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 TitleYear Composer(s)FRVR VTCTRD  TRDates Notes
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea1997Mark Snow*****3.826517||45010/97 - 02/08
Addicted to Love1997Rachel Portman****3.932,0863||21907/97 - 03/08
Air Force One1997Jerry Goldsmith, Joel McNeely, Randy Newman****3.644,11821||||6207/97 - 02/21all albums
Alien Resurrection1997John Frizzell***3.171989|||1,56311/10all albums
Amistad1997John Williams****3.762,5819||23212/97 - 02/08
Anastasia1997David Newman***3.898,90626|||4010/97 - 02/08
The Beautician and the Beast1997Cliff Eidelman***3.142331||1,27706/01 - 09/08
Con Air1997Mark Mancina, Trevor Rabin*2.141,1695||34207/97 - 06/06
Conspiracy Theory1997Carter Burwell****3.061080||1,74907/10
Contact1997Alan Silvestri***3.331,1175|39108/97 - 12/06
Dante's Peak1997John Frizzell, James Newton Howard***3.011761||1,71507/10
Devil's Advocate1997James Newton Howard****3.521,2741||30411/97 - 06/07
The Devil's Own1997James Horner***3.794504||44004/97 - 11/11
The Disappearance of Garcia Lorca1997Mark McKenzie****3.092110|1,11101/00 - 09/08
The Edge1997Jerry Goldsmith****3.421,8632|||27510/97 - 06/10all albums
Event Horizon1997Michael Kamen, Orbital*2.462822||1,15609/03 - 04/09
Eve's Bayou1997Terence Blanchard****3.061243|96202/98 - 03/06
Face/Off1997John Powell, Gavin Greenaway**3.424466|41907/97 - 04/06
Fierce Creatures1997Jerry Goldsmith***2.782651|97112/96 - 08/08
The Fifth Element1997Eric Serra***3.079,14553||2205/97 - 03/08
Flubber1997Danny Elfman**2.789512|29011/97 - 02/08
Free Willy 3: The Rescue1997Cliff Eidelman****3.224100||79308/99 - 02/08
The Game1997Howard Shore**2.703222|1,00607/99 - 07/07
Gattaca1997Michael Nyman***3.161,0245||37410/97 - 03/08
Hercules1997Alan Menken*2.336,2737|||10805/97 - 12/06
Hoodlum1997Elmer Bernstein****3.886700|89609/97 - 12/06
In & Out1997Marc Shaiman***2.75720||1,93101/12
Into Thin Air: Death on Everest1997Lee Holdridge****3.353560|67712/97 - 12/06
Kundun1997Philip Glass***2.551,3513||29312/97 - 03/08
L.A. Confidential1997Jerry Goldsmith***3.072,2240|27912/97 - 06/07
Last Stand at Sabre River1997David Shire***3.291110|1,39312/97 - 06/06
Liar Liar1997John Debney, James Newton Howard***3.157552|88906/99 - 02/08
The Long Way Home1997Lee Holdridge***2.881020|1,46312/97 - 03/06
The Lost World: Jurassic Park1997John Williams***3.814,3376||||6605/97 - 03/18all albums
Mars Attacks!1996Danny Elfman**3.268975|||38403/97 - 06/11all albums
Marvin's Room1996Rachel Portman***3.021652|1,32505/03 - 03/09
Men in Black1997Danny Elfman***3.142,1123||16001/98 - 09/06
Mimic1997Marco Beltrami****3.151310||1,76012/11all albums
Mouse Hunt1997Alan Silvestri****3.541301||1,77601/12
Narrow Escape1997David Michael Frank***2.96680|1,41612/97 - 06/06
The Peacemaker1997Hans Zimmer****3.232,7833|||9709/97 - 08/14all albums
The Postman1997James Newton Howard****3.722590||1,69507/10
The Rainmaker1997Elmer Bernstein***2.902140|1,07012/97 - 12/06
Red Corner1997Thomas Newman***2.85661||1,85902/12
Rosewood1997John Williams***3.363402|||60103/97 - 07/13all albums
Rough Riders1997Peter Bernstein, Elmer Bernstein***3.333222|97212/97 - 08/08
The Saint1997Graeme Revell****3.831,6322||20105/97 - 10/06all albums
Seven Years in Tibet1997John Williams****3.682,1443||8609/97 - 03/08
Smilla's Sense of Snow1997Harry Gregson-Williams, Hans Zimmer**2.752482||78303/97 - 09/11
Stargate SG-11997Joel Goldsmith, Richard Band, Various***3.147053|||25912/97 - 08/20all albums
Starship Troopers1997Basil Poledouris****3.242,73755|||21111/97 - 07/16multiple albums
Swept from the Sea1997John Barry***3.174590||74911/97 - 12/06
Titanic1997James Horner*****4.1127,289163|||||411/97 - 06/18multiple albums
Tomorrow Never Dies1997David Arnold****4.189,68630|||4711/97 - 03/08all albums
True Women1997Bruce Broughton****3.354381|1,05106/97 - 12/06
Volcano1997Alan Silvestri***3.071,0562||21005/97 - 07/16all albums
The Whole Wide World1996Harry Gregson-Williams, Hans Zimmer***2.951571||98807/04 - 09/11
Wilde1997Debbie Wiseman****3.691461||1,76501/12multiple albums
 TitleYear Composer(s)FRVR VTCTRD  TRDates Notes
19411979John Williams**3.152072|||1,29108/09 - 10/11re-issue
Airplane!1980Elmer Bernstein*3.642574||56710/97 - 07/09bootleg
