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 TitleYear Composer(s)FRVR VTCTRD  TRDates Notes
The Da Vinci Code2006Hans Zimmer***3.095,310217||||25805/06
Dad1989James Horner****3.1221614||80508/97 - 11/11
Damien: Omen II1978Jerry Goldsmith****3.281631|||1,54107/09all albums
Dances With Wolves1990John Barry*****4.288,02944||||2406/97 - 03/16all albums
Dangerous Beauty1998George Fenton*****4.062,0582|24304/98 - 03/08
A Dangerous Method2011Howard Shore, Richard Wagner***2.831234||1,65812/11
Dante's Peak1997John Frizzell, James Newton Howard***2.941521||1,72507/10
Daredevil2003Graeme Revell**2.4976542|42403/03 - 03/09
Dark City1998Trevor Jones****3.208056|||41604/98 - 01/07all albums
The Dark Crystal1982Trevor Jones*****4.061,11515|||28105/03 - 11/08all albums
The Dark Knight2008Hans Zimmer, James Newton Howard, Lorne Balfe**2.715,153133||||18107/08 - 04/10multiple albums
The Dark Knight Rises2012Hans Zimmer, Various**2.581,858127||||33107/12multiple albums
Dark Shadows2012Danny Elfman***3.365482|||1,11905/12
Darkman1990Danny Elfman**3.232573|61409/96 - 01/06
Darkness Falls2003Brian Tyler***2.84990||1,86912/11
Dave1993James Newton Howard****3.362121||1,63802/12 - 03/13all albums
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes2014Michael Giacchino***2.912525|||1,18709/14
The Day After Tomorrow2004Harald Kloser, Thomas Wanker**2.711,00750||31906/04 - 10/11
The Day the Earth Stood Still2008Tyler Bates**1.863141||1,34712/08
Daylight1996Randy Edelman***3.122587|75912/96 - 09/08
Days of Thunder1990Hans Zimmer***3.031790|||1,41103/10 - 01/14multiple albums
Deadpool2016Tom Holkenborg*1.5743115||1,33703/16 - 12/16all albums
Deadpool 22018Tyler Bates**2.901571|||1,83406/18
Deep Blue2004George Fenton*****3.864165||63907/04 - 03/06all albums
Deep Blue Sea1999Trevor Rabin***3.121,1392||52409/99 - 05/08
The Deep End of the Ocean1999Elmer Bernstein****3.353400||98203/99 - 05/08
Deep Impact1998James Horner***3.362,1656||10905/98 - 03/08
Deep Rising1998Jerry Goldsmith**2.798003||53902/98 - 08/14all albums
Defiance2008James Newton Howard****3.429185||68312/08
Demolition Man1993Elliot Goldenthal**2.932106||67110/96 - 02/06
Dennis the Menace1993Jerry Goldsmith***3.253401||60406/98 - 08/14multiple albums
The Departed2006Howard Shore****3.1622911|97712/06
Der Medicus (The Physician)2013Ingo Ludwig Frenzel****3.461402|||1,46601/14
Desperado1995Los Lobos***2.84820||1,83710/09
Desperate Measures1998Trevor Jones***2.77770||1,86002/12
Devil's Advocate1997James Newton Howard****3.331,1091||30311/97 - 06/07
The Devil's Own1997James Horner***3.874294||43504/97 - 11/11
Diamonds1999Joel Goldsmith***2.881460|1,32302/00 - 06/08
Dick1999John Debney***2.492390|1,27308/99 - 06/08promotional
Dick Tracy1990Danny Elfman***3.2257610|||40807/98 - 03/17multiple albums
Die Another Day2002David Arnold**2.125,369228||||11311/02 - 02/19all albums
Die Hard1988Michael Kamen***2.9474617|||26803/03 - 12/17all albums
Die Hard 2: Die Harder1990Michael Kamen***2.951831|||1,48201/12 - 11/12all albums
Die Hard With a Vengeance1995Michael Kamen**2.831364|||1,37801/12 - 08/13multiple albums
Dinosaur2000James Newton Howard****3.674,39615||23105/00 - 06/08
The Disappearance of Garcia Lorca1997Mark McKenzie****3.132070|1,07501/00 - 09/08
The Dish2000Edmund Choi***3.385462||1,46206/03 - 02/09
District 92009Clinton Shorter***2.981891||1,78201/10
Disturbing Behavior1998Mark Snow*2.443200|80808/98 - 01/07
Divergent2014Tom Holkenborg***2.661944||1,30305/14
Doctor Strange2016Michael Giacchino****3.601920|||1,57201/17
Dolores Claiborne1995Danny Elfman***3.132182||1,68303/10
Dolphin Tale2011Mark Isham***2.901530||1,58010/11
Domestic Disturbance2001Mark Mancina***2.895367||1,35212/01 - 02/09
Don Juan DeMarco1995Michael Kamen****3.433661|59706/03 - 04/09
Donnie Darko2001Michael Andrews**3.401345||1,77311/09multiple albums
Don't Say a Word2001Mark Isham***2.991,0023||79510/01 - 02/09
Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde1995Mark McKenzie****3.919450||63003/97 - 09/08
Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who!2008John Powell, Various***2.954156||1,00804/08
Dr. Seuss' The Grinch2018Danny Elfman***3.171150||1,88212/18
Dr. Seuss' The Lorax2012John Powell, Various***2.893031||1,40703/12multiple albums
Dracula1979John Williams***3.301622||1,36708/09 - 11/18
Drag Me to Hell2009Christopher Young****3.433512|||1,35301/10
Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story1993Randy Edelman****3.263294|65409/03 - 04/09
Dragonfly2002John Debney****3.6984811||83004/02 - 02/09
Dragonheart1996Randy Edelman***3.726,01543||7109/96 - 02/08
Dragonheart: A New Beginning2000Mark McKenzie***3.207401||90710/99 - 09/08
Dragonslayer1981Alex North*2.5932727|||64408/97 - 09/10all albums
Dream House2011John Debney****3.232083|||1,40210/11
Dreamcatcher2003James Newton Howard**2.081,32930||42303/03 - 01/18multiple albums
Dreamer2005John Debney****3.718054|89411/05
Drive2011Cliff Martinez**2.831524||1,72012/11
Driving Miss Daisy1989Hans Zimmer****3.461680||1,50103/10
Drop Zone1994Hans Zimmer, Nick Glennie-Smith***2.821361||1,69403/10
The Duchess2008Rachel Portman***3.263662||1,15510/08
The Dukes of Hazzard2005Nathan Barr***2.822700|1,18911/05promotional
Dumbo2019Danny Elfman****3.371050|||1,93207/19
Dune1984Toto***4.0413,53538||||4612/97 - 09/08all albums
Dungeons and Dragons2000Justin Caine Burnett***3.197343||1,00601/01 - 10/08
Dunkirk2017Hans Zimmer, Various*1.8445313|||1,44412/17
Duplicity2009James Newton Howard**2.913370||1,30003/09
Dust to Glory2005Nathan Furst****3.071510||1,42605/05 - 10/11
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