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 TitleYear Composer(s)FRVR VTCTRD  TRDates Notes
21 Grams2003Gustavo Santaolalla*2.2440118||60612/03 - 03/09
Angels in America2003Thomas Newman*****4.0594111||45201/04 - 03/09
Beyond Borders2003James Horner***3.211,27914||39911/03 - 03/09
Big Fish2003Danny Elfman****3.592,47972|||16812/03 - 06/11all albums
Brother Bear2003Phil Collins, Mark Mancina**2.651,41821||32811/03 - 03/09
Bruce Almighty2003John Debney***3.181,67072|33706/03 - 03/09
Calendar Girls2003Patrick Doyle***3.325651||43101/04 - 03/09multiple albums
The Cat in the Hat2003David Newman, Marc Shaiman**2.746739||38711/03 - 03/09
Chicago2002John Kander, Danny Elfman****3.524,588136|||8102/03 - 03/09
Children of Dune2003Brian Tyler*****4.226,58772||||20203/03 - 03/09
Cold Mountain2003Gabriel Yared**2.9193840||23412/03 - 03/09
Daredevil2003Graeme Revell**2.4976542|43203/03 - 03/09
Darkness Falls2003Brian Tyler***3.081190||1,89112/11
Dreamcatcher2003James Newton Howard**2.311,48430||41303/03 - 09/20multiple albums
Dreamkeeper2003Stephen Warbeck****3.392920||1,36612/03 - 03/09
Elf2003John Debney***3.1561919||35811/03 - 03/09
Finding Nemo2003Thomas Newman****3.9211,94598|||4105/03 - 03/09
Freddy vs. Jason2003Graeme Revell***2.525083|44309/03 - 03/09
Ghosts of the Abyss2003Joel McNeely***3.041733|82607/03 - 03/09
Gigli2003John Powell**2.302932||67401/04 - 03/09
Gods and Generals2003John Frizzell, Randy Edelman*****4.025,60145||15902/03 - 03/09
The Gospel of John2003Jeff Danna*****3.9696011|||30712/03 - 03/09
Gothika2003John Ottman***2.9450722||36611/03 - 03/09
The Guys2003Mychael Danna***2.443191||1,51002/03 - 03/09
House of Sand and Fog2003James Horner***3.141,07824||38812/03 - 03/09
Hulk2003Danny Elfman**2.525,006140|||17306/03 - 03/09
The Human Stain2003Rachel Portman***3.216263||61010/03 - 03/09
Identity2003Alan Silvestri*2.52810||1,91002/12
The Italian Job2003John Powell***2.731,173129||18106/03 - 03/09
Jeepers Creepers 22003Bennett Salvay**2.043458||83309/03 - 03/09
Johnny English2003Edward Shearmur, Howard Goodall****3.601,12015|||42805/03 - 03/09
The Last Samurai2003Hans Zimmer****3.733,841206|||6111/03 - 03/09
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen2003Trevor Jones***3.332,44031|||25608/03 - 03/09
The Life of David Gale2003Alex Parker, Jake Parker**2.391,03669||23202/03 - 03/09
Looney Tunes: Back in Action2003Jerry Goldsmith, John Debney***3.351,24932|||27011/03 - 05/21all albums
The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King2003Howard Shore*****4.3122,831693|||||1711/03 - 08/20all albums
Love Actually2003Craig Armstrong****3.322020||1,46509/09multiple albums
Master and Commander2003Iva Davies, Christopher Gordon, Richard Tognetti**2.801,68796|||11210/03 - 03/09
Matchstick Men2003Hans Zimmer***2.9559926|||52910/03 - 03/09
The Matrix Reloaded2003Don Davis, Ben Watkins, Rob Dougan****3.2610,538403||||7005/03 - 12/13multiple albums
The Matrix Revolutions2003Don Davis, Juno Reactor****3.958,613279||||6308/03 - 04/14all albums
The Missing2003James Horner*****4.051,41651|||23811/03 - 03/09
Mystic River2003Clint Eastwood**2.445201||35511/03 - 03/09
Narc2003Cliff Martinez*1.954060|96502/03 - 03/09
Nicholas Nickleby2002Rachel Portman***3.281,2293|84004/03 - 03/09
Nowhere in Africa2002Niki Reiser****3.033664|81604/03 - 03/09
Once Upon a Time in Mexico2003Robert Rodriguez****3.682,048130||9509/03 - 03/09
Open Range2003Michael Kamen***3.451,54412||48009/03 - 03/09
Out of Time2003Graeme Revell****3.385024||68309/03 - 03/09
Peter Pan2003James Newton Howard***3.402,30880||12512/03 - 03/09
Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl2003Hans Zimmer, Klaus Badelt, Various*2.7923,6371285|||607/03 - 07/11multiple albums
Primal2003Bob and Barn****3.342988||1,31506/03 - 03/09
The Quiet American2002Craig Armstrong****3.396365||44902/03 - 11/08all albums
Radio2003James Horner**2.9561410||61411/03 - 03/09
Runaway Jury2003Christopher Young***3.062365|82411/03 - 03/09
The Rundown2003Harry Gregson-Williams, Heitor Pereira**2.5928531||74310/03 - 03/09
Seabiscuit2003Randy Newman***2.862,26447||34307/03 - 03/09
Secondhand Lions2003Patrick Doyle****3.538146||57811/03 - 03/09
Secret Weapons Over Normandy2003Michael Giacchino****3.362699||1,30101/04 - 03/09
Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas2003Harry Gregson-Williams*****3.964,39366||21806/03 - 03/09
Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over2003Robert Rodriguez**2.552322||70709/03 - 03/09
S.W.A.T.2003Elliot Goldenthal***2.4599856|||36809/03 - 03/09
Sweet Home Alabama2002George Fenton***2.80811||1,91201/12
Sylvia2003Gabriel Yared***3.145882||1,04511/03 - 03/09
Tears of the Sun2003Hans Zimmer, Various***2.913,019107|||22503/03 - 03/09
Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines2003Marco Beltrami**2.155,382138|||19006/03 - 03/09
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre2003Steve Jablonsky*1.621,19043||21401/04 - 03/09
Timeline2003Brian Tyler, Jerry GoldsmithVaried3.2967954|||29212/03 - 03/09all albums
Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life2003Alan Silvestri****3.291,25643|||33009/03 - 01/09
Two Weeks Notice2002John Powell***2.591170||1,84510/09
Under the Tuscan Sun2003Christophe Beck***3.3060025||51109/03 - 03/09
Underworld2003Paul Haslinger***2.671,21013||36910/03 - 03/09
Winged Migration2002Bruno Coulais***3.256416||59204/03 - 03/13multiple albums
X2: X-Men United2003John Ottman****3.196,526156|||14504/03 - 08/12multiple albums
 TitleYear Composer(s)FRVR VTCTRD  TRDates Notes
Alias (TV)2001Michael Giacchino***3.0232415|||78611/03 - 03/09all albums
Battlestar Galactica (TV)1978Stu Phillips***3.457686|||24009/99 - 11/12remastered re-issue
Blade Runner1982Vangelis**2.9765912||||1,01809/09bootleg
Blizzard2003Mark McKenzie****3.372641|1,58112/06promotional
Commando1985James Horner**2.7748225||29912/03 - 08/15limited
Conan the Barbarian1982Basil Poledouris****4.201,93141|||14806/03 - 12/12re-issue
The Core2003Christopher Young****3.461782|||1,50801/10 - 11/11bootleg
The Dark Crystal1982Trevor Jones*****4.051,12615|||27805/03 - 11/08limited
Final Solution2002John Sponsler, Tom Gire****3.102032|1,44006/03 - 03/09promotional
Goldeneye1995Eric Serra*2.413,50212|||16209/96 - 09/08re-issue
The Haunted Mansion2003Mark Mancina****3.2131916|||53202/04 - 03/17promotional
Hero2002Tan Dun****3.461,52312||27708/04 - 09/11re-issue
Ice Station Zebra1968Michel Legrand****3.222942||58004/97 - 11/08limited
The Lion King1994Hans Zimmer, Elton John****4.0312,23174||||1309/96 - 11/14expanded
The Living Daylights1987John Barry****4.111,1963||||29806/98 - 04/08re-issue
The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring2001Howard Shore, Enya***4.3038,7431533|||||711/01 - 08/20trilogy set
The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King2003Howard Shore****
4.3122,831693|||||1711/03 - 08/20limited, trilogy set
The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers2002Howard Shore****4.3126,123717|||||2112/02 - 08/20trilogy set
Love Actually2003Craig Armstrong****3.322020||1,46509/09European, promo
Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome1985Maurice Jarre****3.201940|||1,54206/10re-issue
Magic1978Jerry Goldsmith***2.687025||81706/03 - 07/15limited
Mona Lisa Smile2003Rachel Portman***3.173884||55302/04 - 03/09promotional
Monster2003Brian Transeau***2.59681||1,91301/10promotional
The Negotiator1998Graeme Revell***3.014130||47108/98 - 01/07bootleg
Octopussy1983John Barry****3.564831||48211/97 - 03/08re-issue
Point of Origin (TV)2002John Ottman***3.151240||1,57501/04 - 03/09
Poltergeist II: The Other Side1986Jerry Goldsmith***3.1940811|||32010/03 - 07/17expanded
Predator1987Alan Silvestri****3.811,38834|||16909/03 - 03/12limited
Prince Valiant1997David Bergeaud****3.233161||1,29503/03 - 03/09promotional
The Return of a Man Called Horse1976Laurence Rosenthal****3.412520||1,25906/03 - 04/16limited
The Ring/The Ring Two2002Hans Zimmer, Various**2.591,55991|||21310/03 - 09/11bootlegs
Something Wicked This Way Comes1983Georges Delerue**3.061915||||1,28708/09 - 04/16bootleg
Star Trek: Nemesis2002Jerry Goldsmith**3.014,287140||||12212/02 - 02/14bootleg
Taken (TV)2002Laura Karpman****3.903126||1,24512/03 - 03/09
THX 11381971Lalo Schifrin**2.3241313|47804/03 - 03/09limited
A View to a Kill1985John Barry***3.508812|||20406/97 - 09/06re-issue
 TitleYear Composer(s)FRVR VTCTRD  TRDates Notes
The Star Trek Album2003The City of Prague Philharmonic, The Crouch End Festival Chorus****3.532969||1,26210/03 - 03/09
Varèse Sarabande: A 25th Anniversary Celebration2003VariousVaried4.091,43010|||76605/03 - 03/09limited
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