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 TitleYear Composer(s)FRVR VTCTRD  TRDates Notes
The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3-D2005Robert Rodriguez, Graeme Revell, John Debney**2.582143||92312/05
Aeon Flux2005Graeme Revell**2.513297|1,07412/05
Assault on Precinct 132005Graeme Revell**2.501754||95802/05 - 10/11
The Aviator2004Howard Shore***3.411,62444||36412/04 - 10/11
Batman Begins2005Hans Zimmer, James Newton Howard, Various**2.936,238383||||7906/05 - 09/11
Because of Winn-Dixie2005Rachel Portman***2.512483||91702/05 - 10/11
Bee Season2005Peter Nashel**2.231660|1,43812/05
Brokeback Mountain2005Gustavo Santaolalla***2.551,60970||35112/05
The Brothers Grimm2005Dario Marianelli*****3.8361113|58811/05
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory2005Danny Elfman***3.511,7077|||50711/05 - 06/11all albums
Chicken Little2005John Debney***2.805765||70611/05
The Chorus2004Bruno Coulais, Christophe Barratier****3.791,1174||59801/05 - 08/12multiple albums
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe2005Harry Gregson-Williams***3.302,140133|||26112/05
The Chumscrubber2005James Horner**2.853904||1,06011/05
Cinderella Man2005Thomas Newman****3.4067412||37005/05 - 10/11
The Constant Gardener2005Alberto Iglesias**2.6524330|1,06402/06
Constantine2005Brian Tyler, Klaus Badelt***2.8064242|||45502/05 - 10/11
Corpse Bride2005Danny Elfman***3.441,85318|||34411/05 - 06/11all albums
Crash2004Mark Isham***3.032020||1,73809/09
Dreamer2005John Debney****3.698224|90711/05
Dust to Glory2005Nathan Furst****3.091520||1,46605/05 - 10/11
Elektra2005Christophe Beck***2.772605||65001/05 - 10/11
Fantastic Four2005John Ottman***2.9947427|95911/05
Flightplan2005James Horner***3.227698||80211/05
The Fog2005Graeme Revell**2.471630|1,37312/05
The Greatest Game Ever Played2005Brian Tyler***3.072945||1,26311/05
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire2005Patrick Doyle****3.404,121308|||14311/05
Hide and Seek2005John Ottman***3.001952||1,25404/05 - 10/11
A History of Violence2005Howard Shore***3.133410|1,19811/05
Hostage2005Alexandre Desplat****3.341170||1,84702/12
House of Flying Daggers2004Shigeru Umebayashi***3.021361||1,80906/10
House of Wax2005John Ottman***2.9727011||73005/05 - 10/11
The Interpreter2005James Newton Howard***3.1744610||72604/05 - 10/11
The Island2005Steve Jablonsky, Various*2.0160530|82812/05
Jarhead2005Thomas Newman***2.784322|94012/05
King Kong2005James Newton Howard****3.632,109139|||22112/05
Kingdom of Heaven2005Harry Gregson-Williams****3.963,081313|||12304/05 - 09/11
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang2005John Ottman***2.751660|1,25811/05
The Legend of Zorro2005James Horner*****3.971,49860||28111/05
Madagascar2005Hans Zimmer, Various*1.891,16439||20305/05 - 09/11
March of the Penguins2005Alex Wurman***3.224913|1,24411/05
Meet the Fockers2004Randy Newman**2.612794||73901/05 - 10/11
Memoirs of a Geisha2005John Williams****3.641,58760|22311/05
Million Dollar Baby2004Clint Eastwood**2.1759213||53403/05 - 10/11
Mr. & Mrs. Smith2005John Powell***2.831421||1,84901/12
Mulan II2004Joel McNeely****3.381603|||1,08602/05 - 10/11
Munich2005John Williams****3.511,49763||32401/06
Oliver Twist2005Rachel Portman****3.595203|85411/05
