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 TitleYear Composer(s)FRVR VTCTRD  TRDates Notes
The 2008 Ghent International Film Festival: Angelo Badalamenti2008Angelo Badalamenti****3.24590|||1,89507/11all albums
Adventures in Hollywood1996Compilation**2.81620|1,53110/96 - 07/06
Alfred Hitchcock Presents... Signatures in Suspense1999Compilation****3.382600||1,16607/99 - 10/07
Alien Invasion: Space and Beyond II1998Compilation*****3.653400||87502/98 - 08/07
The Alien Trilogy1996Compilation****3.291028||93910/96 - 07/06
Babylon 5: Messages from Earth1997Christopher Franke****3.442703||1,05707/99 - 09/08
The Back to the Future Trilogy1999Alan Silvestri****3.395204||45409/99 - 10/07
The Batman Trilogy1997Compilation**3.121621||1,30207/03 - 04/09
Bernard Herrmann at Fox: Volume 11999Compilation****3.392910|1,51809/99 - 10/07
Bernard Herrmann at Fox: Volume 21999Compilation**2.962300|1,59810/99 - 10/07
The Best of Star Trek: 30th Anniversary1996Compilation***2.911241||71912/96 - 08/08
The Best of Star Trek: Volume Two2000Compilation****3.342281||1,06608/00 - 12/07
The Big Picture1997Compilation****3.211180||1,27406/97 - 07/06
Bond: Back in Action1999Compilation***3.292561||1,00010/99 - 10/07
Bond: Back in Action 22000Compilation****3.381844|||1,18710/00 - 07/08
Cast Away: The Zemeckis/Silvestri Collaboration2001Alan Silvestri***3.791,75712||21502/01 - 11/08
Choice Cuts1999Compilation**1.942480|1,30510/99 - 04/07
Cinema Choral Classics1997Compilation****3.971,0811||66906/97 - 06/07
Cinema Choral Classics II1998Compilation****3.897081|93807/98 - 08/07
Cinema's Classic Romances1998Compilation****3.645880||1,07402/98 - 08/07
Citizen Kane: The Essential Bernard Herrmann Collection1999Compilation*****3.715360||1,19109/99 - 10/07
The Classic Film Music of John Barry1993Compilation***3.26970|86011/96 - 07/06multiple albums
The Classic Film Music of John Barry, Volume II1996Compilation***3.12780||99111/96 - 07/06
Close Encounters: The Essential John Williams Collection1999Compilation****3.232740||1,02507/99 - 10/07
Coming Soon: The John Beal Trailer Project1998John Beal****3.071960||1,01510/98 - 08/07
Craig Armstrong: Film Works 1995-20052006Craig Armstrong****3.522608|||87201/06
Cruel Intentions2000John Ottman*****4.003,843127|||12712/00 - 10/08
The Danny Elfman & Tim Burton 25th Anniversary Music Box2011Danny ElfmanFRISBEE2.513121|||||1,10605/11limited
David Shire Film Music1998Compilation****3.632863|||59404/98 - 07/07promotional
Dr. Strangelove: Music from the Films of Stanley Kubrick1999Compilation**2.582641|68607/99 - 10/07
Electric Shadows2000Zhao Jiping****3.362961|1,33106/00 - 07/08
Evergreen: Music from the Films of Barbra Streisand1999Compilation***2.184960|1,27209/99 - 10/07
The Film Music of Jerry Goldsmith2001Compilation****3.363214||92107/01 - 11/08
For the Record: Craig Armstrong2006Craig Armstrong**2.78500||1,92608/11
Frontiers1997Compilation****3.524140||1,07912/97 - 03/08
Georges Delerue: The London Sessions1990Georges Delerue****3.977175||91003/01 - 11/18all albums
The Godfather Trilogy2001Nino Rota****3.492654|60207/03 - 03/09
Greatest Sci-Fi Hits IV1998Compilation*1.654251|1,33609/99 - 04/07
Hans Zimmer: The Wings of a Film2001Compilation***3.5776120|||53606/01 - 11/08
Heart of the Ocean1998James Horner****3.383460||64105/98 - 08/07
A History of Hitchcock II: To Catch a Thief1995Compilation***3.05660|1,75111/96 - 07/06
A History of Hitchcock: Dial M For Murder1993Compilation**2.72760|1,63311/96 - 07/06
Hitchcock, 100 Years: A Bernard Herrmann Film Score Tribute1999Compilation***2.682270|1,21607/99 - 10/07
Hollywood '951995Compilation*****3.492621|1,26411/96 - 08/08
