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     1. Avengers: Endgame
    2. Shazam!
   3. Dumbo
  4. Captain Marvel
 5. HTTYD: The Hidden World
6. The Lego Movie 2
         1. Batman
        2. Star Wars: The Last Jedi
       3. Apollo 13
      4. Edward Scissorhands
     5. How to Train Your Dragon
    6. Jurassic World: Kingdom
   7. First Man
  8. Solo: A Star Wars Story
 9. Justice League
10. Ready Player One
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 TitleYear Composer(s)FRVR VTCTRD  TRDates Notes
Sabrina1995John Williams**3.677078||33809/96 - 08/08
Safe House2012Ramin Djawadi***2.511342||1,67703/12
Sahara2005Clint Mansell****3.292394||1,14902/06
The Saint1997Graeme Revell****3.831,6312||19605/97 - 10/06all albums
Salt2010James Newton Howard***3.075265||1,17107/10
Samantha1992Joel McNeely**2.53600|1,45603/97 - 02/06
San Andreas2015Andrew Lockington****3.382074|||1,43706/15
Sausage Party2016Christopher Lennertz, Alan Menken****3.041090|||1,77912/16
Saving Mr. Banks2013Thomas Newman****3.422045||1,15301/14multiple albums
Saving Private Ryan1998John Williams***3.3512,39845|||3507/98 - 03/08
Saw2004Charlie Clouser*2.061462||1,82211/09
The Scarlet Letter1995John Barry****3.275721||27610/96 - 08/08
Scent of a Woman1992Thomas Newman****3.262430||1,60909/09
Schindler's List1993John Williams*****4.3625,048383|||409/96 - 02/19multiple albums
The Score2001Howard Shore***3.2455614||77307/01 - 02/09
The Scorpion King2002John Debney****3.488407||37407/02 - 01/09
Scream1996Marco Beltrami**2.741,0700||23207/98 - 01/17all albums
Scream 21997Marco Beltrami, Danny Elfman***2.801,0060||24207/98 - 01/17all albums
Scream 32000Marco Beltrami***3.271,7890||25502/00 - 07/08
Scream 42011Marco Beltrami**2.602953||1,49604/11
Scrooged1988Danny Elfman***3.281941|||1,69912/11limited
Seabiscuit2003Randy Newman***2.862,26447||33907/03 - 03/09
Searching for Bobby Fischer1993James Horner***3.914574||67406/98 - 07/15all albums
Secondhand Lions2003Patrick Doyle****3.538026||57311/03 - 03/09
The Secret Garden1993Zbigniew Preisner****3.291372||1,87002/12
The Secret Life of Pets2016Alexandre Desplat****3.041802||1,65209/16
The Secret of N.I.M.H.1982Jerry Goldsmith****3.435944|||57606/03 - 04/16all albums
Sense and Sensibility1995Patrick Doyle****3.425295||31402/97 - 09/11
The Sentinel2006Christophe Beck*2.392566||1,05704/06
Serenity2005David Newman**2.923587|97811/05
Seven1995Howard Shore**2.761351||1,34611/09 - 03/17all albums
Seven Years in Tibet1997John Williams****3.662,1123||8609/97 - 03/08
Sex and the City2008Aaron Zigman***2.70640||1,91608/11
Sex and the City 22010Aaron Zigman***2.60521||1,91108/11
The Shadow1994Jerry Goldsmith*****3.932,71011||||27509/96 - 08/12all albums
Shadow Conspiracy1996Bruce Broughton***2.851630|1,12909/96 - 08/08
Shadow of the Vampire2001Dan Jones**2.974209||1,14201/01 - 10/08
Shadowlands1994George Fenton****3.321592|89104/97 - 06/06
The Shaggy Dog2006Alan Menken****3.091980||1,25802/07
Shakespeare in Love1998Stephen Warbeck****3.835,4155||7912/98 - 03/08
Shanghai Noon2000Randy Edelman***2.871331|1,29009/03 - 04/09
The Shape of Water2017Alexandre Desplat***3.492573|||1,63102/18
The Shawshank Redemption1994Thomas Newman****3.892,8445||11708/98 - 01/17all albums
Shazam!2019Benjamin Wallfisch****3.48940|||1,93007/19
Sherlock Holmes2009Hans Zimmer, Lorne Balfe***3.101,2249|||72401/10
Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows2011Hans Zimmer, Lorne Balfe*2.4072831|||82512/11
Shine1996David Hirschfelder***2.871681|68411/96 - 04/06
The Shipping News2001Christopher Young****3.015653|||99502/02 - 02/09
Shipwrecked1991Patrick Doyle***3.091490||80903/98 - 11/11
Shrek2001John Powell, Harry Gregson-Williams***3.066,84991|||9112/01 - 01/09
Shrek 22004Harry Gregson-Williams, Various****3.3780210||75001/05 - 10/11
Shrek Forever After2010Harry Gregson-Williams****3.075781||1,38605/10
Shrek the Third2007Harry Gregson-Williams, Various***2.726061|86706/07
Sicario2015Jóhann Jóhannsson*2.602047||1,63901/16
Sideways2004Rolfe Kent***3.003404||98901/05 - 10/11
Signs2002James Newton Howard***3.453,05494|||37609/02 - 02/09
The Silence of the Lambs1991Howard Shore***3.081790||1,30111/09 - 05/18multiple albums
Silver Linings Playbook2012Danny Elfman**2.912081||1,28212/12
Silverado1985Bruce Broughton*****3.601830|||1,58905/10all albums
Simone2002Carter Burwell***2.572116||1,06509/02 - 02/09
Simpatico1999Stewart Copeland**2.341580|1,43412/99 - 11/07
A Simple Plan1998Danny Elfman**2.541,1010||31302/99 - 05/08
A Simple Twist of Fate1994Cliff Eidelman***3.152540|1,21906/01 - 02/08
The Simpsons Movie2007Hans Zimmer, Various***2.743702||1,15411/07
Sin City2005Robert Rodriguez, Graeme Revell, John Debney****3.0776344|||30904/05 - 09/11
Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas2003Harry Gregson-Williams*****3.964,38466||21806/03 - 03/09
The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants2005Cliff Eidelman***3.784062|51712/05
The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 22008Rachel Portman***2.871140||1,86709/09
Six Days, Seven Nights1998Randy Edelman***3.187081|27406/98 - 03/07
Six Degrees of Separation1993Jerry Goldsmith*2.222700|57007/98 - 09/08
The Sixth Sense1999James Newton Howard***3.455,0713||13308/99 - 06/08
The Skeleton Key2005Edward Shearmur**2.461712|1,31711/05
The Skulls2000Randy Edelman***3.011,1580|75303/00 - 07/08
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow2004Edward Shearmur****3.581,28645|||26609/04 - 05/18multiple albums
Skyfall2012Thomas Newman***2.7979519||||54011/12
Skyline2010Matthew Margeson**2.562504||1,64511/10
Sleepers1996John Williams**3.684113||59010/96 - 11/11
Sleeping with the Enemy1991Jerry Goldsmith****3.591,0761||44906/98 - 09/11all albums
Sleepy Hollow1999Danny Elfman****3.988,5357|||13211/99 - 06/11all albums
Slumdog Millionaire2008A.R. Rahman***2.211,3094|||64701/09
Small Soldiers1998Jerry Goldsmith****3.352,8162||14007/98 - 10/18multiple albums
Smilla's Sense of Snow1997Harry Gregson-Williams, Hans Zimmer**2.912202||77603/97 - 09/11
The Smurfs2011Heitor Pereira***2.512825||1,60008/11
Snake Eyes1998Ryuichi Sakamoto**2.712201|1,20105/99 - 07/07
Snakes on a Plane2006Trevor Rabin**2.43540||1,88508/11
Sneakers1992James Horner****3.575423||64009/96 - 09/08
Snow Falling on Cedars1999James Newton Howard****3.451,2586|29211/99 - 08/07
Snow Flower and the Secret Fan2011Rachel Portman***3.131621||1,68108/11
Snow White & the Huntsman2012James Newton Howard***3.225643|||99906/12
The Social Network2010Trent Reznor, Atticus RossFRISBEE2.471,96360|||65712/10multiple albums
Solaris2002Cliff Martinez**3.012831||1,63712/09 - 01/11multiple albums
Soldier1998Joel McNeely***2.823122||73911/98 - 04/07
Solo: A Star Wars Story2018John Powell, John Williams, Various*****4.1047216|||||1,37706/18
