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 TitleYear Composer(s)FRVR VTCTRD  TRDates Notes
Beetlejuice1988Danny Elfman****3.855,68813||||5803/99 - 05/11all albums
Cocoon: The Return1988James Horner**3.071300||1,48508/09 - 03/16all albums
Criminal Law1988Jerry Goldsmith*2.431960|1,13107/98 - 10/11
A Fish Called Wanda1988John Du Prez****3.041361|||1,71408/11 - 12/17all albums
The Land Before Time1988James Horner*****4.084,44812|||7807/98 - 12/07
Rain Man1988Hans Zimmer****3.123311|||1,12604/10 - 05/18all albums
Rambo III1988Jerry Goldsmith****3.651,2782|||40006/98 - 04/18all albums
Red Heat1988James Horner*2.4819512||73707/98 - 11/11
Rent-A-Cop1988Jerry Goldsmith***3.042331||1,08706/98 - 03/10multiple albums
Who Framed Roger Rabbit1988Alan Silvestri****3.496774|||45407/03 - 06/18all albums
Willow1988James Horner*****4.225,83916||||7705/98 - 12/07
 TitleYear Composer(s)FRVR VTCTRD  TRDates Notes
Alien1979Jerry Goldsmith***3.9666411|||65407/091988 original
Aliens1986James Horner***3.461,52048|||17605/01 - 10/081987 original
An American Tail1986James Horner, Barry Mann****3.804854||||1,05808/09 - 05/191986 original
Back to the Future1985Alan Silvestri*****4.028548||||71101/10 - 04/161985 original
*batteries not included1987James Horner***2.941272||1,58108/09 - 08/201987 original
Big Trouble in Little China1986John Carpenter, Alan Howarth**2.925204||73906/99 - 01/171986 original
The Black Cauldron1985Elmer Bernstein****3.372704|||58911/96 - 04/171985 original
Blade Runner1982Vangelis**2.9765712||||1,02209/091987 original
Brainstorm1983James Horner***3.031312|||1,48808/091985 original
Close Encounters of the Third Kind1977John Williams****3.742,28210|||7605/98 - 05/181986 original
Cocoon1985James Horner****3.768333|||40110/97 - 12/131985 original
Conan the Barbarian1982Basil Poledouris*****4.201,93041|||14806/03 - 12/121984 original
Damien: Omen II1978Jerry Goldsmith****3.421782|||1,53907/091988 original
Dune1984Toto***4.0313,60138||||4612/97 - 09/081984 original
Empire of the Sun1987John Williams***3.444771|||1,04908/09 - 08/141987 original
E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial1982John Williams*****4.348,144131||||3909/96 - 05/181986 original
Extreme Prejudice1987Jerry Goldsmith***3.315431|||1,11702/05 - 10/111987 original
The Final Conflict1981Jerry Goldsmith****3.832741|||1,41507/091986 original
First Blood1982Jerry Goldsmith****3.836073|||1,24307/09 - 12/101988 original
The Fly1986Howard Shore****3.682001||1,56909/091986 original
Gorky Park1983James Horner***3.001210||1,54408/09 - 02/151986 original
Halloween1978John Carpenter****3.356801||63201/00 - 07/081985 original
Hoosiers1986Jerry Goldsmith*****4.292,23317||||28506/03 - 12/121987 original
Inchon1981Jerry Goldsmith**2.992014||1,56707/09 - 04/211988 original
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom1984John Williams*****3.931,0944|||66908/091984 original
Innerspace1987Jerry Goldsmith***3.374198|||77307/03 - 02/101987 original
Islands in the Stream1977Jerry Goldsmith***3.162011||1,51808/09 - 03/101986 original
King Kong Lives1986John Scott****3.312601|||60708/97 - 10/121987 original
King Solomon's Mines1985Jerry Goldsmith**3.232395||1,39008/09 - 02/151987 original
Krull1983James Horner****3.541,0777|||26308/97 - 08/151987 original
The Last Starfighter1984Craig Safan****3.323012||62809/96 - 02/151987 original
Legend1985Jerry Goldsmith****3.2795813|||32603/97 - 03/091986 original
Link1986Jerry Goldsmith*2.562674||1,43007/09 - 06/161986 original
Lionheart1987Jerry Goldsmith*****3.935275|||1,21907/091987 original
The Living Daylights1987John Barry*****4.111,1953||||29806/98 - 04/081987 original
Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome1985Maurice Jarre****3.201940|||1,54206/101985 original
Masters of the Universe1987Bill Conti**3.064546|||42903/97 - 09/201987 original
The Mission1986Ennio Morricone*****4.025253|||1,03109/091986 original
The Name of the Rose1986James Horner**2.811295||1,38808/091986 original
Night Crossing1981Jerry Goldsmith****3.612300||1,45407/09 - 08/141987 original
Octopussy1983John Barry****3.514681||48211/97 - 03/081985 original
Out of Africa1985John Barry****4.103772|||1,07601/101986 original
Pee-wee's Big Adventure1985Danny Elfman***3.813221|||1,46105/111986 original
Poltergeist II: The Other Side1986Jerry Goldsmith***3.1940811|||32010/03 - 07/171986 original
The Princess Bride1987Mark Knopfler****3.453396||61404/03 - 03/091987 original
Raiders of the Lost Ark1981John Williams*****4.296,3625|||||5909/96 - 12/081985 original
Rambo: First Blood Part II1985Jerry Goldsmith****3.771,2196|||33505/99 - 01/171985 original
Red Dawn1984Basil Poledouris***2.941410||1,84206/101988 original
The Right Stuff1983Bill Conti***3.061296|||1,52002/121986 original
RoboCop1987Basil Poledouris***3.1855313|||59801/04 - 05/181987 original
Rocky1976Bill Conti****3.964671|||1,35412/091988 original
Runaway1984Jerry Goldsmith*2.361820||1,53207/09 - 02/141985 original
The Secret of N.I.M.H.1982Jerry Goldsmith****3.466084|||56006/03 - 04/161986 original
Somewhere in Time1980John Barry****3.793992||1,41712/091985 original
Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home1986Leonard Rosenman**2.2756722|||70306/03 - 01/121986 original
Star Trek: The Motion Picture1979Jerry Goldsmith*****4.123,7708||||10501/99 - 06/181986 original
Star Wars: A New Hope1977John Williams*****4.2517,35467||||301/97 - 08/111986 original
Star Wars: Return of the Jedi1983John Williams*****4.1810,69533||||2503/97 - 09/111986 original
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back1980John Williams*****4.329,46263||||3401/97 - 09/111985 original
Supergirl1984Jerry Goldsmith***3.362191||1,35607/091985 original
Superman1978John Williams*****4.214,04542||||2711/98 - 10/191987 original
The Witches of Eastwick1987John Williams***3.486041||1,25408/09 - 11/121987 original
 TitleYear Composer(s)FRVR VTCTRD  TRDates Notes
Jerry Goldsmith: Suites and Themes1988Jerry Goldsmith*****3.381727|||50606/97 - 11/11limited
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