Bound1996Don Davis***3.031210|86812/97 - 03/06promotional
Braveheart1995James Horner**4.1727,731188|||209/96 - 03/16all albums
Breakheart Pass1975Jerry Goldsmith***3.151150||1,59107/09 - 06/16bootleg
Chicago Hope (TV)1994Jeff Rona, Mark Isham****3.395910||19502/98 - 02/08
Cleopatra1963Alex North***3.951,0419|||16603/01 - 09/08limited
Close Encounters of the Third Kind1977John Williams*3.742,28410|||7605/98 - 05/18bootleg
Cocoon1985James Horner****3.768333|||40110/97 - 12/13re-issue
Cosmic Voyage (IMAX)1996David Michael Frank****3.361041|1,10712/97 - 08/08promotional
Dune1984Toto*4.0313,60538||||4612/97 - 09/08expanded
The Fan1996Hans Zimmer, Jeff Rona*2.2632114|||94510/03 - 04/09bootlegs
Flatliners/Falling Down1990James Newton HowardVaried3.362980||48906/97 - 02/15bootleg
Flight of the Intruder1991Basil Poledouris**2.811403||1,13107/03 - 02/13bootlegs
Fly Away Home1996Mark Isham*****3.8663017||42007/03 - 03/09promotional and bootlegs
I Know What You Did Last Summer1997John Debney***3.022761||67901/99 - 08/08promotional
Ice Station Zebra1968Michel Legrand**3.222942||58004/97 - 11/08all albums
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade1989John Williams****3.964,70818|||8408/97 - 12/08re-issue
Islands in the Stream1977Jerry Goldsmith***3.162011||1,51608/09 - 03/10re-issue
King Kong Lives1986John Scott*****3.312601|||60908/97 - 10/12bootleg
King Solomon's Mines1985Jerry Goldsmith**3.232395||1,39208/09 - 02/15re-issue
The Life and Music of Basil Poledouris1997Basil Poledouris****3.11811||1,10101/98 - 11/06video biography
Link1986Jerry Goldsmith*2.562674||1,42907/09 - 06/16bootleg
The Little Mermaid1989Alan Menken, Howard Ashman***4.0416,02223||||1508/97 - 05/21re-issue
Lois & Clark (TV)1993Jay Gruska***3.231313||84803/98 - 04/06
My Best Friend's Wedding1997James Newton Howard***3.224250|21602/98 - 03/06promotional
Octopussy1983John Barry****3.554801||48211/97 - 03/08expanded
Out of Africa1985John Barry****4.103772|||1,07601/10re-recording
A Patch of Blue1965Jerry Goldsmith****3.483892||62006/97 - 12/06all albums
Poltergeist1982Jerry Goldsmith****3.932,7384|||18203/97 - 12/10all albums
Predator1987Alan Silvestri***3.811,38834|||16909/03 - 03/12bootleg
Project X1987James Horner*2.852433|||60510/97 - 09/20bootleg
The Relic1997John Debney**2.722477||60811/99 - 03/13promotional
Species1995Christopher Young***3.013035||43303/98 - 07/09promotional
Star Wars: A New Hope1977John Williams*****4.2517,35567||||301/97 - 08/11special edition
Star Wars: Return of the Jedi1983John Williams*****4.1810,69533||||2503/97 - 09/11special edition
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back1980John Williams*****4.329,46263||||3401/97 - 09/11special edition
Steel1997Mervyn Warren**2.30673||1,44504/98 - 06/06promotional
Toys1992Hans Zimmer, Trevor Horn, Bruce Woolley***2.663602|||61207/04 - 09/11bootleg
The Vanishing1993Jerry Goldsmith****3.422900|||61306/98 - 09/08bootleg
William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet1996Nellee Hooper, Craig Armstrong, Marius DeVries***2.941271|||1,64011/09Volume 2
Wolfen1981James Horner***2.891573|||1,38108/09 - 08/12bootleg
 TitleYear Composer(s)FRVR VTCTRD  TRDates Notes
Babylon 5: Messages from Earth1997Christopher Franke****3.442703||1,05707/99 - 09/08
The Batman Trilogy1997The Royal Scottish National Orchestra**3.121621||1,30207/03 - 04/09
The Big Picture1997The Cincinnati Pops, The Singers Companye****3.211180||1,27406/97 - 07/06
Cinema Choral Classics1997The City of Prague Philharmonic and the Crouch End Festival Chorus****3.971,0811||66906/97 - 06/07
Frontiers1997The Royal Scottish National Orchestra****3.524140||1,07912/97 - 03/08
The Hollywood Sound1997The London Symphony Orchestra***3.624362|75503/97 - 12/06
The Mark of Zorro/The Crimson Pirate1997The City of Prague Philharmonic and The Crouch End Festival ChorusVaried3.081560|1,05010/97 - 06/07multiple albums
Patton and Tora! Tora! Tora!1997Jerry Goldsmith*****3.391761|54308/97 - 07/06re-recording
Space and Beyond1997The City of Prague Philharmonic*****3.743500||1,01203/97 - 12/06
Warriors of the Silver Screen1997The City of Prague Philharmonic*****3.713300|1,01607/97 - 06/07
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