Something to Talk About1995Hans Zimmer, Graham Preskett***2.76945||1,80604/10
Something Wicked This Way Comes1983James Horner, Georges DelerueVaried3.031855||||1,30408/09 - 04/16multiple albums
Something's Gotta Give2003Hans Zimmer, Heitor Pereira, Various****3.011302||1,62304/10bootleg
Somewhere in Time1980John Barry****4.083452||1,44112/09multiple albums
Sommersby1993Danny Elfman*****4.041,65710||48309/96 - 09/08
Soul Surfer2011Marco Beltrami*****3.872665|||1,31607/11
South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut1999Marc Shaiman, Trey Parker***2.8214,19578|||5707/99 - 06/08
Southpaw2015James Horner***2.891312|||1,62411/15
Space Battleship Yamato2010Naoki Sato*****3.915144||||1,04101/11Japanese
SpaceCamp1986John Williams***3.193884||61707/98 - 12/14all albums
Spanglish2004Hans Zimmer****3.2771712||70701/05 - 10/11
The Specialist1994John Barry****3.322031||70007/98 - 02/06
Species1995Christopher Young***3.003005||43203/98 - 07/09all albums
Spectre2015Thomas Newman**2.672837|||1,40601/16
Speed1994Mark Mancina***3.6647412||84509/03 - 03/12multiple albums
Speed 2: Cruise Control1997Mark Mancina****3.192273|||1,62907/10limited
Speed Racer2008Michael Giacchino***2.903051||1,20306/08
Sphere1998Elliot Goldenthal**2.556263||78303/98 - 07/07
Spider-Man2002Danny Elfman****3.363,735227|||9506/02 - 01/09
Spider-Man 22004Danny Elfman, Christopher Young, John Debney****3.482,196116||||20508/04 - 08/11
Spider-Man: Homecoming2017Michael Giacchino***3.351781||1,62612/17
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse2018Daniel Pemberton*2.811062||1,85001/19multiple albums
The Spiderwick Chronicles2008James Horner****3.3878920|||48801/08
Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron2002Hans Zimmer, Steve Jablonsky, Various**3.343,136136|||23305/02 - 01/09
Spirited Away2001Joe Hisaishi***3.834671||1,53711/09
The Spitfire Grill1996James Horner*****3.971,5737|||36709/96 - 08/08
Splash1984Lee Holdridge****3.534950||79312/99 - 10/07promotional
The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water2015John Debney***2.67781||1,72206/15limited
Spontaneous Human Combustion1995Geasje Palacek*2.13702||98309/96 - 05/06bootleg
Spy2015Theodore Shapiro***2.781032||1,91711/15
Spy Game2001Harry Gregson-Williams****3.641,422165||21211/01 - 01/09
Spy Kids2001John Debney, Danny Elfman, Harry Gregson-Williams, Various***2.911,91512|||39804/01 - 01/09
Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams2002Robert Rodriguez, John Debney***2.844666||86003/03 - 01/09
Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over2003Robert Rodriguez**2.542302||71809/03 - 03/09
Squanto: A Warrior's Tale1994Joel McNeely****3.06950||1,83609/11limited
Standard Operating Procedure2008Danny Elfman***3.102210||1,68409/09
Stanley & Iris1990John Williams**3.112813||82406/98 - 04/17all albums
Star Kid1998Nicholas Pike***2.651530|1,40906/98 - 04/07
Star Trek2009Michael GiacchinoVaried3.041,71525||||43105/09 - 06/10all albums
Star Trek Beyond2016Michael Giacchino***3.3421514|||1,32409/16 - 03/17all albums
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan1982James Horner*****4.101,38136||||22406/03 - 06/18all albums
Star Trek III: The Search for Spock1984James Horner***3.5785820|||50906/03 - 06/10all albums
Star Trek Into Darkness2013Michael Giacchino****3.105507||||68006/13 - 12/14all albums
Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home1986Leonard Rosenman**2.3154522|||71206/03 - 01/12all albums
Star Trek V: The Final Frontier1989Jerry Goldsmith****3.763,1598|||14508/97 - 05/12all albums
Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country1991Cliff Eidelman*****4.173,46320||||8512/96 - 03/12all albums
Star Trek: First Contact1996Jerry Goldsmith, Joel Goldsmith***3.629,23024||||4312/96 - 05/12multiple albums
Star Trek: Generations1994Dennis McCarthy**2.811,90617|||30002/99 - 03/13all albums
Star Trek: Insurrection1998Jerry Goldsmith****3.704,14929||||16612/98 - 08/13all albums
Star Trek: Nemesis2002Jerry Goldsmith**3.004,285140||||12012/02 - 02/14all albums
Star Trek: The Motion Picture1979Jerry Goldsmith*****4.123,7528||||10501/99 - 06/18all albums
Star Wars: A New Hope1977John Williams*****4.2517,33266||||301/97 - 08/11all albums
Star Wars: Attack of the Clones2002John Williams*****4.0929,148874|||||4802/02 - 12/08all albums
Star Wars: Return of the Jedi1983John Williams*****4.1810,69033||||2503/97 - 09/11all albums
Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith2005John Williams****4.0420,118531|||||4504/05 - 09/11
Star Wars: The Clone Wars2008Kevin Kiner**2.1394722|||78208/08
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back1980John Williams*****4.329,44263||||3401/97 - 09/11all albums
Star Wars: The Force Awakens2015John Williams*****4.181,79949|||||45912/15multiple albums
Star Wars: The Last Jedi2017John Williams*****4.0769825|||||1,05801/18multiple albums
Star Wars: The Phantom Menace1999John Williams*****4.2044,176131|||||1003/99 - 07/08all albums
Stardust2007Ilan Eshkeri****3.422212||1,51309/09
Stargate1994David Arnold****4.152,80736||22309/96 - 12/06all albums
Stars and Bars1988Elmer Bernstein***2.82940|1,35106/97 - 05/06limited
Starship Troopers1997Basil Poledouris****3.242,73355|||21111/97 - 07/16multiple albums
The Statement2003Norman Corbeil**2.922701|1,47901/04 - 04/09
Stay2005Asche and Spencer*2.152144|1,27811/05
Stealth2005BT, Various**2.492097|1,25912/05
Steel1997Mervyn Warren**2.32663||1,40104/98 - 06/06promotional
Stepmom1998John Williams***3.523,33816|18012/98 - 07/07
The Stoning of Soraya M.2008John Debney****3.371960||1,64606/09limited
Sudden Death1995John Debney**2.612211|1,43306/99 - 04/07
Suicide Squad2016Steven Price***2.571184|||1,71212/16
Sully2016Christian Jacob, Clint Eastwood***2.62970||1,79812/16
The Sum of All Fears2002Jerry Goldsmith****3.522,43397|||27806/02 - 08/14
Super 82011Michael Giacchino***3.635511|||1,16507/11
Supergirl1984Jerry Goldsmith***3.342141||1,42207/09multiple albums
Superman1978John Williams*****4.204,01342||||2711/98 - 07/09multiple albums
Superman Returns2006John Ottman*****3.941,88496|||19706/06 - 01/14all albums
Surrogates2009Richard Marvin***2.711120||1,86112/10
The Swarm1978Jerry Goldsmith****3.288724||1,05102/03 - 03/09limited
S.W.A.T.2003Elliot Goldenthal***2.3997356|||36909/03 - 03/09
Sweet Home Alabama2002George Fenton***2.77681||1,89401/12
Swept from the Sea1997John Barry***3.174540||72911/97 - 12/06
Swing Kids1993James Horner**2.831862||57506/98 - 11/11
Switchback1997Basil Poledouris***3.225460||1,09410/00 - 12/14multiple albums
The Sword and the Sorcerer1982David Whitaker***3.153493||97202/99 - 11/12multiple albums
Sylvia2003Gabriel Yared***3.155862||1,02311/03 - 03/09
Syriana2005Alexandre Desplat**2.715437|66112/05
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