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 TitleYear Composer(s)FRVR VTCTRD  TRDates Notes
All the King's Men2006James Horner***3.1570713||78210/06
Apocalypto2006James Horner**2.8895615||58712/06
Babel2006Gustavo Santaolalla, Ryuichi Sakamoto*1.611,33226|||39512/06
Basic Instinct 22006John Murphy**2.482921||1,06904/06
The Black Dahlia2006Mark Isham****3.577495||84509/06
Blood Diamond2006James Newton Howard****3.7598018||39012/06
Cars2006Randy Newman***2.9992611|44205/06
Casino Royale2006David Arnold****3.651,46528||||24612/06multiple albums
Charlotte's Web2006Danny Elfman****3.586025||66012/06
The Da Vinci Code2006Hans Zimmer***3.085,337217||||25405/06
The Departed2006Howard Shore****3.3125411|98112/06
Eragon2006Patrick Doyle****3.4775013||79912/06 - 01/07
The Family Stone2005Michael Giacchino***2.68870||1,88512/11
The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift2006Brian Tyler***2.931381|||1,73704/11
Fateless2006Ennio Morricone****3.402683|1,09902/06
Firewall2006Alexandre Desplat***2.931340||1,86502/12
Flags of Our Fathers2006Clint Eastwood*2.007359|||72710/06
The Fountain2006Clint Mansell, Various**3.116909||75212/06
Fun With Dick and Jane2005Theodore Shapiro***2.62581||1,91301/12
The Grudge 22006Christopher Young***3.001050||1,89712/11
Happy Feet2006John Powell****3.404108||77712/06
Ice Age: The Meltdown2006John Powell***3.204546|72904/06
The Illusionist2006Philip Glass****3.706985||75811/06
Inside Man2006Terence Blanchard***2.444207|80004/06
Jet Li's Fearless2006Shigeru Umebayashi***2.871280|1,40402/07
Lady in the Water2006James Newton Howard*****4.302,68247|||12007/06
The Lake House2006Rachel Portman***3.111841||1,32802/07
Mission: Impossible III2006Michael Giacchino***3.091,07712||65706/06
Nanny McPhee2005Patrick Doyle****3.411600||1,70908/11
The Nativity Story2006Mychael Danna*****3.835977||52012/06
The New World2005James Horner****3.591,26787|||30002/06
Night at the Museum2006Alan Silvestri***3.436636|50512/06
The Omen2006Marco Beltrami**2.431090||1,69902/12
Over the Hedge2006Rupert Gregson-Williams, Ben Folds***2.76551||1,87212/11
Pan's Labyrinth2006Javier Navarrete****3.9897114|43901/07
The Pink Panther2006Christophe Beck***3.671080||1,83701/12
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest2006Hans Zimmer, Various*2.645,193237||||17207/06 - 07/11multiple albums
Poseidon2006Klaus Badelt**2.5437810|1,07506/06
The Prestige2006David Julyan*2.0449111|75911/06
The Promise2006Klaus Badelt*****3.8056111|||58101/07
The Queen2006Alexandre Desplat**3.145275||1,11301/07
The Return2006Dario Marianelli***2.822093|1,56402/07
The Sentinel2006Christophe Beck*2.392566||1,08404/06
The Shaggy Dog2006Alan Menken****3.072020||1,27802/07
Superman Returns2006John Ottman*****3.931,91996|||19206/06 - 01/14all albums
The Triangle2005Joseph LoDuca**2.881080||1,73404/06
Underworld Evolution2006Marco Beltrami**2.541463||1,49102/07
United 932006John Powell**2.991271||1,81310/10
V for Vendetta2006Dario Marianelli****3.7189217||38903/06 - 04/06
We Are Marshall2006Christophe Beck***3.136355|91312/06
Wedding Crashers2005Rolfe Kent****3.13630||1,93301/12
The Wicker Man2006Angelo Badalamenti***2.853380|1,26809/06
The Wild2006Alan Silvestri****3.243053||86404/06
World Trade Center2006Craig Armstrong****3.407557||62508/06
X-Men: The Last Stand2006John Powell****3.571,03759||39206/06
 TitleYear Composer(s)FRVR VTCTRD  TRDates Notes
Amazing Stories (TV)1985John Williams, Various****
3.789231||||35206/99 - 10/07limited, limited
Battlestar Galactica (Series) (TV)2004Bear McCreary, Richard Gibbs****3.403122||||1,27606/10all albums
Blizzard2003Mark McKenzie****3.372641|1,58112/06expanded
Breakheart Pass1975Jerry Goldsmith***3.151150||1,59107/09 - 06/16limited, expanded
Chariots of Fire1981Vangelis**3.086265|||1,36409/09re-issue
Farewell to the King1989Basil Poledouris*****3.582685||50308/97 - 07/09expanded
Ghostbusters1984Elmer Bernstein***
3.484034|||52603/06 - 11/20re-issue, limited
Inchon1981Jerry Goldsmith**3.002024||1,55607/09 - 04/21expanded, limited
King Solomon's Mines1985Jerry Goldsmith**3.232395||1,39208/09 - 02/15expanded
A League of Their Own1992Hans Zimmer****3.764060||1,53303/10bootleg
The Little Mermaid1989Alan Menken, Howard Ashman**4.0416,02223||||1508/97 - 05/21re-issue
The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers2002Howard Shore*****4.3126,121717|||||2112/02 - 08/20complete set
Lost (TV)2004Michael Giacchino***
3.756068|||||1,24910/10all albums
The Nightmare Before Christmas1993Danny Elfman****4.0015,194315||||1409/96 - 05/11re-issue
Quigley Down Under1990Basil Poledouris****3.911,0993||63404/03 - 04/09expanded
Robotech (TV)1985Ulpio Minucci, Arlon Ober, Various**3.133421|98303/01 - 06/07expanded
Rocky1976Bill Conti****3.964681|||1,35412/09re-issue
Runaway1984Jerry Goldsmith*2.361820||1,53407/09 - 02/14limited, expanded
Stargate1994David Arnold****3.992,89936|||22009/96 - 08/20expanded
Tombstone1993Bruce Broughton****3.422062|||1,60705/10expanded
The Witches of Eastwick1987John Williams***3.486041||1,25208/09 - 11/12re-issue
 TitleYear Composer(s)FRVR VTCTRD  TRDates Notes
Craig Armstrong: Film Works 1995-20052006Craig Armstrong****3.522608|||87201/06
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