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     1. Boss Baby: Family Business
    2. The Tomorrow War
   3. Luca
  4. F9: The Fast Saga
 5. The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard
6. A Quiet Place: Part II
         1. Alice in Wonderland
        2. Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker
       3. LOTR: Fellowship of the Ring
      4. Solo: A Star Wars Story
     5. Justice League
    6. Gladiator
   7. Harry Potter: Sorcerer's Stone
  8. Spider-Man
 9. How to Train Your Dragon
10. Alice Through the Looking Glass
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 TitleYear Composer(s)FRVR VTCTRD  TRDates Notes
127 Hours2010A.R. Rahman***2.943692||1,54711/10
The A-Team2010Alan Silvestri***2.883071||1,34406/10
Alice in Wonderland2010Danny Elfman*****4.192,84111||||30703/10 - 06/11all albums
Black Swan2010Clint Mansell**2.684511||1,30301/11
The Blind Side2009Carter Burwell***2.79791||1,81406/11
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader2010David Arnold*****3.7981014||||76312/10
Clash of the Titans2010Ramin Djawadi, Various**2.1295035||||81304/10
The Crazies2010Mark Isham**2.321750||1,55303/10
Creation2009Christopher Young****3.451908||1,72901/10
Edge of Darkness2010Howard Shore***2.732322||1,49403/10
The Expendables2010Brian Tyler***3.103889||1,47009/10
Fair Game2010John Powell**2.582154||1,78811/10
Faster2010Clint Mansell**2.281860||1,76411/10
The Ghost Writer2010Alexandre Desplat***3.694071||1,71912/10
Green Zone2010John Powell****3.062531||1,70512/10
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 12010Alexandre Desplat***2.792,46144|||||51911/10 - 01/11all albums
Henri 42010Henry Jackman, Hans Zimmer**2.151811||1,75107/11
How to Train Your Dragon2010John Powell*****4.192,37321||||26704/10 - 04/21multiple albums
The Hurt Locker2009Marco Beltrami, Buck Sanders*2.3340714||1,54902/10
The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus2009Mychael Danna, Jeff Danna****3.262070||1,83002/10
Inception2010Hans Zimmer, Lorne Balfe**2.984,103155||||23607/10
Iron Man 22010John Debney**2.785569|||1,13407/10
The Karate Kid2010James Horner***3.245647|||1,14906/10
The King's Speech2010Alexandre Desplat***3.047681||94312/10
Knight and Day2010John Powell***2.921835||1,82708/11
The Last Airbender2010James Newton Howard*****4.152,55311||||42406/10
Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole2010David Hirschfelder****3.074804|||1,29910/10
Let Me In2010Michael Giacchino**2.7921211||1,70111/10
The Losers2010John Ottman***3.011492||1,86306/10
Love Happens2009Christopher Young***2.921660||1,88004/10
Marmaduke2010Christopher Lennertz***2.671130||1,91912/10
Megamind2010Hans Zimmer, Lorne Balfe****2.821,5215|||1,14710/10
Nanny McPhee Returns2010James Newton Howard***3.172811||1,77408/11all albums
Never Let Me Go2010Rachel Portman***3.042753||1,34809/10
The Next Three Days2010Danny Elfman***3.193192||1,42801/11all albums
Oceans2010Bruno Coulais****3.522751||1,61807/10import
The Pacific2010Hans Zimmer, Geoff Zanelli, Blake Neely***2.861950||1,69407/11
Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief2010Christophe Beck****3.1630013|||1,21603/10
Predators2010John Debney***3.0555310|||1,15407/10
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time2010Harry Gregson-Williams****3.177044|||1,12205/10
Robin Hood2010Marc Streitenfeld**2.876101|||1,26805/10
Salt2010James Newton Howard***3.165625||1,17207/10
Sex and the City 22010Aaron Zigman***2.57531||1,92908/11
Sherlock Holmes2009Hans Zimmer, Lorne Balfe***3.061,2519|||71801/10
Shrek Forever After2010Harry Gregson-Williams****3.075781||1,40405/10
Skyline2010Matthew Margeson**2.562504||1,68311/10
The Social Network2010Trent Reznor, Atticus RossFRISBEE2.432,04561|||62312/10multiple albums
Tangled2010Alan Menken****3.711,0383|||84211/10
The Tourist2010James Newton Howard, Gabriel Yared***3.123031||1,55601/11
The Town2010Harry Gregson-Williams, David Buckley**2.523240||1,31909/10
Toy Story 32010Randy Newman, Various***3.019883||97006/10 - 01/12all albums
Tron: Legacy2010Daft Punk***3.461,20527||||54912/10multiple albums
