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Re: Stats Sidebar: Top 20 Posters across Three Generations of the Scoreboard
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• Posted by: Nate U   <Send E-Mail>
• Date: Wednesday, November 10, 2021, at 4:37 p.m.
• IP Address:
• In Response to: Stats Sidebar: Top 20 Posters across Three Gen... (Edmund Meinerts)

> I had a bit of free time this evening, and with our benevolent host having
> recently fired up Scoreboard 4.0, I thought it might be a good opportunity
> to crunch some numbers and figure out something I've always been curious
> about: taken across all three generations of the Board, over twenty years
> of film score fandom history, who has made the most posts?

There is a stat-person in all of us wink

Dude I made the top 10! cool I'm rather pleased with that, I must say. We are well past my initial high-school heyday of 2001-2003 where I posted with the frenzy high school students are famous for, but I've never NOT had the scoreboard bookmarked, and have at least visited it every day since then I'm on the computer with a moment to spare, which is, well, most every day.

> - Gratuliere, Kühni, du bist offiziell der verrückteste von uns allen. big grin
> Kühni is the only poster to reach over 2,000 posts in all three iterations
> of the Board, though he's not top 3 in any of them. A true Filmtracks
> institution at this point, the place would not be the same without you! smile

The scoreboard is barely the scoreboard without Kuhni! The lava-man!

> - That said, I'm almost more impressed that Craig is up there having
> participated in just two generations.

Craig's involvement in this community was a big boost in the generation he started posting in, and continues to this day...

> - For some reason I always forget how long PT has been around. He's the
> only poster other than Kühni to have more than 1,000 posts in all three.

PT is a beast. I remember when he beat out Brendan Anderson for top poster, and Brendan had ALWAYS been the top poster since I started in 2001.

> Nate, Jon and CC himself are the only others to have posted at least
> semi-regularly in all three.

Cool company to keep smile

> - What on earth happened to Jack?

Not to be morbid...but like... he may have died? No one has ever known his actual identity, have they? How else could you explain it? As I recall he didn't have a dramatic personality or relationship with the board that would have resulted in him storming off or quitting...

> - I have no clue who Joti is, and he never really seems to get talked
> about, but he was extremely prolific on the first Board. He managed
> to make it onto this list despite his last post being in May of 2004, over
> two years before that iteration was retired. oh

Joti was a lot of fun, we had a good report since he was another young guy in the 2nd generation who loved media ventures scores like I did. We had this whole 'island of media ventures' bit going for a while, I forget the particulars. He was king of the *NM* posts. He was sort of tweeting on the scoreboard before it was a thing. Rarely ever wrote a paragraph.

> - Despite being top 3 in the first generation, Jens seemed to vanish
> almost immediately once the second was launched, with only a sporadic few
> posts since then. Not sure if that's a coincidence or if I'm missing
> another username or what, just found it odd.

Jens and I DUKED it out back in the day, often over Zimmer, until he realized he really liked Hans' scores after he actually listened to them. And I became much more appreciative of the Goldsmith and Williams stuff. In those days Jens had a fierce opinion, he's mellowed out since then. I haven't seen him really get into a deep dive discussion/battle for years. Not sure why is only does facebook these days.

> - 12 of the top 20 are still reasonably active, including all of the top
> 6! Not bad community retention for the fast-moving standards of the
> Internet, I'd say. smile

Loyalty plays a part for me smile I also feel like I'm supporting a small business these days. Not to mention I rather like Clem and a bunch of you guys, including even the trolls wink

> - Just missing the cut among recently active members are Mikal (21st),
> Ethan R. Smith (22nd), JBlough (25th), Erik Woods (26th), Boden Steiner
> (28th), Michael Arlidge (29th), AntonioE1778 (31st), mastadge (35th).

Some big names there...

> I hope this was educational, enlightening, entertaining and perhaps
> nostalgic for some of you. Or else I've just convinced everyone that I
> need to be sectioned. Either one. big grin

I made a chart once of my own posting numbers per month since I started, so I totally get it wink


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