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     5. Justice League
    6. Star Wars: The Last Jedi
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  8. Maleficent
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 TitleYear Composer(s)FRVR VTCTRD  TRDates Notes
MacArthur1977Jerry Goldsmith***2.931110||1,74008/09
Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome1985Maurice Jarre****3.161900|||1,55006/10all albums
Mad Max: Fury Road2015Tom Holkenborg**2.813173|||1,19506/15multiple albums
Madagascar2005Hans Zimmer, Various*1.911,13839||20105/05 - 09/11
Magdalene1989Cliff Eidelman****3.121561||1,51306/01 - 07/08
Magic1978Jerry Goldsmith***2.656925||84106/03 - 07/15multiple albums
The Magnificent Seven2016James Horner, Simon Franglen, Simon Rhodes****3.431570||||1,62612/16
Malèna2000Ennio Morricone***3.3791426||68402/01 - 10/08
Maleficent2014James Newton Howard*****4.181,0729|||76208/14
Malice1993Jerry Goldsmith**2.862261||1,04203/97 - 10/11
The Man from Elysian Fields2002Anthony Marinelli***3.032462||1,43912/02 - 02/09
The Man in the Iron Mask1998Nick Glennie-Smith***3.351,1661||40503/98 - 07/07
The Man in the Moon1991James Newton Howard****3.255081|69401/00 - 08/06
Man of Steel2013Hans Zimmer, Various*2.383,26491||||37806/13all albums
Man on Fire2004Harry Gregson-Williams, Various**2.8443116||50002/05 - 10/11
Man to Man2005Patrick Doyle****3.171213||1,80701/12limited
The Man Without a Face1993James Horner****3.611,0610|65906/98 - 09/06
March of the Penguins2005Alex Wurman***3.224913|1,21511/05
Marie Ward1984Elmer Bernstein****3.184340||1,22011/01 - 11/08limited
Marmaduke2010Christopher Lennertz***2.671130||1,90912/10
Mars Attacks!1996Danny Elfman**3.188305|||38503/97 - 06/11all albums
Mars Needs Moms2011John Powell****3.274361|||1,36003/11
The Martian2015Harry Gregson-Williams****3.382105|||1,51511/15all albums
Marvin's Room1996Rachel Portman***3.021652|1,31805/03 - 03/09
Mary Poppins Returns2018Marc Shaiman*****3.973021|||||1,85201/19
Mary Shelley's Frankenstein1994Patrick Doyle****3.492044||1,48507/10
The Mask1994Randy Edelman***3.201181||1,72311/09
The Mask of Zorro1998James Horner*****4.138,80377|||1806/98 - 03/08
Master and Commander2003Iva Davies, Christopher Gordon, Richard Tognetti**2.801,68796|||11010/03 - 03/09
Masters of the Universe1987Bill Conti**3.073835|||44303/97 - 08/12multiple albums
Matchstick Men2003Hans Zimmer***2.9559926|||52410/03 - 03/09
Matinee1993Jerry Goldsmith***3.182733||99206/98 - 11/11
The Matrix1999Don Davis***2.9120,361288|||2306/99 - 01/09all albums
The Matrix Reloaded2003Don Davis, Ben Watkins, Rob Dougan****3.2610,531403||||7005/03 - 12/13multiple albums
The Matrix Revolutions2003Don Davis, Juno Reactor****3.958,611279||||6208/03 - 04/14all albums
Maverick1994Randy Newman***2.871130|99104/97 - 04/06
Max & Me2018Mark McKenzie*****3.93812|||1,94001/19
The Maze Runner2014John Paesano***2.821093||1,67112/14
The Mechanic2011Mark Isham***2.571311||1,75903/11all albums
Medicine Man1992Jerry Goldsmith****3.751,4892|||49412/96 - 09/08
Meet Joe Black1998Thomas Newman***3.212,1036|14812/98 - 01/07
Meet the Fockers2004Randy Newman**2.612794||71901/05 - 10/11
Meet the Robinsons2007Danny Elfman***3.096484||49602/07
Meet the Spartans2008Christopher Lennertz****3.1118210||1,11902/09promotional
The Meg2018Harry Gregson-Williams***2.801060||1,93010/18
Megamind2010Hans Zimmer, Lorne Balfe****2.821,5195|||1,14710/10
Memoirs of a Geisha2005John Williams****3.631,56860|22111/05
Memphis Belle1990George Fenton****3.715242||96507/03 - 04/09
Men in Black1997Danny Elfman***3.102,0443||15701/98 - 09/06
Men in Black 32012Danny Elfman***3.163222||1,22606/12
Men in Black II2002Danny Elfman**2.8089814||84903/03 - 01/09
Men in Black: International2019Danny Elfman, Chris Bacon***3.06821||1,92912/19
Men of Honor2000Mark Isham****3.021820|1,17406/03 - 04/09
Mercury Rising1998John Barry***2.855422||84504/98 - 07/07
Message in a Bottle1999Gabriel Yared****3.903,8523||31004/99 - 05/08
The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc1999Eric Serra**2.944652||86211/99 - 05/08
The Mexican2001Alan Silvestri, Abraham Laboriel***3.421,2055||44602/01 - 01/09
Michael Clayton2007James Newton Howard*2.234624|80311/07
Michael Collins1996Elliot Goldenthal****3.575650||63210/96 - 09/08
Mickey Blue Eyes1999Basil Poledouris, Wolfgang Hammerschmid**2.412201|1,03208/99 - 04/07
Midway1976John Williams***3.141891||1,40708/09 - 11/11multiple albums
The Mighty1998Trevor Jones****3.323171||76601/99 - 03/08all albums
