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 TitleYear Composer(s)FRVR VTCTRD  TRDates Notes
The Adjustment Bureau2011Thomas Newman**2.541611||1,63804/11
The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn2011John Williams*****4.011,48810||||44111/11
Anonymous2011Thomas Wanker, Harald Kloser***2.681081||1,75801/12
Arthur Christmas2011Harry Gregson-Williams, Various****3.241591||1,69601/12
The Artist2011Ludovic Bource****3.662619||1,00312/11
Battle: Los Angeles2011Brian Tyler***3.164955|||1,35104/11
Captain America: The First Avenger2011Alan Silvestri****3.3962713|||68007/11
Cars 22011Michael Giacchino***2.746934||1,14006/11
Conan the Barbarian2011Tyler Bates, Tim Williams, Dieter Hartmann*1.5076947|||1,08508/11
Contagion2011Cliff Martinez*2.442752||1,51109/11
Cowboys & Aliens2011Harry Gregson-Williams***2.853664|||1,30808/11
A Dangerous Method2011Howard Shore, Richard Wagner***2.851254||1,68812/11
Dolphin Tale2011Mark Isham***2.901530||1,62010/11
Dream House2011John Debney****3.322213|||1,40910/11
Drive2011Cliff Martinez**2.821534||1,74412/11
Fast Five2011Brian Tyler***2.884901||1,51505/11
The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo2011Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross*1.7793255||||86601/12multiple albums
Gnomeo & Juliet2011Elton John, James Newton Howard, Chris Bacon***3.094050||1,61202/11
Green Lantern2011James Newton Howard**2.564354||1,47007/11
Happy Feet Two2011John Powell***2.661711||1,74501/12
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 22011Alexandre Desplat****3.411,93358|||||48307/11
The Help2011Thomas Newman****3.152531||1,48909/11
Hop2011Christopher Lennertz***2.832100||1,72504/11
Hugo2011Howard Shore****3.694594||1,03011/11
I Am Number Four2011Trevor Rabin***2.641350||1,81607/11
Immortals2011Trevor Morris***2.531344||1,77201/12
In Time2011Craig Armstrong****3.061630||1,70101/12
The Iron Lady2011Thomas Newman***2.891381||1,71012/11
Jane Eyre2011Dario Marianelli****3.211684||1,68108/11
Kung Fu Panda 22011Hans Zimmer, John Powell, Various****3.338218||85305/11
La Ligne Droite2011Patrick Doyle*****4.053311||||1,22107/11
Limitless2011Paul Leonard-Morgan*2.091502||1,79404/11
Little Fockers2010Stephen Trask***2.711320||1,82702/11
Mars Needs Moms2011John Powell****3.284381|||1,36103/11
The Mechanic2011Mark Isham***2.571311||1,77103/11all albums
Moneyball2011Mychael Danna**2.661130||1,78112/11
Monte Carlo2011Michael Giacchino**2.471343||1,80808/11
My Week With Marilyn2011Conrad Pope, Alexandre Desplat****3.234010|||1,63012/11
No Strings Attached2011John Debney***2.861810||1,76802/11
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides2011Hans Zimmer, Various*1.832,38649||||61705/11
Priest2011Christopher Young*****3.884336|||1,17005/11
Puss in Boots2011Henry Jackman***3.142783|||1,52711/11
Rango2011Hans Zimmer, Heitor Pereira, Various**2.331,0423||1,08103/11
Real Steel2011Danny Elfman*****3.791,0938|||72810/11
The Resident2011John Ottman*2.40700||1,87601/12
Rio2011John Powell***2.964442||1,41904/11
Rise of the Planet of the Apes2011Patrick Doyle****3.4668110||||75308/11
Scream 42011Marco Beltrami**2.602963||1,48404/11
Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows2011Hans Zimmer, Lorne Balfe*2.3278631|||80712/11
The Smurfs2011Heitor Pereira***2.532845||1,64308/11
Snow Flower and the Secret Fan2011Rachel Portman***3.141631||1,71108/11
Soul Surfer2011Marco Beltrami*****3.872675|||1,24107/11
Super 82011Michael Giacchino***3.645821|||1,15907/11
The Thing2011Marco Beltrami***2.892220||1,51910/11
Thor2011Patrick Doyle****3.478966||||58205/11
The Three Musketeers2011Paul Haslinger**2.302240|||1,39710/11
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy2011Alberto Iglesias***2.961403||1,66101/12
Tower Heist2011Christophe Beck***2.73890||1,90001/12
Transformers: Dark of the Moon2011Steve Jablonsky**2.448908|||1,14207/11
The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 12011Carter Burwell****3.424512|||1,30612/11
Unknown2011John Ottman, Alexander Rudd**2.541620||1,73404/11
War Horse2011John Williams****3.891,38020||||53311/11
Water for Elephants2011James Newton Howard****3.624071||1,59306/11
Winnie the Pooh2011Henry Jackman, Robert Lopez, Kristen Anderson-Lopez***3.022424|||1,60807/11
X-Men: First Class2011Henry Jackman, Various***3.034387|||1,12307/11
 TitleYear Composer(s)FRVR VTCTRD  TRDates Notes
19411979John Williams**3.152072|||1,29108/09 - 10/11limited, expanded
48 Hrs.1982James Horner*2.501173||1,57203/11limited
The Adventures of Conan: A Sword and Sorcery Spectacular1983Basil Poledouris****3.483100||64810/00 - 12/11re-recording
Alice in Wonderland2010Danny Elfman*****4.192,84611||||30303/10 - 06/11limited, expanded
Bad Girls1994Jerry Goldsmith***3.394181|||40306/98 - 07/11expanded, limited
Batman1989Danny Elfman*****4.3113,76296||||2008/97 - 08/15limited, expanded
Batman Returns1992Danny Elfman**3.296,38838||||6409/96 - 08/15limited, expanded
Battle Beyond the Stars1980James Horner****3.845074|||56909/01 - 11/11limited, re-issue
Battlestar Galactica (TV)1978Stu Phillips*****3.457686|||24009/99 - 11/12expanded, limited
Beetlejuice1988Danny Elfman****3.855,69313||||5803/99 - 05/11limited, expanded
Big Fish2003Danny Elfman****3.592,47972|||16812/03 - 06/11limited, expanded
The Black Hole1979John Barry****3.401781|||1,57109/11limited, expanded
Breakdown1997Basil Poledouris, Richard Marvin, Various***3.10800|||1,75207/11limited
Broken Arrow1996Hans Zimmer, Don Harper****3.354652|||1,23010/09 - 03/11expanded, limited
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory2005Danny Elfman***3.511,7077|||50711/05 - 06/11limited, expanded
Cherry 20001987Basil Poledouris****3.814045||||48407/97 - 06/11limited, re-issue
Cliffhanger1993Trevor Jones****3.458403|||47006/97 - 01/18expanded, limited
Commando1985James Horner**2.7748225||29912/03 - 08/15expanded, limited
Conan the Destroyer1984Basil Poledouris****2.716139|||34106/03 - 12/11re-recording
The Core2003Christopher Young****3.461782|||1,50801/10 - 11/11limited, expanded
Corpse Bride2005Danny Elfman***3.441,85318|||34411/05 - 06/11limited, expanded
Die Hard1988Michael Kamen***2.9776017|||26003/03 - 11/19limited, expanded
Edward Scissorhands1990Danny Elfman*****4.3119,316189|||809/96 - 01/16limited, expanded
Explorers1985Jerry Goldsmith****3.432361|||1,49907/09 - 09/11expanded, limited