Hollywood '961996Compilation****3.351820|1,46111/96 - 07/06
The Hollywood Sound1997Compilation***3.624362|75503/97 - 12/06
Hollywood Stars: Music from the Films of Kevin Costner1998Compilation****3.091140|1,03307/98 - 07/06
Hollywood Stars: Music from the Films of Mel Gibson1998Compilation***2.92982|1,11507/98 - 07/06
Hollywood Stars: Music from the Films of Sean Connery1998Compilation****3.101020|1,03807/98 - 07/06
How the West Was Won: Classic Western Film Scores I1996Compilation***3.06650|1,47810/96 - 07/06
In Session2001Compilation****3.666500||1,34604/01 - 11/08
James Horner: Suites and Themes1998Compilation***2.913480||49506/98 - 08/07bootleg
Jerry Goldsmith at 20th Century Fox2004Compilation***3.731,17716||73604/04 - 10/11limited
Jerry Goldsmith SPFM Tribute1993Jerry Goldsmith*****3.381313||69508/97 - 11/11limited
Jerry Goldsmith: Suites and Themes1988Jerry Goldsmith*****3.381727|||50606/97 - 11/11multiple albums
John Barry: Zulu1999Compilation****3.664701||76209/99 - 10/07
Judas Kiss: The Film Music of Christopher Young2000Compilation**2.671230||1,44109/01 - 07/08
Lonesome Dove: Classic Western Film Scores II1996Compilation***3.17650|1,49010/96 - 07/06
Mark McKenzie: Orchestral Film Music, Volume 11996Compilation****3.462500||1,22301/00 - 02/08promotional
The Mark of Zorro/The Crimson Pirate1997CompilationsVaried3.081560|1,05010/97 - 06/07multiple albums
Mega Movies2000Compilation****3.654340||1,03906/00 - 11/07
Michael Kamen's Opus1998Compilation****3.221960||87904/98 - 04/08
Miklós Rózsa at M-G-M1999Compilation*****3.968170||62911/99 - 10/07
Monstrous Movie Music1996CompilationsVaried3.291260|56510/96 - 05/06multiple albums
The Motion Picture Scores of Arthur B. Rubinstein1998Compilation***2.602000||1,32412/98 - 08/07promotional
Music for a Darkened Theatre, Volume 11990Danny Elfman***3.995292||71012/96 - 08/08
Music for a Darkened Theatre, Volume 21996Danny Elfman*****3.913582||50112/96 - 02/06
Music from the Cinema: Volume 11999Nicola Piovani***2.701860|1,46804/99 - 10/07
Music From the Films of Sean Connery1993Compilation***2.77680|1,01411/96 - 07/06
Music from The Lord of the Rings Trilogy2004Howard Shore****3.7152210|||83509/04 - 10/11
The Omen: The Essential Jerry Goldsmith Film Music Collection1998Compilation****3.222921||78108/99 - 08/07
Patton and Tora! Tora! Tora!1997Jerry Goldsmith*****3.391761|54308/97 - 07/06re-recording
Psycho: The Essential Alfred Hitchcock1999Compilation****3.382760|89710/99 - 10/07
Reel Chill: The Cinematic Chillout Album2004Compilation***3.272991||1,31009/04 - 10/11
Reel Music1999CompilationsVaried2.463310|1,32608/99 - 04/07
The Snow Files1999Mark Snow****3.351840||1,20904/99 - 10/07
Sonic Images: Prime Time2000Compilation**2.031990|1,38608/00 - 11/07
Space 3: Beyond the Final Frontier2000Compilation****3.362150|1,43508/00 - 12/07
Space and Beyond1997Compilation*****3.743500||1,01203/97 - 12/06
The Star Trek Album2003Compilation****3.532969||1,26210/03 - 03/09
Themes from The Phantom Menace and Other Film Hits1999Compilation****3.371880|1,28211/99 - 11/07
Titanic: The Essential James Horner Collection1998Compilation**2.833310||70408/98 - 08/07
The Towering Inferno and Other Disaster Classics1999Compilation***3.392263||1,23404/99 - 10/07
The Ultimate Star Trek2000Compilation**3.022250||1,23712/00 - 12/07
Up and Down: Richard Band2000Compilation***2.911210|1,06701/00 - 10/08promotional
Varèse Sarabande: A 25th Anniversary Celebration2003CompilationVaried4.091,43010|||76605/03 - 03/09multiple albums
Warriors of the Silver Screen1997Compilation*****3.713300|1,01607/97 - 06/07
Watch the Skies1999Compilation***2.871041||1,50602/99 - 11/07
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