True Grit2010Carter Burwell, Various****3.323781||1,37201/11
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse2010Howard Shore***2.925071|||1,26507/10
Unstoppable2010Harry Gregson-Williams**2.441871||1,66612/10
Valentine's Day2010John Debney***2.961421||1,87905/10
Vampires Suck2010Christopher Lennertz****3.102773|||1,60509/10
The Wolfman2010Danny Elfman, Various****3.536926|||91303/10
 TitleYear Composer(s)FRVR VTCTRD  TRDates Notes
Alien Resurrection1997John Frizzell***3.171989|||1,56111/10expanded, limited
Batman1989Danny Elfman*****4.3113,75896||||2008/97 - 08/15limited, expanded
Batman Returns1992Danny Elfman**3.296,38038||||6409/96 - 08/15limited, expanded
Battlestar Galactica (Special Events) (TV)2007Bear McCreary***2.961161||1,88806/10
Black Sunday1977John Williams***3.132460|||1,63502/10limited
Conan the Barbarian1982Basil Poledouris*****4.201,93041|||14806/03 - 12/12re-recording
Dragonslayer1981Alex North**2.5834027|||63408/97 - 09/10limited
The Edge1997Jerry Goldsmith****3.421,8632|||27510/97 - 06/10expanded
Eraser1996Alan Silvestri***3.001501|||1,71007/10expanded
Family Plot1976John Williams***3.191290|||1,71312/10limited
Fantastic Mr. Fox2009Alexandre Desplat**2.962673||1,55802/10 - 03/11expanded
First Blood1982Jerry Goldsmith****3.836073|||1,24307/09 - 12/10expanded
Flesh + Blood1985Basil Poledouris****3.715188|||54403/97 - 05/14expanded, limited
The Goonies1985Dave Grusin***3.203382|||1,60806/10 - 11/20limited
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 12010Alexandre Desplat***2.792,46144|||||51911/10 - 01/11limited, expanded
Home Alone1990John Williams****3.962,87220|||11009/96 - 03/16expanded, limited
Independence Day1996David Arnold*****4.085,05167||||9809/96 - 06/10complete
Islands in the Stream1977Jerry Goldsmith***3.162011||1,51808/09 - 03/10original recording
Jade1995James Horner*2.452664|||1,47708/09 - 01/11limited
The Karate Kid1984Bill Conti***3.012218|||1,28206/10 - 03/21limited, re-issue
Krull1983James Horner****3.541,0777|||26308/97 - 08/15limited
The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring2001Howard Shore, Enya****4.3038,7401533|||||711/01 - 08/20book, rarities
The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King2003Howard Shore****4.3122,830693|||||1711/03 - 08/20book, rarities
The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers2002Howard Shore****4.3126,121717|||||2112/02 - 08/20book, rarities
Lost (TV)2004Michael Giacchino***
Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome1985Maurice Jarre****3.201940|||1,54206/10expanded, limited
Outland1981Jerry Goldsmith***2.853034|||1,37407/09 - 06/10expanded
Patton1970Jerry Goldsmith*****3.961,0472|||35503/99 - 11/10expanded
Players1979Jerry Goldsmith***3.061670||1,82102/10limited
Poltergeist1982Jerry Goldsmith****3.932,7374|||18203/97 - 12/10limited, expanded
The Poseidon Adventure1972John Williams****3.185802|||31409/96 - 04/21limited
Predator1987Alan Silvestri****3.811,38834|||16909/03 - 03/12limited
Rain Man1988Hans Zimmer****3.123311|||1,12604/10 - 05/18limited
Red Sonja1985Ennio Morricone***3.042653|||66706/97 - 01/11expanded, limited
RoboCop1987Basil Poledouris***3.1855313|||59801/04 - 05/18expanded
Space Battleship Yamato2010Naoki Sato*****3.955354||||99801/11Japanese
SpaceCamp1986John Williams***3.183924||62207/98 - 12/14limited
Speed 2: Cruise Control1997Mark Mancina****3.282433|||1,62307/10limited
Star Trek2009Michael GiacchinoVaried3.061,76425||||41605/09 - 07/20expanded, limited
Star Trek III: The Search for Spock1984James Horner****3.5686320|||49806/03 - 06/10expanded
Star Trek V: The Final Frontier1989Jerry Goldsmith****3.753,1858|||14608/97 - 05/12expanded, limited
Terminator 2: Judgment Day1991Brad Fiedel**2.185,8719|||3009/96 - 08/17re-issue
Tootsie1982Dave Grusin***2.911920||1,84506/10expanded
Uncommon Valor1983James Horner***2.811131||1,76310/10limited
 TitleYear Composer(s)FRVR VTCTRD  TRDates Notes
The 2008 Ghent International Film Festival: Angelo Badalamenti2008Angelo Badalamenti****3.24590|||1,89407/11re-issue
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