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 TitleYear Composer(s)FRVR VTCTRD  TRDates Notes
L.A. Confidential1997Jerry Goldsmith***3.072,2230|28012/97 - 06/07
La La Land2016Justin Hurwitz****3.422824|||1,56803/17all albums
La Ligne Droite2011Patrick Doyle*****3.962851||||1,33607/11
Lady in the Water2006James Newton Howard*****4.302,45347|||12307/06
Ladyhawke1985Andrew Powell*2.4235113|||29612/96 - 11/15multiple albums
The Lake House2006Rachel Portman***3.111841||1,31502/07
Lake Placid1999John Ottman**2.604201||1,27408/99 - 05/08
The Land Before Time1988James Horner*****4.094,40312|||7707/98 - 12/07
Land of the Lost2009Michael Giacchino**2.512956||1,54506/09
The Last Airbender2010James Newton Howard*****4.062,27511||||45806/10
The Last Castle2001Jerry Goldsmith***3.301,66416||68810/01 - 01/09
Last Embrace1981Miklós Rózsa***3.451461|||1,20906/97 - 07/11all albums
The Last Legion2007Patrick Doyle****3.101172||1,75708/11
Last Man Standing1996Ry Cooder, Elmer Bernstein**2.561065||76009/96 - 05/06all albums
Last of the Dogmen1995David Arnold****3.332022||62205/98 - 04/06
Last of the Mohicans1992Trevor Jones, Randy Edelman****4.068,55352|||3109/96 - 09/08multiple albums
The Last Samurai2003Hans Zimmer****3.733,826206|||6111/03 - 03/09
The Last Starfighter1984Craig Safan****3.323012||61409/96 - 02/15all albums
Lauras Stern2004Nick Glennie-Smith, Hans Zimmer, Henning Lohner****3.689467||75803/05 - 10/11German
Law Abiding Citizen2009Brian Tyler***2.541160||1,81003/11
Laws of Attraction2004Edward Shearmur***2.833571||89005/04 - 10/11
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen2003Trevor Jones***3.332,43431|||25608/03 - 03/09
A League of Their Own1992Hans Zimmer****3.873840||1,55403/10multiple albums
Leatherheads2008Randy Newman***3.203154|1,36804/08
Legend1985Jerry Goldsmith****3.2493813|||33403/97 - 03/09all albums
The Legend of 19001998Ennio Morricone***3.913,4756||26712/99 - 08/08all albums
The Legend of Bagger Vance2000Rachel Portman*****4.093,57421|||23210/00 - 11/07
The Legend of Tarzan2016Rupert Gregson-Williams**2.3212913||1,57307/16
Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole2010David Hirschfelder****3.074794|||1,28910/10
The Legend of Zorro2005James Horner*****3.971,49460||28211/05
Legends of the Fall1994James Horner*****4.249,75091|||2609/96 - 01/08
The Lego Batman Movie2017Lorne Balfe****3.111371|||1,61103/17
The Lego Movie2014Mark Mothersbaugh**2.372102||1,35704/14
The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part2019Mark Mothersbaugh**2.36991||1,91903/19
Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events2004Thomas Newman****3.391,57517|||40612/04 - 10/11
Les Misérables1998Basil Poledouris*****4.185,86910|||15304/98 - 06/07all albums
Les Misérables2012Claude-Michel Schönberg, Anne DudleyVaried2.3388213|||||1,48808/13multiple albums
Lesbian Vampire Killers2009Debbie Wiseman*****3.954014||||1,22301/10
Let Me In2010Michael Giacchino**2.7920911||1,67411/10
Leviathan1989Jerry Goldsmith****3.193149||74906/98 - 11/11
Liar Liar1997John Debney, James Newton Howard***3.137412|87406/99 - 02/08
Liberty Heights1999Andrea Morricone****3.303112|1,25801/00 - 11/07
Licence to Kill1989Michael Kamen**2.891301|||1,63706/10
The Life Before Her Eyes2008James Horner**2.934811||1,00504/08
Life is Beautiful1998Nicola Piovani***3.302,4836|7402/99 - 03/08
The Life of David Gale2003Alex Parker, Jake Parker**2.391,03669||22702/03 - 03/09
Life of Pi2012Mychael Danna****3.654175|||69212/12
Limitless2011Paul Leonard-Morgan*2.091502||1,76504/11
Lincoln2012John Williams****3.5359514|||63611/12
Link1986Jerry Goldsmith*2.552644||1,45507/09 - 06/16all albums
The Lion King1994Hans Zimmer, Elton John****4.0712,07374||||1309/96 - 11/14multiple albums
Lionheart1987Jerry Goldsmith*****4.245115|||1,27807/09all albums
Little Boy Blue1998Stewart Copeland**2.052320|1,24608/98 - 01/07
Little Fockers2010Stephen Trask***2.711320||1,78102/11
Little Giants1994John Debney***3.002411|84911/99 - 09/06promotional
The Little Mermaid1989Alan Menken, Howard Ashman****4.0415,99223||||1508/97 - 06/15all albums
Little Women1994Thomas Newman****3.7151916||67808/03 - 09/08
Live Free or Die Hard2007Marco Beltrami***2.907063||68106/07
The Living Daylights1987John Barry*****4.111,1883||||29906/98 - 04/08all albums
Logan2017Marco Beltrami**2.691370||1,75206/17
The Lone Ranger2013Hans Zimmer, Various***3.0560616|||82807/13
The Long Way Home1997Lee Holdridge***3.00960|1,42212/97 - 03/06
Looney Tunes: Back in Action2003Jerry Goldsmith, John Debney****3.321,17332||27011/03 - 03/09
The Lord of the Rings1978Leonard Rosenman**3.388679||62006/99 - 04/07
The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring2001Howard Shore, Enya*****4.3038,6441532|||||711/01 - 11/10all albums
The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King2003Howard Shore*****4.3122,694693|||||1711/03 - 11/10all albums
The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers2002Howard Shore*****4.3226,058717|||||2012/02 - 11/10all albums
The Losers2010John Ottman***2.861392||1,84706/10
Lost and Found1999John Debney***2.641622|1,33108/99 - 04/07promotional
Lost in Space1998Bruce Broughton**2.901,35919||25004/98 - 04/16all albums
Lost Souls2000Jan A.P. Kaczmarek***2.976520|1,24910/00 - 07/08
The Lost World: Jurassic Park1997John Williams***3.814,3046||||6505/97 - 03/18all albums
Love Actually2003Craig Armstrong****3.401950||1,46509/09multiple albums
Love Field1993Jerry Goldsmith***3.231911||1,05206/98 - 11/11
Love Happens2009Christopher Young***2.881630||1,86604/10
Lover's Prayer2000Joel McNeely****3.143772|1,34102/01 - 11/07
Love's Labour's Lost2000Patrick Doyle****3.801,9411||93605/00 - 07/08
Lust, Caution2007Alexandre Desplat***3.672070||1,76203/11
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