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Best scores of the 2000s (decade): An Update
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• Posted by: AhN   <Send E-Mail>
• Date: Thursday, October 28, 2021, at 9:54 a.m.
• IP Address:

An update? But Vik, you never announced anything like this!

Well, a little over a year ago, I asked everyone to tell me their top scores of the 2000s. ( ) To keep things tight, I asked specifically for scores you considered the very best of the best, and a bunch of y'all responded with a lot of scores.

And I listened to them. All of them. Okay, not quite all of them. Everything I could find semi-easily. And everything MMUK, Filmtracks, or Movie-Wave gave 4.5 or 5 stars to (for those of you who miss Broxton's star ratings, the trick is to plug the reviews page into the internet archive). Which was still 175 scores. I needed to be thorough but efficient, so I rated every single one a scale with 5 levels, but was functionally a 3 point scale:

1. Undoubtedly a 5 star masterpiece (or, given the cultural context of the score, iconic enough to be considered a masterpiece).
2. Definitely not a masterpiece. (This had three subdivisions: strong 4, regular 4, or other (though also sometimes my reaction was "???"))
3. Scores that weren't undoubtedly a 5 star masterpiece, but Bitch, It Might be! (I don't really know why this particular phrase was the one that came to mind to describe them and I regret the crassitude of it.)

And I came away with 70 scores that fell into either the Masterpiece or the BIM category. At a later date I'll revisit all of these and figure out a least 30 if not more. Also, not everything labeled BIM is necessarily better than everything I gave 4 to; in some cases it was something that might prove to be something more with some revisiting. (has "some" stopped sounding/looking like a word yet? give it some time.)

Also, I was going to go through the original thread and respond with quick thoughts on every single one of these I listened to. But I took so dang long with this that the scoreboard reset lmao and I can't reply. Anyway, here are the 70:

By year, alphabetically:
Canone Inverso (Morricone)
Chicken Run (Powell/Gregson-Williams)
Dinosaur (Howard)
East-West (Doyle)
Gladiator (Zimmer)
Legend of Baggar Vance (Portman)

Amelie (Tiersen)
Captain Corelli's Mandolin (Warbeck)
Fellowship of the Ring (Shore)
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (Goldenthal)
Harry Potter 1 (Williams)
Lagaan (Rahman)
Mists of Avalon (Holdridge)
Moulin Rouge! (Armstrong)
No Somos Nadie (Banos)
Pavillion of Women (Pope)

Far From Heaven (Bernstein)
Frida (Goldenthal)
The Hours (Glass)
Signs (Howard)
Two Towers (Shore)

Angels in America (Newman)
Finding Nemo (Newman)
Last Samurai (Zimmer)
Matrix Reloaded (Davis)
Matrix Revolutions (Davis)
The Missing (Horner)
Paycheck (Powell)
Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas (Gregson-Williams)
Return of the King (Shore)

Arsene Lupin (Wiseman)
Birth (Desplat)
The Blue Planet/Deep Blue (Fenton)
The Incredibles (Giacchino)
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (Shearmur)
Troy (rejected) (Yared)

The Brothers Grimm (Marianelli)
Goblet of Fire (Doyle)
King Kong (Howard)
A Life in Suitcases (Krzisnik)
Nomad the Warrior (Siliotto)
Pride and Prejudice (Marianelli)

Casino Royale (Arnold)
Lady in the Water (Howard)
The Nativity Story (Danna)
Notes on a Scandal (Danna)
The Painted Veil (Desplat)
Pan's Labyrinth (Navarette)
Planet Earth (Fenton)
Superman Returns (Ottman)

Angel (Rombi)
Atonement (Marianelli)
At World's End (Zimmer)
Golden Compass (Desplat)
Las 13 Rosas (Banos)
Ratatouille (Giacchino)
There Will be Blood (Greenwood)

The Dark Knight (Zimmer/Howard)
I Want to Be a Shellfish (Hisaishi)
Let the Right One In (Soderqvist)
Ponyo (Hisaishi)
Un Homme Et Son Chien (Rombi)

Agora (Marianelli)
Avatar (Horner)
Drag Me to Hell (Young)
Star Trek (Giacchino)

Let the quibbling and consternation commence!

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