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 TitleYear Composer(s)FRVR VTCTRD  TRDates Notes
Face/Off1997John Powell, Gavin Greenaway**3.504286|41407/97 - 04/06
Fahrenheit 9/112004Jeff Gibbs**2.2661413||56110/04 - 10/11
Fair Game2010John Powell**2.582154||1,77111/10
The Family Man2000Danny Elfman****3.591,78617|||41302/01 - 11/08promotional
Family Plot1976John Williams***3.151240|||1,71012/10limited
The Family Stone2005Michael Giacchino***2.57690||1,85912/11
The Fan1996Hans Zimmer, Jeff Rona*2.3229814|||94110/03 - 04/09all albums
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them2016James Newton Howard****4.083552||||1,43401/17multiple albums
Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald2018James Newton Howard****3.892560||||1,86012/18
Fantastic Four2005John Ottman***2.9646727|95411/05
Fantastic Four2015Marco Beltrami, Philip Glass***2.911382||1,66511/15
Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer2007John Ottman***2.728024||83506/07
Fantastic Mr. Fox2009Alexandre Desplat**2.942643||1,55702/10 - 03/11all albums
Far and Away1992John Williams*****4.104,61216|||17009/96 - 01/08
Far From Heaven2002Elmer Bernstein****3.943,32217||30412/02 - 03/09
A Far Off Place1993James Horner***2.911762||71906/97 - 02/15all albums
Farewell to the King1989Basil Poledouris*****3.592665||50608/97 - 07/09all albums
Fargo1996Carter Burwell***2.941080||1,57807/10
Fast & Furious2009Brian Tyler***2.861380||1,73404/11
The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift2006Brian Tyler***2.901341|||1,71404/11
Fast Five2011Brian Tyler***2.874841||1,49005/11
Faster2010Clint Mansell**2.281860||1,73211/10
The Fate of the Furious2017Brian Tyler***2.651261||1,78606/17
Fateless2006Ennio Morricone****3.392633|1,08802/06
Ferdinand2017John Powell, Various***3.121570||1,83301/18
FernGully: The Last Rainforest1992Alan Silvestri***3.002403||65206/03 - 04/09
Field of Dreams1989James Horner**3.8182716||24006/98 - 09/11
Fields of Freedom2006Trevor Jones***3.221570|1,61111/07promotional
Fierce Creatures1997Jerry Goldsmith***2.662511|96812/96 - 08/08
The Fifth Element1997Eric Serra***3.079,13853||2105/97 - 03/08
Fifty Shades Darker2017Danny Elfman***2.892955||1,46802/17
Fifty Shades Freed2018Danny Elfman**2.851501||1,67003/18
Fifty Shades of Grey2015Danny Elfman****3.234425||99903/15
The Final Conflict1981Jerry Goldsmith****3.762561|||1,44907/09all albums
The Final Cut2004Brian Tyler***2.951604||1,17510/04 - 10/11
The Final Destination2009Brian Tyler***2.882821|||1,16008/09
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within2001Elliot Goldenthal****3.935,460157|||10106/01 - 01/09
Final Solution2002John Sponsler, Tom Gire****3.102032|1,39806/03 - 03/09promotional
Finding Dory2016Thomas Newman***2.931464||1,43506/16
Finding Nemo2003Thomas Newman****3.9311,91098|||4105/03 - 03/09
Finding Neverland2004Jan A.P. Kaczmarek****3.751,794325||20210/04 - 09/11
Firewall2006Alexandre Desplat***2.901320||1,84602/12
First Blood1982Jerry Goldsmith****4.285432|||1,27507/09 - 12/10all albums
First Knight1995Jerry Goldsmith****3.673,22032|||9709/96 - 04/11all albums
First Man2018Justin Hurwitz***3.081200|||1,92901/19
A Fish Called Wanda1988John Du Prez****3.001331|||1,69308/11 - 12/17all albums
Flags of Our Fathers2006Clint Eastwood*2.007359|||69710/06
Flesh + Blood1985Basil Poledouris****3.715188|||54403/97 - 05/14all albums
Flight of the Intruder1991Basil Poledouris**2.811393||1,10907/03 - 02/13multiple albums
Flightplan2005James Horner***3.227688||80011/05
Flubber1997Danny Elfman**2.698972|28511/97 - 02/08
The Fly1986Howard Shore****3.351471||1,57909/09multiple albums
Fly Away Home1996Mark Isham*****3.8663017||41107/03 - 03/09promotional and bootlegs
The Fly II1989Christopher Young****3.301391||1,66309/09multiple albums
The Fog2005Graeme Revell**2.471630|1,35512/05
For Greater Glory (Cristiada)2012James Horner****3.252013||||1,41409/12
For Love of the Game1999Basil Poledouris****3.578571||48211/99 - 05/08
The Forbidden Kingdom2008David Buckley****3.372082||1,77502/12
Forever Young1992Jerry Goldsmith***3.233093|||58106/98 - 09/11all albums
The Forgotten2004James Horner**2.7863513|||58210/04 - 10/11
Forrest Gump1994Alan Silvestri****3.982,9554||12812/00 - 09/08
Fortress1993Frederic Talgorn***2.72790|1,50108/98 - 06/06promotional
The Fountain2006Clint Mansell, Various**3.256859||73612/06
The Four Feathers2002James Horner****3.421,95821||37809/02 - 01/09
Frank and Jesse1994Mark McKenzie***3.092530|1,25301/00 - 01/08
Frankenweenie2012Danny Elfman****3.326371|||94510/12
Frankie Starlight1995Elmer Bernstein****3.151471|1,24706/97 - 04/06
Freddy vs. Jason2003Graeme Revell***2.515043|42709/03 - 03/09
Free Willy1993Basil Poledouris****3.571,0052||35008/99 - 01/08
Free Willy 3: The Rescue1997Cliff Eidelman****3.224100||78008/99 - 02/08
Frida2002Elliot Goldenthal*****3.302,26674||15012/02 - 03/09
Fried Green Tomatoes1991Thomas Newman****3.411732|55307/98 - 04/06
The Frighteners1996Danny Elfman*2.664616|56509/96 - 09/08
From Hell2001Trevor Jones****3.791,79912|||45310/01 - 02/09
Frost/Nixon2008Hans Zimmer, Lorne Balfe****3.383316||1,17812/08
Frozen2013Christophe Beck, Robert Lopez, Kristen Anderson-Lopez***3.435582||81512/13multiple albums
The Fugitive1993James Newton Howard**3.071,3303|||46612/00 - 09/10all albums
Fun With Dick and Jane2005Theodore Shapiro***2.65571||1,88301/12
The Funhouse1981John Beal****3.331102|1,49801/05 - 10/11promotional
Furious 72015Brian Tyler***2.811451||1,61906/15
The Fury1978John Williams****3.575324|||66203/03 - 03/13all albums
Fury2014Steven Price***2.951212||1,52812/14
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