01 - 02/09
An American Pickle2020Nami Melumad, Michael Giacchino****3.111142|||1,97002/21
The American President 1995Marc Shaiman****3.642,3220|34707/98 - 12/07
An American Rhapsody2001Cliff Eidelman**2.884370|1,34212/01 - 02/09
An American Tail1986James Horner, Barry Mann****3.804854||||1,05808/09 - 05/19multiple albums
An American Tail: Fievel Goes West1991James Horner****3.351,0388||26307/98 - 01/08
Amistad1997John Williams****3.762,5819||23112/97 - 02/08
Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid2004Nerida Tyson-Chew****3.3160810|||51009/04 - 10/11
Analyze That2002David Holmes**2.195534||49612/02 - 02/09
Anastasia1997David Newman***3.898,90626|||4010/97 - 02/08
Angel2007Philippe Rombi*****4.014444|||86101/08
Angela's Ashes1999John Williams****3.885,1429|||26412/99 - 04/08
Angels & Demons2009Hans Zimmer, Lorne Balfe, Atli Örvarsson****3.181,46530|||46705/09
Angie1994Jerry Goldsmith**2.832021||1,03606/98 - 11/11
Anna and the King1999George Fenton*****4.113,90139||13312/99 - 08/07
Anna Karenina2012Dario Marianelli**3.031981||1,42003/13
Anonymous2011Thomas Wanker, Harald Kloser***2.681081||1,75801/12
Ant-Man2015Christophe Beck****3.402172||1,38910/15
Ant-Man and the Wasp2018Christophe Beck****3.101790|||1,86910/18
Antz1998John Powell, Harry Gregson-Williams, Various****3.832,8314|30112/98 - 01/07
Apocalypto2006James Horner**2.8895615||58712/06
Apollo 131995James Horner*****4.2910,34565||||3709/96 - 05/19all albums
Apt Pupil1998John Ottman****3.172224|1,19609/03 - 04/09
Aquaman2018Rupert Gregson-Williams, Various****3.172842||||1,63601/19 - 02/21all albums
Arachnophobia1990Trevor Jones***3.01900||1,79201/12multiple albums
Ararat2002Mychael Danna****3.334473|70102/03 - 03/09
Argo2012Alexandre Desplat****3.053132||96210/12
Arlington Road1999Angelo Badalamenti*2.152413||1,17709/01 - 09/08
Armageddon1998Trevor Rabin, Harry Gregson-Williams***2.865,31623||10712/98 - 01/07all albums
Army of the Dead2021Tom Holkenborg*1.951062||2,00406/21
Around the World in 80 Days2004Trevor Jones****3.1857613|||51506/04 - 10/11
Arrival2016Jóhann Jóhannsson*2.492638||72501/17
Arsène Lupin2004Debbie Wiseman*****3.995937|||71702/06import
Artemis Fowl2020Patrick Doyle****3.301291|||1,95302/21
Arthur Christmas2011Harry Gregson-Williams, Various****3.241591||1,69601/12
Article 991992Danny Elfman***3.482230||1,86603/10
The Artist2011Ludovic Bource****3.662619||1,00312/11
As Good As It Gets1997Hans Zimmer****3.341,5975|13101/98 - 01/07
Assassination Classroom: Graduation2016Naoki Sato****3.47664|||1,89402/17Japanese
Assault on Precinct 132005Graeme Revell**2.501754||95802/05 - 10/11
Astro Boy2009John Ottman****3.383111||1,31310/09
At First Sight1999Mark Isham**2.732830|98501/99 - 04/08
Atlantis: The Lost Empire2001James Newton Howard****3.726,01545||17105/01 - 01/09all albums
Atonement2007Dario Marianelli****3.439033|51412/07
Autumn in New York2000Gabriel Yared****3.482,70918||32208/00 - 06/08
Avalon1990Randy Newman**2.931461|1,18503/97 - 03/06
Avatar2009James Horner*****3.828,749157|||||13212/09 - 05/21multiple albums
The Avengers1998Joel McNeely***2.888751||50412/98 - 03/08
The Avengers2012Alan Silvestri***3.155797|||62405/12all albums
Avengers: Age of Ultron2015Brian Tyler, Danny Elfman, Various****3.7156110|||85006/15
Avengers: Endgame2019Alan Silvestri****3.223261|||1,65307/19multiple albums
Avengers: Infinity War2018Alan Silvestri***3.073332|||1,52406/18multiple albums
The Aviator2004Howard Shore***3.411,62444||36412/04 - 10/11
Awakenings1990Randy Newman***2.79710||1,81402/12
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