First Knight1995Jerry Goldsmith*****3.673,25732|||9609/96 - 04/11limited, expanded
Forever Young1992Jerry Goldsmith***3.233103|||58606/98 - 09/11expanded, limited
Gaku (Peak: The Rescuers)2011Naoki Sato****3.291011|||1,76901/12Japanese
Gorky Park1983James Horner***3.001220||1,54608/09 - 02/15re-issue
The Great Train Robbery1979Jerry Goldsmith***3.161690||1,59207/09 - 04/21expanded
The Greatest Miracle2011Mark McKenzie*****3.863122|||1,52910/11multiple albums
Gremlins1984Jerry Goldsmith****3.631,35013|||31611/99 - 11/11expanded
The Homecoming: A Christmas Story/Rascals and Robbers: The Secret Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn1971Jerry Goldsmith, James Horner***3.05884||1,75304/11limited
Humanoids from the Deep1980James Horner**2.56660||1,77811/11limited, re-issue
Killing Me Softly2002Patrick Doyle****3.311542|||1,68407/11limited
Link1986Jerry Goldsmith*2.562674||1,42907/09 - 06/16limited, re-issue
Man to Man2005Patrick Doyle****3.431483||1,78001/12limited
Mars Attacks!1996Danny Elfman**3.268975|||38403/97 - 06/11expanded, limited
Masada (TV)1981Jerry Goldsmith, Morton Stevens****3.632812|||1,47507/09 - 06/11limited
The Mechanic2011Mark Isham***2.571311||1,77103/11multiple albums, expanded
Medal of Honor (Game)1999Michael Giacchino****3.961,5161|||34502/00 - 04/11re-issue set
Medal of Honor: Frontline (Game)2002Michael Giacchino****3.4356211||71407/03 - 04/11re-issue set
Medal of Honor: Underground (Game)2000Michael Giacchino****3.232258||1,05407/03 - 04/11re-issue set
Midway1976John Williams***3.141901||1,40208/09 - 11/11limited
Mimic1997Marco Beltrami****3.151310||1,76012/11expanded, limited
The Nightmare Before Christmas1993Danny Elfman****4.0015,194315||||1409/96 - 05/11limited, expanded
Pee-wee's Big Adventure1985Danny Elfman***3.813221|||1,45805/11limited, expanded
Planet of the Apes2001Danny Elfman***3.154,67072|||14407/01 - 03/12limited, expanded
Regarding Henry1991Georges Delerue****3.071372|||1,68003/10 - 12/11limited
Scream1996Marco Beltrami**2.741,0750||22807/98 - 01/17limited, expanded
Scrooged1988Danny Elfman***3.352331|||1,65712/11limited
Sleeping with the Enemy1991Jerry Goldsmith****3.601,0831||44706/98 - 09/11expanded, limited
Sleepy Hollow1999Danny Elfman****4.008,7967|||12811/99 - 06/11limited, expanded
Solaris2002Cliff Martinez**3.012871||1,66712/09 - 01/11re-issue
Something Wicked This Way Comes1983Georges Delerue**3.061915||||1,28708/09 - 04/16limited
Squanto: A Warrior's Tale1994Joel McNeely****3.301110||1,85609/11limited
Testament1983James Horner***2.901504|77112/96 - 03/13limited
Thelma & Louise1991Hans Zimmer, John Van Tongeren***3.001981||1,45704/10 - 12/17limited
Trading Places1983Elmer Bernstein***2.98561||1,80712/11limited
Up2009Michael Giacchino****3.271,46126|||69701/10 - 08/11limited, re-issue
Wolfen1981James Horner***2.891573|||1,38108/09 - 08/12limited
The X-Files (TV)1993Mark Snow****3.321,1235|||||37911/98 - 04/21expanded, limited
 TitleYear Composer(s)FRVR VTCTRD  TRDates Notes
The Danny Elfman & Tim Burton 25th Anniversary Music Box2011Danny ElfmanFRISBEE2.513121|||||1,10605/11limited
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