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 TitleYear Composer(s)FRVR VTCTRD  TRDates Notes
American History X1998Anne Dudley****3.211123||1,74007/10
Antz1998John Powell, Harry Gregson-Williams, Various****3.832,8314|30112/98 - 01/07
Apt Pupil1998John Ottman****3.172224|1,19609/03 - 04/09
Armageddon1998Trevor Rabin, Harry Gregson-Williams***2.865,31623||10712/98 - 01/07all albums
As Good As It Gets1997Hans Zimmer****3.341,5975|13101/98 - 01/07
The Avengers1998Joel McNeely***2.888751||50412/98 - 03/08
Beloved1998Rachel Portman**2.702484|1,04212/98 - 01/07
Blade1998Mark Isham**2.651703||1,21909/03 - 11/08
A Bug's Life1998Randy Newman***3.183,5556||32702/99 - 03/08
A Civil Action1998Danny Elfman***3.076611||82201/99 - 04/07
Dangerous Beauty1998George Fenton*****4.042,0762|24904/98 - 03/08
Dark City1998Trevor Jones****3.198126|||41404/98 - 01/07all albums
Deep Impact1998James Horner***3.362,1716||11305/98 - 03/08
Deep Rising1998Jerry Goldsmith**2.798033||54002/98 - 08/14all albums
Desperate Measures1998Trevor Jones***2.73880||1,87702/12
Disturbing Behavior1998Mark Snow*2.443200|83808/98 - 01/07
Elizabeth1998David Hirschfelder***3.748071|86202/99 - 07/07
Enemy of the State1998Trevor Rabin, Harry Gregson-Williams**2.621,1304||64312/98 - 01/07
Ever After: A Cinderella Story1998George Fenton****3.673,51828||13008/98 - 01/07
Gods and Monsters1998Carter Burwell****3.101470||1,87902/12
Godzilla1998David Arnold****3.421,64927|||6905/98 - 03/13all albums
Great Expectations1998Patrick Doyle****3.852,8682||23701/98 - 03/08
Halloween H20 (Portrait of Terror)1998John Ottman***3.121970||85810/98 - 03/08rejected score
Hard Rain1998Christopher Young****3.152711||94101/98 - 01/07
The Horse Whisperer1998Thomas Newman****3.802,4472||27406/98 - 04/08
Incognito1997John Ottman*****3.911,5660||79507/98 - 07/07
A Kid in Aladdin's Palace1998David Michael Frank****3.142000|1,35308/98 - 01/07
The Legend of 19001998Ennio Morricone***3.883,5336||26912/99 - 08/08all albums
Les Misérables1998Basil Poledouris*****4.175,90710|||15304/98 - 06/07all albums
Life is Beautiful1998Nicola Piovani***3.302,4846|7502/99 - 03/08
Little Boy Blue1998Stewart Copeland**2.052320|1,28908/98 - 01/07
Lost in Space1998Bruce Broughton**2.901,36019||25304/98 - 04/16all albums
The Man in the Iron Mask1998Nick Glennie-Smith***3.351,1661||40503/98 - 07/07
The Mask of Zorro1998James Horner*****4.138,81177|||1806/98 - 03/08
Meet Joe Black1998Thomas Newman***3.212,1046|15212/98 - 01/07
Mercury Rising1998John Barry***2.865432||84904/98 - 07/07
Merlin1998Trevor Jones****3.823,8583|15105/97 - 03/07
The Mighty1998Trevor Jones****3.323181||77401/99 - 03/08all albums
Mighty Joe Young1998James Horner**2.731,2483|34812/98 - 03/08
Moby Dick1998Christopher Gordon****3.613701||77703/98 - 07/07
Mulan1998Jerry Goldsmith, Matthew Wilder****3.9710,43724|||3606/98 - 07/07all albums
The Negotiator1998Graeme Revell***3.014130||47108/98 - 01/07all albums
The Object of My Affection1998George Fenton**2.742500|40604/98 - 03/07
One True Thing1998Cliff Eidelman***2.861880||1,30005/01 - 03/08
Patch Adams1998Marc Shaiman***3.273572|51602/99 - 03/07
Paulie1998John Debney***2.582150|1,09705/98 - 03/07
A Perfect Murder1998James Newton Howard**3.412271||1,82301/12