Pride & Prejudice2005Dario Marianelli***3.521,463125|19811/05
Proof2005Stephen Warbeck***3.224411|1,45611/05
Racing Stripes2005Mark Isham*****3.827386||56102/05 - 10/11
Robots2005John Powell***3.2053416||59703/05 - 10/11
Sahara2005Clint Mansell****3.292394||1,15802/06
Serenity2005David Newman**2.923607|98911/05
Sin City2005Robert Rodriguez, Graeme Revell, John Debney****3.2685144|||31104/05 - 09/11
The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants2005Cliff Eidelman***3.774072|52812/05
The Skeleton Key2005Edward Shearmur**2.461712|1,33911/05
Spanglish2004Hans Zimmer****3.2771912||72401/05 - 10/11
Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith2005John Williams****4.0420,161531|||||4504/05 - 09/11
Stay2005Asche and Spencer*2.152144|1,32211/05
Stealth2005BT, Various**2.492097|1,28812/05
Syriana2005Alexandre Desplat**2.715447|68712/05
Valiant2005George Fenton***3.093750||1,39605/05 - 11/05multiple albums
Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit2005Julian Nott, Various****3.315859||97111/05
War of the Worlds2005John Williams***3.031,960127|||14907/05 - 04/21multiple albums
Zathura2005John Debney****3.3831613|90012/05
 TitleYear Composer(s)FRVR VTCTRD  TRDates Notes
Airplane!1980Elmer Bernstein****3.652584||56710/97 - 07/09bootleg
Alien Nation1988Jerry Goldsmith, Curt Sobel**2.511170|||1,56707/09 - 05/18limited
Backdraft1991Hans Zimmer****3.683,13612|||16509/96 - 03/10re-issue
Battlestar Galactica (Series) (TV)2004Bear McCreary, Richard Gibbs***3.403122||||1,27606/10all albums
Caboblanco1980Jerry Goldsmith**2.741060||1,70507/09re-issue
Capricorn One1978Jerry Goldsmith***3.512250|||1,11807/09 - 04/16limited, expanded
Coma1978Jerry Goldsmith**2.91974||1,62407/09limited, expanded
Cutthroat Island1995John Debney*****4.254,33663|||11603/98 - 09/16expanded
Damien: Omen II1978Jerry Goldsmith****3.421782|||1,54107/09trilogy set
Deep Blue2004George Fenton*****3.864195||64507/04 - 03/06re-issue
The Dukes of Hazzard2005Nathan Barr***2.822700|1,23911/05promotional
Extreme Prejudice1987Jerry Goldsmith****3.315431|||1,11602/05 - 10/11expanded
The Final Conflict1981Jerry Goldsmith****3.832741|||1,41207/09trilogy set
The Fly1986Howard Shore****3.682021||1,57009/09re-issue
The Fly II1989Christopher Young****3.411491||1,67509/09re-issue
Gladiator2000Hans Zimmer, Lisa Gerrard, Klaus Badelt, Various***3.5359,455756|||||105/00 - 10/07anniversary set
Islands in the Stream1977Jerry Goldsmith***3.162011||1,51608/09 - 03/10re-issue
The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring2001Howard Shore, Enya*****4.3038,7431533|||||711/01 - 08/20complete set
The Omen1976Jerry Goldsmith*****4.086727||||90307/09 - 03/17trilogy set
The Polar Express2004Alan Silvestri, Glen Ballard***3.131980|||1,22909/09bootlegs
Rambo III1988Jerry Goldsmith****3.651,2792|||40006/98 - 04/18re-issue
The Ring/The Ring Two2002Hans Zimmer, Various**2.591,55991|||21310/03 - 09/11multiple albums
A River Runs Through It1992Mark Isham****3.441110||1,67702/12re-issue
Silverado1985Bruce Broughton*****3.722020|||1,57605/10expanded
Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country1991Cliff Eidelman*****4.153,49320||||8512/96 - 03/12bootleg
 TitleYear Composer(s)FRVR VTCTRD  TRDates Notes


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