Mighty Joe Young1998James Horner**2.731,2433|34812/98 - 03/08
Milk2008Danny Elfman***3.104074||1,24412/08
Million Dollar Baby2004Clint Eastwood**2.1759213||52803/05 - 10/11
Mimic1997Marco Beltrami****3.121290||1,74612/11all albums
Minions2015Heitor Pereira***2.621333||1,74711/15
Minority Report2002John Williams***3.072,898169|||16406/02 - 01/09
The Minus Man1999Marco Beltrami**2.102410|1,30409/99 - 08/07
Miracle2004Mark Isham***3.143907||72904/04 - 10/11
Mirror Mirror2012Alan Menken***3.122452||1,48304/12
The Missing2003James Horner*****4.041,39751|||23711/03 - 03/09
The Mission1986Ennio Morricone*****3.983833|||1,08409/09
Mission to Mars2000Ennio Morricone**2.332,83930||29103/00 - 07/08
Mission: Impossible1996Danny Elfman**2.9062017||22709/96 - 01/06
Mission: Impossible - Fallout2018Lorne Balfe**2.321622|||1,86110/18multiple albums
Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol2011Michael Giacchino***3.015387||1,01401/12
Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation2015Joe Kraemer*****3.805792|||1,36911/15
Mission: Impossible 22000Hans Zimmer, Various**2.6613,118103||4906/00 - 11/07
Mission: Impossible III2006Michael Giacchino***3.101,06612||66006/06
The Missouri Breaks1976John Williams**2.817830||94906/99 - 05/18all albums
The Mist2007Mark Isham**2.33780||1,84411/10
Moana2016Mark Mancina, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Opetaia Foa'i****3.732081|||1,56002/17multiple albums
Moll Flanders1996Mark Mancina***2.851891|1,20707/99 - 06/07
Mom and Dad Save the World1992Jerry Goldsmith**2.862391||97306/98 - 10/11
Mona Lisa Smile2003Rachel Portman***3.173884||54802/04 - 03/09promotional
Moneyball2011Mychael Danna**2.641120||1,76312/11
The Monkey King2014Christopher Young*****3.69754|||1,47902/15 - 04/16all albums
The Monkey King 22016Christopher Young****3.511293|||1,83909/16limited
Monkeybone2001Anne Dudley***2.996800||95304/01 - 10/08
Monsignor1982John Williams***3.171580||1,65708/09limited
Monster2003Brian Transeau***2.52661||1,90001/10multiple albums
Monsters University2013Randy Newman***2.872484||1,07406/13
Monsters vs. Aliens2009Henry Jackman***2.875921||95403/09
Monsters, Inc.2001Randy Newman***3.003,98923||18210/01 - 01/09
Monte Carlo2011Michael Giacchino**2.471343||1,77908/11
The Monuments Men2014Alexandre Desplat****3.052303||1,29303/14
Mortal Kombat1995George S. ClintonFRISBEE2.629,32497||2807/98 - 09/06
Moulin Rouge2001Craig Armstrong****4.1739,497262|||||902/02 - 01/09all albums
Mouse Hunt1997Alan Silvestri****3.341141||1,77301/12
Mr. & Mrs. Smith2005John Powell***2.821411||1,83801/12
Mr. Baseball1992Jerry Goldsmith**2.692440||1,08106/98 - 10/11
Mr. Destiny1990David Newman***3.211960|1,36804/97 - 04/06
Mr. Holland's Opus1996Michael Kamen****3.181200||1,67507/10
Mr. Peabody & Sherman2014Danny Elfman***3.331631||1,72402/15
Mrs. Doubtfire1993Howard Shore***2.77880||1,78712/10
Much Ado About Nothing1993Patrick Doyle****3.931,5060|34607/98 - 09/06
Muhammad: The Messenger of God2015A.R. Rahman*****3.431133|||1,81703/16import
Mulan1998Jerry Goldsmith, Matthew Wilder****3.9710,35624|||3606/98 - 07/07all albums
Mulan II2004Joel McNeely****3.161413|||1,08302/05 - 10/11
The Mummy1999Jerry Goldsmith***3.4512,93124|||11205/99 - 01/19multiple albums
The Mummy2017Brian Tyler****3.521870|||1,54107/17multiple albums
The Mummy Returns2001Alan Silvestri****3.986,108173|||11505/01 - 01/19multiple albums
Munich2005John Williams****3.471,45163||32301/06
Muppet Treasure Island1996Hans Zimmer, Harry Gregson-Williams, Barry Mann***3.441,01116||24107/98 - 09/08
Muppets from Space1999Jamshied Sharifi***3.395020|56008/99 - 05/08
Murder in the First1995Christopher Young****3.604811||91312/99 - 03/08
Murder on the Orient Express2017Patrick Doyle****3.631631|||1,63201/18
The Muse1999Elton John***3.118400|1,07309/99 - 05/08
The Musketeer2001David Arnold***3.041,66644|||36908/01 - 01/09
My Best Friend's Wedding1997James Newton Howard***3.144000|21602/98 - 03/06all albums
My Big Fat Greek Wedding2002Alexander Janko, Chris Wilson****3.003241||54707/03 - 03/09
My Dog Skip2000William Ross***3.314265|1,26203/00 - 07/08
My Favorite Martian1999John Debney, Danny Elfman****3.055420||86803/99 - 10/07promotional
My Life1993John Barry****3.184021|89207/98 - 09/06
My Sister's Keeper2009Aaron Zigman**2.882180||1,62207/09
My Week With Marilyn2011Conrad Pope, Alexandre Desplat****3.244000|||1,60712/11
Mystic River2003Clint Eastwood**2.445201||35011/03 - 03/09
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