Pleasantville1998Randy Newman***3.288781|61902/99 - 03/07
The Prince of Egypt1998Hans Zimmer, Stephen Schwartz****4.0713,47498||||3212/98 - 03/08all albums
Princess Mononoke1997Joe Hisaishi****4.1213,59951||7310/99 - 08/08all albums
Quest for Camelot1998Patrick Doyle, David Foster, Carole Bayer Sager****3.354641||||51808/03 - 04/09multiple albums
The Replacement Killers1998Harry Gregson-Williams, Steve Jablonsky*2.438010|44608/98 - 03/07
Return to Paradise1998Mark Mancina****3.252331|1,31108/99 - 03/08
Ronin1998Elia Cmiral***2.984342|94201/00 - 04/08
Saving Private Ryan1998John Williams***3.3412,40745|||3507/98 - 08/20all albums
Shakespeare in Love1998Stephen Warbeck****3.835,4165||8012/98 - 03/08
Six Days, Seven Nights1998Randy Edelman***3.177101|28206/98 - 03/07
Small Soldiers1998Jerry Goldsmith****3.362,8392||14107/98 - 10/18multiple albums
Snake Eyes1998Ryuichi Sakamoto**2.712201|1,23805/99 - 07/07
Soldier1998Joel McNeely***2.853172||75711/98 - 04/07
Sphere1998Elliot Goldenthal**2.576363||75603/98 - 07/07
Star Kid1998Nicholas Pike***2.661540|1,45306/98 - 04/07
Star Trek: Insurrection1998Jerry Goldsmith****3.694,17429||||16412/98 - 08/13all albums
Stepmom1998John Williams***3.523,34017|18012/98 - 07/07
The Truman Show1998Burkhart Dallwitz, Philip Glass***3.252850|||1,69711/09
Twilight1998Elmer Bernstein**2.302370|1,01904/98 - 04/07
U.S. Marshals1998Jerry Goldsmith***2.636101|||46803/98 - 08/20all albums
The Velocity of Gary1998Peitor Angell**2.222220|57408/99 - 04/07
Wag the Dog1997Mark Knopfler**2.249430||54901/98 - 04/07
What Dreams May Come1998Michael Kamen, Mark Snow****3.592,1243||16710/98 - 03/08
Wild America1997Joel McNeely***3.032131|1,02203/97 - 07/07
Wild Things1998George S. Clinton***2.85810||1,91801/12
The X-Files: Fight the Future1998Mark Snow***3.358,8472|||10206/98 - 12/14all albums
 TitleYear Composer(s)FRVR VTCTRD  TRDates Notes
Air Force One1997Randy Newman**3.644,11821||||6207/97 - 02/21rejected score bootleg
Amazon (IMAX)1997Alan Williams****3.332312|1,13908/98 - 02/08
Armageddon1998Trevor Rabin, Harry Gregson-Williams***2.865,31623||10712/98 - 01/07promotional
Body Heat1981John Barry****3.631,0061|||51706/97 - 09/12re-recording
Braveheart1995James Horner****4.1727,731188|||209/96 - 03/16French set
Close Encounters of the Third Kind1977John Williams****3.742,28510|||7605/98 - 05/18expanded
Excalibur1981Trevor Jones***3.081171|||1,38201/10bootleg
Fantastic Voyage1966Leonard Rosenman***3.211222||1,03112/98 - 02/15limited
Fortress1993Frederic Talgorn***2.74800|1,53708/98 - 06/06promotional
The Funhouse1981John Beal****3.331102|1,53101/05 - 10/11promotional
Gettysburg1993Randy Edelman***3.341941|||1,53612/09deluxe
Ghostbusters1984Elmer Bernstein**3.484044|||52703/06 - 11/20bootleg
Glory1989James Horner*****4.3011,37462|||5308/97 - 07/06bootlegs
Good Will Hunting1997Danny Elfman***3.178250||30603/98 - 08/14promotional
Halloween1978John Carpenter***3.366831||63101/00 - 07/08all albums
Innerspace1987Jerry Goldsmith***3.374198|||77307/03 - 02/10bootleg
Krull1983James Horner****3.541,0777|||26208/97 - 08/15limited
The Last Valley1970John Barry****3.647561||93007/03 - 03/09all albums
The Living Daylights1987John Barry*****4.111,1963||||29806/98 - 04/08expanded
The Master of Ballantrae (TV)1984Bruce Broughton***3.122741||1,43412/98 - 09/08limited
Midway1976John Williams***3.141901||1,40208/09 - 11/11re-recording
The Mighty1998Trevor Jones***3.323181||77401/99 - 03/08promotional
North Sea Hijack (Ffolkes)1980Michael J. Lewis***3.251380|1,29804/98 - 04/08promotional
Othello (Ballet)1998Elliot Goldenthal***3.1818116|1,15007/03 - 03/09
The Poseidon Adventure1972John Williams***3.185832|||31409/96 - 04/21limited
The Prince of Egypt1998Hans Zimmer, Stephen Schwartz****4.0713,47498||||3212/98 - 03/08specialty album
Rain Man1988Hans Zimmer****3.133321|||1,12504/10 - 05/18bootleg
Scream1996Marco Beltrami**2.741,0750||22807/98 - 01/17all albums
Seven1995Howard Shore**2.711421||1,32711/09 - 03/17bootleg
Snow White: Tale of Terror (TV)1997John Ottman***3.425261|68507/98 - 04/07
Something Wicked This Way Comes1983James Horner***3.061915||||1,28708/09 - 04/16bootleg
Stagecoach1966Jerry Goldsmith**3.105891|||84606/98 - 09/16limited
Superman1978John Williams*****4.214,04642||||2711/98 - 10/19re-recording
T-Rex: Back to the Cretaceous (IMAX)1998William Ross****3.222101||1,66202/00 - 04/21promotional
Thelma & Louise1991Hans Zimmer, John Van Tongeren***3.001981||1,45704/10 - 12/17bootleg
Titanic1997James Horner****4.1127,289163|||||411/97 - 06/18multiple albums
V/V: The Series1983Joe Harnell, Dennis McCarthy***
2.933820||47308/98 - 08/07promotional, promotional
Wide Awake1998Edmund Choi***2.921440|1,55010/99 - 04/08promotional
Wilde1997Debbie Wiseman****3.691461||1,76401/12re-issue
 TitleYear Composer(s)FRVR VTCTRD  TRDates Notes
Alien Invasion: Space and Beyond II1998The City of Prague Philharmonic, The Crouch End Festival Chorus*****3.653400||87602/98 - 08/07
Cinema Choral Classics II1998The City of Prague Philharmonic and The Crouch End Festival Chorus****3.897081|93807/98 - 08/07
Cinema's Classic Romances1998The City of Prague Philharmonic****3.645880||1,07502/98 - 08/07
Coming Soon: The John Beal Trailer Project1998John Beal****3.071960||1,01510/98 - 08/07
David Shire Film Music1998Various****3.632863|||59404/98 - 07/07promotional
Greatest Sci-Fi Hits IV1998Neil Norman and His Cosmic Orchestra*1.654251|1,33609/99 - 04/07
Heart of the Ocean1998James Horner****3.383460||64105/98 - 08/07
Hollywood Stars: Music from the Films of Kevin Costner1998The City of Prague Philharmonic****3.091140|1,03407/98 - 07/06
Hollywood Stars: Music from the Films of Mel Gibson1998The City of Prague Philharmonic***2.92982|1,11507/98 - 07/06
Hollywood Stars: Music from the Films of Sean Connery1998The City of Prague Philharmonic****3.101020|1,03807/98 - 07/06
James Horner: Suites and Themes1998Various***2.913480||49506/98 - 08/07bootleg
Michael Kamen's Opus1998The Seattle Symphony Orchestra, London Metropolitan Orchestra****3.221960||87804/98 - 04/08
The Motion Picture Scores of Arthur B. Rubinstein1998Various***2.602000||1,32412/98 - 08/07promotional
The Omen: The Essential Jerry Goldsmith Film Music Collection1998The City of Prague Philharmonic, The Crouch End Festival Chorus****3.222921||78108/99 - 08/07
Titanic: The Essential James Horner Collection1998The City of Prague Philharmonic and the Crouch End Festival Chorus**2.833310||70508/98 - 08/07
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